Crazy PK!!!

Scene 1: Saving 10$ paper towel holder

During our routine cleaning over the weekend, I walked in our walk-in-pantry, picked up a paper towel stand which is made of cheap steel, which is already junked and  threw it away. There came PK running and screaming – “I know you are on cleaning spree but don’t throw away the stuff that we have paid money for (this holder must be worth 10$ when PK purchased it!!) & we can use it again in future” After a lot of arguments, I (flaring my nose & rolling my eyes) just picked it up again from the rubbish box & threw it in the sink. Why??Because PK said we can wash this holder & make it as new. It’s been two days & the holder is still lying in sink. For me, I think PK will wash it & keep it on our dining table as a nice show piece since he was interested in saving this stand while for PK there is no towel holder in the sink. He washes his hands after dinner in the same sink, but he cannot see the towel holder!! It does not exist in the sink PK”s world!!

Scene 2: 251$ to the priest

I asked PK how much he paid to the priest who came to do the Vastu pooja for our house on house warming. His reply – “251$” I – “Just fainted”

Well, to me personally, 251$ to pay the priest who came for Pooja just for hour and a half is bit too much. Our friend who called the same priest for some other pooja paid 151$ to him for three hours counting like 50$ per hour” (I know I am sounding cheap here talking about how much money we gave to the priest or counting the hourly rate for priest.)

I know why PK paid this much to priest – Because the priest came to do the pooja of his first love – our new house!!! Did I said that he goes crazy if there is anything to do with his house???

What should I do with this guy??? Ufff!!!

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15 Responses to Crazy PK!!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    I will tell you one thing 🙂 easy way, hide it for some time, if he makes a move have it, else discard it 🙂 my momma does the same, she never likes to hold things even though its a high treasure for me, two days I will see it, third day it will not be there, if you ask her where it went, only one word will come from mom- you asked me to keep it and I did that, you didn’t care to keep it safe and I don’t know where it went 🙂 🙂 simple 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Dear soul sister, you are not alone , my boy has similar collecting habit which I blogged abt it once. For the last one week we have been fighting crazy , looks like the traits of mars and Venus is showing off and the stress is playing its role too. I should get back to regular blogging.

  3. And I kind a feel the same, I don’t believe in Pooja and other stuff people go crazy abt.

    • I don’t believe in paying big bucks to pandits.
      I have seen a pandit at friend’s house, who constantly looked in the pooja-thali to see how much money people have left for dakshina & then he quickly took all money literally squashing the notes & kept it in his pocket. Someone came a bit later & put the money in thali, again he quickly took that also & put it in his pocket!!
      I would rather donate money than giving it to greedy pandits.

  4. aarya says:

    Loved the line – “It does not exist in the sink PK”s world!!” I tell you these guys see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

  5. Visha says:

    hehehehe, is the holder still there 😀

    Hmm, I have been a similar situation, where I have ended up appalling at how much money was spent in a stuff not worth at all. But off late, things are changing slowly through repeated nagging 😛

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