Would like to know your thoughts on this..

Four friends decide to go for girls night out.

Friend A: Jaime Oliver’s restaurant.

Friend B: I was thinking of same restaurant.

Friend C: Food court in shopping mall.

Friend D: I am fine with either but I have one more suggestion, let’s go to this awesome bar at waterfront.

Friend B: We have to make it a fun and memorable night for us, girls.

Friend A: That’s what I am saying. We can’t have fun in a food court in a shopping mall. I would prefer proper restaurant where we can sit & chat for as long as we want. What say??

Friend A, Friend B, Friend D are OK with the bar place.

After few minutes

Friend C: What makes you think we cannot have fun in food court in shopping mall, Friend A ?? I suggested food court come restaurant in the mall & not the food court on ground level. I am OK with bar as well as food court as I am not fussy.

Friend A in shock: I am sorry friend C, I dint mean to hurt you please don’t take it personally.

Friend B: Chill girls.. It’s fixed we will meet at 6.00.

All friends decide the time to meet & place to meet but Friend A is hurt, Friend C always shows her shitty behavior when they have to decide anything. She wants everyone to follow her instructions and praise her all the time for her beauty, for her looks, for her clothes, for her handbag, for her sandals, for her make-up, for her smartness, for her cooking skills and what not. If you will not follow her instructions you will 1) get rude looks when you meet. 2) She will always try to pull you down in some or other way. 3) Friends get together will turn into disastrous night and not fun night.

Friend A has made all the efforts from attending Friend C’s baby shower, inviting her for house-warming, calling her many times, to the extent of falsely praising her for her beauty & cooking skills just to make her happy and to become friends with her but her attitude has not changed. It is very clear that she doesn’t like Friend A at all.

Friend A is confused should she still join the girls for night out or just leave it as her wavelength is not matching with friend C and it will be like being an unwanted addition to group on night out.

Friend B & Friend D are pretending to be neutral, they will not interfere in this matter and they are friends with Friend A & Friend C but they also know Friend C’s attitude just they don’t say anything to her on her face. They want to be on good terms with all friends.

To add some more background, Friend A called Friend C couple of times to ask if they can visit them to see their new baby. Friend C said they are busy first time, they have to go out second time. Friend A bumped into Friend C’s husband while going to work & found out next day they did not went out anywhere!! Again friend A called & asked if they are free, as you will guess friend C said baby has got flu & they are avoiding visitors!! These were her exact words!!

I guess by now, you all know who is Friend A & she really doesn’t want anyone to mess up with her self-respect.

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34 Responses to Would like to know your thoughts on this..

  1. We all have that type of friend . I used to cut ties with those friends before but I am learning how to be diplomatic so you have limited contact with them. It is really hard. If it is taking toll on you so you are better off with them.

  2. I meant better off without them…

  3. greenboochi says:

    Hmmmm… Friend C doesnt deserve Friend A – is all I can say. I know the exact feelings of Friend A – she doesnt want to hurt anybody, but Friend C is the extreme opposite. She remains oblivious to others feeling. I guess Friend A can attend the girls night out, but ignore Friend C totally. Just a formal hi bye will do, only then Friend C will understand what she is doing to others. If its too tough for Friend A to behave so (its always touch for me! even if I try harder), she has no option but to skip the girl’s night out. Or better arrange one more without friend C.

    I am not sure if my comment really helped but this is all I can think of!

  4. chipmunk says:

    I can understand the Friend A was you. I can clearly learn that Friend C wants the attention all the time. Baghvan to praise her all the time only keep your friendship thick means, its okay to give up one apple when you have a tree with you.

    A did her part clearly. you invited without having anything in heart, just keep a low profile with her. I personally says, its not good for her. I worry the future of the kid, is it a boy or girl? is this the friend C baby shower you went that day and took a photo of the cake! I wish she learns things, she is more worse than the evil girl who comes in Adam’s family cartoon! how can one take personally things at heart and behaves in those three different ways to satisfy her anger.

    you go TP. maintain a small distance with her, never mind if she make any fuzz, brush it of, smile and come out if she gives out any black smoke. when it comes to friends meet, it means a majority wins! one must go where many prefers! hmmm please don’t scratch your head for this C.

    • Noo no.. she is not the one.. the baby shower I attended is another friend 🙂

      loved the advise CM.. I will go, have fun with other girl friends & maintain distance with her..thanks a lot CM 🙂

      • chipmunk says:

        that’s the spirit 🙂 don’t miss fun for any one 🙂 🙂 one or two words on her dress will make her forget the rest thing 🙂 🙂 every one have a weak point to arrest won’t they 🙂 have fun dear 🙂 fingers crossed that C should not create another scene! else to make her happy you ppl go there for next meet 🙂 🙂 katham katham 😀 😀

      • Noo noo no.. I wont comment on her dress or looks.. enough yaar..
        but true that why should I miss fun for some mad people eh 😆
        thanks CM 🙂

  5. Smita says:

    This sounds like a teenage friendship issue!!! My suggestion? Friend A is better without such friends. Period!

    • yep..it does sounds like teenage issue or even school girl-friends fight.. when will I grow up 😦
      But thanks a lot for suggestion Smitaji 🙂

      • Deepa says:

        It is not you who has to grow up, you are a very mature person, you have been nice to her. it is her who has to imbibe some maturity. Like someone said, you are better off without such friends.

  6. Jay says:

    There are many idiots like that. What to do, some are bound to cross our path like that! Grrr

  7. seema3 says:

    Since you asked for thoughts I have to say it is very clear from above that Friend C does not like Friend A much so A should just totally stop anything to do with C. And what is about the false praising on beauty and cooking to make C happy–that just sucks.
    A might still want to be frnds with B & D and since it is a group can still try to hang out with them with absolutely no contact with C meaning if C is also there just ignore her outright.
    if she talks u reply bas that’s all, no need of being extra nice.

    There–I said what I felt 🙂

  8. Smitha R says:

    I would suggest, ignore her. Ignore the ‘C’ friend. Pretend she does not exist. Yeah, when u are in a group its odd and it spoils the fun to a certain extend. But then you cannot bow down all the time coz of it…

  9. Jazz says:

    🙂 I think I’ll just drift away from the Friend C, ignore and reduce contact.

  10. Snow says:

    If friend A is sure she would not feel comfortable going for the get-together, then it’s better not to go.. but if she can remain unaffected with Friend C’s behavior and still enjoy, then she should go ahead and have fun 🙂

  11. Mamta says:

    I think TP Friend A should ignore Friend C and just carry on with her evening night out. Its not fair to drop out of the fun just for some other person. Since everyone knows the attitude of Friend C it will not make a big of a difference , atleast in this way Friend C will come to know the realty and will stop being in the fantasy world. From my side I always feel friendship is between two people who have same wavelength its not flattering or getting flattered all the time.

    • I think you are right Mamta..
      I will join other girls for night out just won’t interact more with this friend..
      and true true true that friendship is between two people with same wavelength..
      Thanks much for advise Mamta 🙂

  12. Well if yo both are not feeling comfortable with each others company , you shouldn’t be meeting. From what I read, your friend clearly is not interested , so why you even waste your time putting with her?

    • hmm.. true LF
      actually meeting her is not a problem.. but if I oppose any of her suggestion, then facing her rude looks & her pulling down behavior is a problem..
      well.. I am thinking to join them but maintain distance with her.. lets see how it goes..
      many thanks for advise LF 🙂

  13. Visha says:

    Since I already read about what happened next, I would wish A and C lots of lovely time together 😉

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