God is always with us..

Relationship between me & MIL is still the same. I have no feelings left for her apart from anger and sadness.

There were two festivals last month that we celebrate.

1) Shitla Saatam.  2) Teej. 

Now, we celebrate these festivals depending on moon, when is full moon & when is third day after full moon day or something like that. Usually elder ladies in the families tell the younger ones when are these festivals exactly as there are no fixed dates.

1) Shitla Satam:

1.     During this festival we cook the food previous day & eat that without re-heating the next day. So, if the festival is on Tuesday, we will cook the food on Monday night and relish it on whole of Tuesday.I started following this after my wedding, I don’t know why but I feel close to my roots when I celebrate this festival.

Mum assumed that as usual MIL will tell me of this festival date, also she was busy with guests at our home so she did not get chance to speak with me.

My MIL, as always had made plans in her mind. She thought she will not inform me about the date, so that I don’t do any preparation and we don’t get to celebrate this festival, then we will have no other option apart from eating hot-same day cooked food. This would have given chance to MIL to make me feel guilty & feel bad that how inefficient I am.

Luckily, an Indian lady in PK’s office asked PK what food items are we preparing for Shitla Sataam, at that very second PK text me if I know that we have to prepare the food tonight & if I have all the veggies and stuff for that?? 

At first PK & I were very upset that MIL did not inform us beforehand as she usually does but then keeping all the thoughts aside we happily prepared the lunch & dinner for next day after reaching home from work. Every household  prepares special sweet cookie like thick paratha & Besan ke thick parathe on this occasion, which are very hard to prepare but I somehow managed to make them same as my Mum makes in India.

Next day that is on the festival day itself we received email from FIL saying they are enjoying all the delicacies prepared by MIL. PK replied to the email & informed them about what all we have prepared and that very minute we received call from MIL – “Who told you it’s Shitla Saatam today???”  

We prepared the besan ke parathe & sweet parathe, Aloo-tikki wrap for our lunch in office which can be eaten without heating, for dinner PK made some Pulav, I boiled some potatoes to make pani-puri as this can be eaten without heating too 😉

2) Teej

Teej is the festival when we ladies fast whole day praying for our husband’s long life & then at night we open our fast after performing pooja of Moon.

The same thing happened on Teej too. But this time my Mum knew that my MIL will not inform me so she informed me before hand. Even though I was traveling a day before Teej & we had House warming on same day as Teej, I had enough time to plan when I will apply Heena on my hands and what I will eat early morning at 4.00 AM before the Teej will start.(I had to prepare because I was traveling previous night)

On the day of Teej, MIL called PK and happily asked – “TP must have forgotten about Teej no?? She must not be fasting, she must not had applied heena on her hands, hai na???”

This question itself explained PK as well as me what’s on her mind!!  

Before you all advise me, let me say I have already forgotten all this, I don’t keep all these silly things in mind, I have now crossed that phase of feeling bad & feeling unlucky and all that negative stuff. I am happy with my small family of PK & I.

I just wanted to write these incidents because I realized God is really with me. If MIL did not inform me of festival date, God sent this angel in form of PK’s colleague & we did not miss celebrating the festivals 🙂

Can I show you pics from my both festivals?? 🙂

First picture is Besan Paratha, under that is the tava on which we did pooja after preparing food, next to it is sweet paratha.

First picture is Besan Paratha, under that is the tava on which we did pooja after preparing food, next to it is sweet paratha.

I applied heena on my left hand & PK applied same on my right hand in the morning at 4.00 AM.

I applied heena on my left hand & PK applied same on my right hand in the morning at 4.00 AM.




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27 Responses to God is always with us..

  1. Gayathri says:

    Scriptwriters of mega serials can take stories from your MIL …what all dramas these mil do…heights of insecurity I would say. Sorry TPL and hugs to you dear. Just ignore her. Thank god you are not living close to her.

  2. I am glad these things are not making you feel bad, thats my girl. Your hand is so pretty with those mehendi and like I said food is always there on your blog 🙂

  3. Jazz says:

    Those surprise questions from MIL give enough clue about what is on her mind na, but really great that you could celebrate well.. The first festival is new for me, those dishes also seem new.. Loved your mehendi 😀

    You are right, no use keeping those in mind and thinking about them, can instead feel happy with the understanding hubby.

