The most disgusting sandwich ever!!

So.. I decided to make Bombay Veg Cheese sandwich our dinner yesterday. It was Thursday, long shopping day here so we went for grocery shopping. In all the excitement to make a nice yummy sandwich here is what all I bought:

1.       Sandwich bread (of course)

2.       Tomatoes

3.       Cucumbers

4.       Beetroot

5.       Cheese slices

6.       Coriander & mint to make chutney

In addition to all this we also bought pesto sauce, frozen veggie patties, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach and few other things that we needed. After we reached home, we were so hungry that we decided to make sandwich with whatever ready stuff we have so that we don’t waste time in boiling potatoes & peeling them & making their slices and then making green chutney and all that.

So, while PK was toasting the veggie patties, I started assembling the sandwich.  Bread first, little bit of butter then we had pesto sauce so I applied that, placed a veggie patty on bread, cheese slice on top, then sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, tomato sauce & some mayonnaise. Done!! Sound yummy doesn’t it??


Half sandwich down, I said this is the worst sandwich I have ever eaten in my life and I couldn’t finish it.

First mistake – Butter that I applied on bread

Second mistake – Pesto sauce also had oil in it

Third mistake- Veggie patty also had oil in it

Fourth mistake – Sun dried tomatoes that we bought were soaked in oil,

Fifth mistake – cheese slice, one more fatty ingredient.

The sandwich itself was a mistake. While writing about this I can feel all the oil in my throat, yucks!! It’s proved that all sandwiches are not yummy. I will make the original Bombay Veg Cheese Sandwich today & I hope it turns out good because I don’t want to turn myself into a sandwich hater. I love sandwiches.


I was so excited when I made this sandwich that I even clicked the picture!!

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12 Responses to The most disgusting sandwich ever!!

  1. I like most of the thing in ur sandwich apart from pesto. Also toasting it will give a gud taste 🙂

  2. Neeli says:

    hahahhahaha.. it happens when u r eager to have something of great interest and you r confident that you’ll do in perfect fashion.. there comes the imperfection n things turn out to be disaster 😛 lol.. has happened with me several times 😦

    All the best for today’s sandwich… dnt forget to blog abt that 🙂

    • so true Neeli..
      actually when I had first bite I told PK its very yummy & nice but second bite I had to speak out truth 😀
      and you know I dint made sandwich that day, BIL came home for dinner so we just bought take away 🙂

  3. Jazz says:

    I knw TP, I once made horrible pasta 😛 did not attempt it for some time but now I love it again 😀

  4. greenboochi says:

    Its ok dear.. Disasters of this sort happen.. but then, you would realize all your love for your original sandwich right? So, in a way all this is great 🙂

  5. aarya says:

    Hahaha….koi baat nahi Senorita…bade bade deshon mien aisi choti moti baatien hoti rehti hain ☺️

  6. ZinalBhadra says:

    hahaha, I love sandwiches too. I was so missing the mumbai sandwich, that I bought all the ingredients last Friday; bread, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, beet and potatoes, made fresh chutney and was transported back to Mumbai temporarily.

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