Lotsss to say :-)

  1. Saturday & Sunday, both days we woke up early in the morning. On Saturday we had to give our car for servicing at 8.00 AM & on Sunday we had to attend friend’s baby shower.
  2. We purchased a lounge for our living room & now we both are thinking if we made a right decision or not. 1. The lounge is VERY expensive, at least for us it is way out of our budget, so we decided to buy it on finance & we are pretty sure we will pay that off in 2-3 months. 2. We could have waited for few months to save some more for that lounge but you guys know how much impatient PK is. 3. Its fabric lounge and not leather one so we are still thinking was it worth spending big bucks?? 4. We are pretty satisfied after reading the reviews, knowing its durability & all good things about the lounge.  5. It will be delivered in October so we have to wait till then. 
  3. Even though they have vegetarians options in steak house, don’t order any veggie food there because the food is either tasteless or literally dipped in steak sauces!! 😦
  4. It’s been raining here since 2 days & I am the happiest person on the planet since then because PK is not spending his evenings in watering the garden & he is paying full attention to me and I am loving it. 😉
  5. I have found my lost love of getting ready(make up & jewellery) after decking up for two back to back events – Garba Night & Friend’s baby shower. PK loved my new Navy Blue eye liner that I wore on Saturday.
  6. My sister is so stressed out as her wedding date month is coming closer that she has fallen sick since last week & now she is suffering with chicken pox!! Her biggest tension is her wedding & reception outfit of which she purchased her reception outfit & after few days she changed her mind & again she bought new outfit yesterday!! Hope she doesn’t change her mind again!! 😆
  7. We discovered a Paan shop in Sydney on Saturday. It literally looks like Paan shop in India. Boys standing in a group near the shop eating paan or smoking. I am still in shock. Tell me one thing – If they can allow Paan shop for Indian boys in Sydney then why not Pani-puri & chaat stalls for girls???
  8. We went for dinner to a Thai restaurant on Friday night with BIL where I bugged PK so much to eat his broccoli & other veggies but he did not eat single piece of veggie, when will this child grow up??
  9. Speaking of food, we had Aloo vada, Mirchi vada, Methi gota with different chutneys, Pav-bhaji, Cheese dosa, Masala dosa and jalebis on Sunday at the baby shower. I was the happiest person there as I love street food 🙂
  10. We were the winner of last year’s couple balloon dance where a couple has to hold a balloon between their tummies & dance on the songs. This year we came third because PK got so excited listening to the music that he literally started jumping up & down moving his hands as if he is possessed or something and the balloon fell down!! When will this child grow up?? Ok.. ok.. I know I am repeating stuff so I will leave now.. But let me make you hungry before I leave 😉


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14 Responses to Lotsss to say :-)

  1. chipmunk says:

    I couldn’t view the lounge dear 😦 he he dancing and jumping on listening to the music and litreally left the ballon as least option 🙂 I can imagine how you have gave a rough look on him 🙂 🙂 Lol on the watering part 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 food is awesome, wish I could grab and eat some pav 🙂 🙂

    The final dress for wedding is always a big big confusion and no wonder your sister is stuck up in the middle of it 🙂 wedding month coming soon means chances of you travelling India is very high 🙂 excited ??? \o/ 🙂 hope sister get well.. convey my wishes for the bride 🙂 🙂 🙂

    My jijun use to say, buy the thing that are very much needed, never worry on the price, you need it and that’s why you saw that, then why a second thought!! you can see like this, the life of this lounge will be more than the normal ones.

    • arey.. I pasted the linked but somehow I was also not able to open the link 😦 I will try again in next post maybe.
      Regarding the lounge, we also took as investment rather than just buying anything which our eyes like.. we thought about its durability & all the features it had like converting it into bed or making it into small sofa etc..

  2. greenboochi says:

    I cant move past the pictures of food!! 😀 making me feel so hungry 😛
    Navy blue eye-liner? I am just wondering how much I dont have fashion sense at all.. all I do is put on a cream, some kajal and a bindi! Sigh. I like people who like to dress up.. I know how it peps up the mood! Glad you got back your love for decking up 🙂

    Picture of the lounge? 😛

    • come on GB.. your own cooked dishes pictures are FARR better than this food 🙂
      arey on weekends, I am usually in my tees & jeans, no washed hair nothing.. In India its so different.. here no one looks at you when you are out for shopping or just running errands so for a change getting ready on weekends was fun GB 🙂 you should totally try coloured eye-liners 🙂
      sure will post picture once we get it delivered 🙂

  3. aarya says:

    Fabric lounge will need more maintenance, i believe. That’s why we got a leather one. It is easier to wipe off and clean. But if you don’t eat dinner/lunch on your couch, like us and are not a messy eater like S-Man…it’ll be alright until you have kids 🙂
    I wish I could do makeup. Sometimes it comes out great but other times, I have to wash my face in the end. Whenever I get ready, with makeup, S-Man tells me he likes my ‘Jhalli’ look better. That makes me happy, indeed, but discourages my makeup efforts all the more.
    And food looks yum…as usual it is close to my lunch time and my stomach is growling looking at these pictures.
    Enjoy the rains and PK’s attention. I bet, Pinkie is a happy girl these days 🙂

  4. Jazz says:

    Omg I too really miss the chaat stalls, those pics are so mouth-watering 😀
    I have heard about the veg cooking in steak sauces too, it is problem sometimes to eat out.
    Balloon dance sounds so fun.. 😀
    Enjoy the new lounge, even Oct must be feeling late for PK. 😀

  5. Ha ha looks like we both are on similar boat, we too boat a sofa and now in dilemma if we made the right choice. By itself it looks good, but the color of family room and sofa is somewhat similar and hence the contrast is not there. I am thinking I will add some rug or change the wall color. I know crazy ideas for a new home.

    Those food is making me hungry, I had a heavy dinner and deserts still your pics always make me feel hungry..

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