Worst 3 minutes ever…

I text-ed him that I will be reaching the station in 10 minutes. No reply.

I called him for few times back to back after I reached the station. He did not answer my call.

What happen??? Why he is not answering my call? This never happens. Hope he is alright. Thousands of thoughts started coming to my mind. We keep hearing about the accidents that happen near our area on the highways almost every day, not to forget the worst one that we saw on the weekend.  I prayed to my God to please keep him safe.


He is still not answering my calls. Should I call BIL to ask if he called him??? Should I call my neighbor to check if he is at home? Should I take lift from someone to drop me home so that I can check if he is at home?

I don’t know how I was controlling my tears. Everyone who got off the train with me has already left with their loved ones. I keep looking at each and every car, is it ours?? No.. it’s not. Has he parked his car somewhere else where I am not able to see him? Is he on another call more important than me that’s why he is not answering my call even though he might be able to see my call waiting?? No.. he never does that, he always answers my call keeping other person on hold.

Then.. where is he??

There… I see our blue car coming & it stopped right next to me. I opened the door & hugged him so tight without worrying about other cars that are waiting to be parked. I cried so bad as if all my fear just came out in the form of tears. “I was so scared, where were you?? Why you were not answering my call??” I sobbed out through my tears.

“Arey.. my phone was stuck in my pocket & couldn’t get it out while driving, I tried but it was stuck inside my pocket badly..see still it not coming out!! I am alright jaanu, don’t worry.. see I am fine naa” This was his reply!!!!!  

For next half an hour I was mute!! I just couldn’t speak.

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40 Responses to Worst 3 minutes ever…

  1. Shilpa says:

    Please go through your draft before posting for basic grammar mistakes.

    • Ohh I am so sorry dear.. can you check my post again??
      If there are any other mistakes then I am sorry again because I know only this much English 🙂 If you hate reading my posts because of my basic grammatical errors, then I guess goodbye 🙂

      I wish rather than finding mistakes, people could understand other person’s emotions!!

      • Sonja says:

        but frankly TPPL, your grammar has improved so much when compared to earlier posts. Just keep on writing they way you do.. the emotions tend to get lost if you proofread too much 😀

      • you know Sonja, I really don’t write to improve my grammar or writing skills.. I just want to share my stories as we do with our friends & I just want to document everything that occupies my mind.. that is all 🙂

      • Jazz says:

        Exactly, like I told you earlier, the best part of your blog is you write Dil-se, don’t even bother about the writing skills etc.

      • thanks Jazz…as I said I don’t write to show off/improve my writing skills its just I want to write & share with you all 🙂

    • greenboochi says:

      If you cant tolerate grammar mistakes, who asked you to come and comment here? She didnt invite anyone specifically for checking grammar mistakes, I guess! Moreover its her blog and she can write however she wants.

      Sorry TPPL.. for this comment, but I just couldnt help it!

      • sjscribbles says:

        You said it GB !
        I wanted to tell the so called ” Shilpa” the same…
        Who the hell is she is to judge the grammar mistakes ? If she is so concerned about other people’s grammar then why is she on the blog – Better go fish n get a better life !

        Sorry – TPL , but these kind’a people get on my nerves.
        Shilpa – thinks she is “perfect” – Let her rub the dirt off her back before commenting on other’s blogs !

      • chipmunk says:

        Whistle whistle!!!! GB 🙂 🙂 awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 TP will support you 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!

    • aarya says:

      Help…Grammar Nazi is here. 😐
      Or are you TPL’s English Teacher from school? That justifies your comment.
      TPL, please make sure to proofread before you post, people like Shilpa here, won’t be able to sleep otherwise 😛

  2. paatiamma says:

    🙂 It happens..We women have a tendency of imagining the worst..Purba has expressed about the same as well and it was a nice read. http://www.purba-ray.com/2013/08/inside-her-mind.html

  3. greenboochi says:

    Oh TPPL.. I so understand how you would have felt dear. I have been stuck up here many number of times. With S away from me all the time, my mind runs a lot negative scenarios incase the phone doesnt get picked up. 😦 😦 The same happens for me with my parents and sister too! I wish I can change this somehow. Why cant I keep calm and think positive? I dont know!

  4. Snow says:

    I can so relate to you on this.. It has happened to me once and couple of times to S also when I was not well, left my phone in the room, and he kept wondering what happened.. He was almost about to leave from office that day 😦 .. I felt so guilty that day.. that’s why I keep the cell-phone somewhere close to me these days 🙂

  5. Visha says:

    We care a lot and thats why we cant bear to see things go a bit off the track. And eventually when they tell the reason why they did not arrive at the pre-decided time or did not pick up a call, we have to hear, “kya yaar, iske liye itna tension, tum bhi na” 😀 😀

  6. My Era says:

    Tight Hugs dear.
    I guess we all have been through a heart stopping moment just like the one you experienced. The best part is he was safe and all your fears turned to be unfounded.

  7. aarya says:

    I sail in the same boat, TPL. When people don’t pick my call, specially S-Man and someone from my family I imagine the worst. And being so far from everyone, it scares me all the more. I have had huge fights with S-Man for not picking my call, after the initial relief of finding him safe and sound.

    On a side note, do you have a nick name I can use like Sita, Rita or Gita? Calling you TPL is funny 😛

  8. sjscribbles says:

    Same with me TPL ! If J comes home a little late than usual then I start imagining the worst and freeze. You exactly wrote how I feel, but please don’t get too scared TPL. Be a brave girl – GOD is with us always baa…

  9. sjscribbles says:

    GOD ‘s is always with us …naaa 🙂

  10. Pepper says:

    This post spoke straight to me. I get panic attacks if people do not answer the phone. Not just in case of Mint, but also my mom, dad and sis. I start feeling faint.

    I can tell you Mint would have laughed at me had I been in your place. He can’t understand why I would imagine the worst. And I wouldn’t even panic in 3 minutes, it would take me a lot longer to to react like this. But he would just call me silly and let go. He always does that. 😐

  11. Hugs dear, I have experienced this several times with R to the extend where I was not able to reach him for 4hrs. I even called his boss middle of the night. I assumed he is dead or met with some serious accident. I got numbed with all the stress I went through and my boy was sleeping without knowing any of these.

  12. chipmunk says:

    Hugs to you dear, I can understand the state of mind, this happens a lot of time to me too but with dad and mom most often. Glad that you let it out with tears and its over!

    This mind always gives negative thoughts while we are in hyper tension. Damn it!! hmpffff 🙂 🙂 Ask pk ji to keep the phone on dash board and twist his hand a bit if he repeats the same and leave you at a situation like this 😉 😉

    And you write what ever the way you wish, I can understand clearly (so does your followers)what you are writing and the grammar is in no way going to add effects to me 🙂 Theek-hey 🙂 🙂

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