    I’m reminded of an interesting incident, when I gave my first written test for driving, Ims was on call with MIL and on hearing that I did not pass, she let out a scream of joy, like ‘Yayy!’, it was so funny and shocking. 😀 I think it’s her insecurity 😛 Otherwise she is a fine lady, lets us do what we want. 🙂

  4. chipmunk says:

    it looks too inviting TP 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope you enjoyed the foods 🙂 🙂 and the two festivals are really really new to me, where I have heard the later a bit, but former us still new to me 🙂 🙂 Your MIL na, I don no when on earth she will behave as a grown up, she is worst to that of the kg one student!!! thank god PK gave a nose cut reply to them 🙂 you should have questioned her!!! bloody lady!!! sigh! you better ask momma to remind it dear or else you calculate from now on…..

    I don’t want this lady bad energy to near you! I am happy that you need not live with her and chose to go to oz 🙂 🙂 I am happy that way 🙂 🙂

    eh hey hey look at the nails and hand!!! tell me truly how you are maintaining it, mehandi is looking super and look at the imitation Pk ji tried to do 🙂 🙂 ha ha he is so cute in his way 🙂 wish I should get a son like PK and he must love his wife as the way he does to you 🙂 🙂 bless you both 🙂 🙂

    • It tastes good too CM 🙂
      No use of questioning her CM, as I said I really don’t care & I am thankful to God that he send someone to PK with the message 🙂

      I really don’t do anything for my nails yaar.. i dont know what to say *blushing*

      awee.. Your words made my day CM.. I am going to read this comment to PK..
      I am praying to God to quickly send the price charming in our Chipmunk’s life who will love CM the most 🙂

    • aarya says:

      hahaha CM…you are adorable. Everyone would want a husband like PK and you are asking for a son like him. But I wish all mothers were like you 🙂

  5. Smita says:

    Your MIL is full item I tell you. And she is so kiddish even asking ki how did u know about the festival!!!

    I cannot somehow see the images 😦

    And u know that besan paratha thing is called pooran poli here 🙂

    • she is an item sachi.. that too one piece in whole world!!
      Not sure why you can’t see pictures.. but if you will see the picture you will say besan paratha is totally different than puran poli..
      I mix besan, green chillies, chopped mint & coriander leaves, chopped onion, salt, red mirchi powder & knead the tight dough and make thick parathas.. its quite different than puran poli Smita 🙂

  6. Sonja says:

    you have such beautiful hands!

  7. greenboochi says:

    What kind of a lady is she.. your MIL 😦 I am getting so very irritated. I cant stand these kind of people.. who would deliberately do things so that they can find fault with us. So bad of her. But as you said, you have PK who is loving and supporting. You have all the reasons to thank God 🙂

    I want the recipes of both the dishes TPPL.. please? 🙂 Besan Paratha is looking very tasty 🙂

    Gosh, your hands are so so so beautiful! *I am in love with them* 😉

  8. aarya says:

    I have never heard of the first festival. And we celebrated ‘Hariyali Teej’ (which is same as ‘Teej’ wiki tells me) but I never knew it was for wellness of husbands. I assumed it was just applying mehendi and celebrating rains.
    Good thing, Pinkie, you have moved on. It’s not worth it to think about such pettiness of your in laws and ruin your celebrations.
    and your hands are really pretty 🙂

  9. Mamta says:

    That’s true TP there are always God sent angels, belief is the only thing which will help us going like said good you are not near by to her. I do know we want to forget these negative but alas we are humans it keeps crossing our minds, Always thank God he has given you so loving PK he knows his moms intentions right, I’m pretty sure he is one more angel God sent to protect you and to take care of you.

  10. you MIL is something else seriously. Sending you lots of hugs

  11. Visha says:

    Well, do not hate me for saying this – but seeing this every time drama from your MIL, I think she has one and only thing in her mind in this world all the time – you. Nobody thinks of God also for so long. So you are God for your MIL 😀 😀 😀 :mrgreen:

    Gosh..you have so pretty nails..bolo bolo kaise maintain karte ho 🙂

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