What’s the solution??

What is the solution when I ask PK to load to dishwasher & he loads only 8 dishes out of 10 and says there is no space in dishwasher for more dishes, even though there is space for 15 dishes!!

What is the solution when he leaves those dishes in the sink itself which are to be washed with hands and we cannot put those in dishwasher?

What is the solution if he makes the bin’s lid dirty when he throws any rubbish in the bin?

What is the solution when he only wants to make rice whenever we are preparing dinner? He doesn’t wants to make veggie or dal even if I am craving for eating a meal made by someone else & not by me.

What is the solution when he doesn’t wants to wash coriander leaves before putting it in the dish?

What is the solution if someone is coming home & our house is a mess & PK is not in mood to clean up?

What is the solution when only wants to chop onions & doesn’t want to chop potatoes or any other veggie ever?

What is the solution when after chopping & cutting veggies, he doesn’t want to throw the peels & rubbish in the bin and leave them on the bench top?

What is the solution when PK says he will be preparing the meal & then he will keep calling for help? Help with chopping something, finding him knife or utensils or masalas that you will get irritated & ask him to leave the kitchen so that you yourself will cook the meal.

What is the solution if he leaves all his dirty clothes on the floor in the bedroom after taking shower?

Solution :

The Solution is TPPL. PK’s beloved wife 🙂

She will make space to load all the dishes in dishwasher.

She will hand wash the dishes that are lying in sink.

She will clean the lid of rubbish bin.

She will wash coriander leaves.

She will run in all the bedrooms & bathrooms to clean up before guests arrive.

She will chop all veggies except onions and also throw the peels & rubbish in the bin & then clean the bench top.

She will take all the laundry from bedroom to the laundry room to keep the bedroom as much clean as possible.

Heights is when I complain about this he says – “You never appreciate the work I do instead you are always complaining!!”Uff!!

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34 Responses to What’s the solution??

  1. chipmunk says:

    Lol 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Jazz says:

    Hahaha.. so sweet.. So are you appreciating ? 😀

  3. greenboochi says:

    LOL! These men 🙄 roll: 🙄

  4. Mamta says:

    I wish my husband reads this and stops complaining about me, He thinks his wife is the only one on this earth complaining never appreciates him.

  5. Neeli says:

    lol… 😛 whom should i pity… 😛 are all husbands like this???????? if so, im scared abt my future 😥

  6. Aakanksha says:

    lol…I thought only my husband thinks like I am complaining..but I am not alone..hehehe…
    and the same case is @ my home…I hate doing this ‘assistant’ things…

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  8. aarya says:

    I have a better solution…roll a newspaper, aim at PK’s head and thwack him twice a day. Or more, as and when need arises.

  9. D says:

    ha ha ha…:D this post needs to be read by Husband!!!…he is a slight variation of this. Everytime you ask him to do anything related to household work….he would expect me to keep singing his praises throughout the day and for some more days to come…..and constantly complaining that i am not appreciative enough when he helps!!!

  10. Pooja says:

    I would say PK helps u a lot with housework. My hubby being the younger child is thoroughly pampered by his mom. He finds out excuses to not do even the simplest of tasks like taking off dry clothes or folding bedsheets. He says “I’ll just come!” or best still ” You do it better than me!” 😮

  11. GN says:

    I would strongly recommend not completing the chores completed half way by him and pointing out to him that he is creating more work for you than helping you. You may have had a light hearted viewpoint on this, but by not pointing out the error of his ways, you are enabling his bad behavior which will make him never change. If you have kids, they will learn from this too – that it is perfectly OK for Mommy to slog and clean up after everyone, to not get a nice meal prepared by Daddy, for Daddy to not do his share of work in the house – the kids will learn and follow the same thing in their adult lives.
    Please consider this as a friendly advice. My husband too does some of the things you have mentioned, but I absolutely refuse to indulge his bad habits. I nag, throw a tantrum, give him the cold treatment until he fixes the problem.

    • Hi GN, you have taken this funny post way too seriously my dear 🙂
      These are things he doesn’t do for me on the spot, like as & when I want..
      Just to calm you down, here is what all PK does at home – PK does mopping & sweeping of our house of 4 bedroom+2livingrooms+kitchen, washes alfresco, waters & maintains both our front yard & backyard, irons all clothes, put them for washing, helps me in hanging the clothes for drying, chopping onions, kneading dough etc..
      Don’t think too much my dear.. this was funny post written on lighter note 🙂

  12. You are an amazing wife TP, keep it up. In my case R does cooking when he is home and I do all the cleaning work. That’s because he enjoys cooking and I enjoy cleaning makes both us happy. But I know how men behave, its difficult to get things done from them unless they are in a mood to do. But Wife nagging never ends, reason could be one or other!!

  13. I am reading all your posts now , looks like I replied to some other post instead of this.

  14. rubberpal says:

    Ha ha ha….. I think I can related myself for some points with PK 😛

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