Rotten mushrooms & Garba Night

I spent 45 minutes on Friday night peeling the mushrooms which looked bit dark but I wanted to save them so I was trying my luck by peeling them & making the Peas-Mushroom curry. MY neck was sore after that because I was on phone whole of these 45 minutes with Mum but that is separate thing. The main thing is the dish which I was so excited to make on Friday night came out to be stinky. Yes, Stinky with black liquid coming out of mushrooms. eew!!  So, our dinner was egg half fry which PK cooked while I was sitting on the sofa with my mood off 😦

Saturday morning, I woke up before PK because my tummy was growling & making some weird noises. I went to the kitchen to find the mushroom dish is still lying on stove UNCOVERED!! Well, you can’t leave everything on PK right??? First thing I did was to throw the dish with heavy heart because I hate to waste food & I hate to see my hard work of peeling, chopping mushrooms & tomatoes going into the dustbin!! I looked around to see what I can eat for breakfast, Poha-NO, Upma-NO, Idli-NO, Parathe-NO, I saw oats pack int he pantry & thought this is the quickest solution. I am telling you – If nothing makes your tummy & mood happy, have some oats in warm milk, surely you will feel better.  Whole day, I was feeling light on tummy & happy in mood. Although I made super-super some quick sandwiches for lunch & had some Pav-bhaji & Noodles at the Garba night we went to.

Yes, we went to Garba night, It was so much fun to get ready nicely for an hour and a half taking my time in everything be it hairdo using new set of hot rollers or using new makeup palette from BH Cosmetics or taking out matching bangles & jewellery from the hidden corners of the messy wardrobe to go with the outfit while PK was sleeping (lol).

I was ready by 7.30 while Mr. PK woke up, took him 15 minutes to decide which kurta he should wear & then another 15 minutes were spent in finding his pyjama which he kept saying he has washed it & it should be somewhere in wardrobe but I found it out in our laundry waiting to be washed since our house warming!!!  Not to mention my nail paint was spoiled because of his pyjama!! 😦

Anyways.. so we reached the venue. We both knew that tickets are cash only but PK wanted to take the chance only to find out at the ticket counter that they don’t have Eftpos service.. We walked to our car park area again for 10 minutes, drove for half an hour to find ATM machine and came back to find the car park area is full & we have to park our car bit far away!!  Not my fault na?? It’s all PK’s fault!! But then till 1.00 AM in morning it was pure fun.

Whole Sunday we spent in sleeping, cooking, sleeping, making green chutney, sleeping, making garlic chutney, sleeping, watching award show, again sleeping, cooking dinner, sleeping again till this morning.

Weekend is never enough, hai naa???


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12 Responses to Rotten mushrooms & Garba Night

  1. Snow says:

    That’s so true dear! Weekend just flies off… And we keep waiting for the next one 😉 .. The cycle just goes on and on 🙂 Glad to hear you had great fun at the garba function 🙂

  2. aarya says:

    I hate it when something I cook turns bad :\
    I hate it when S-Man forgets to keep stuff in fridge, even after I asked him to. 😐
    I hate it when S-Man does not take my advice and we end up spending time and effort and sometimes money on unnecessary stuff.
    I love when all this is soon forgotten 🙂
    and yeah, weekend is never enough. It just flies by 🙂

  3. Roohani Naik says:

    Isn’t Garba night a little early? Glad you had fun. I love mushrooms. Specially is pizza and soups. 🙂

    • Yeah it is early because the singers(Atul purohit in our case) are usually in India during real Navratri so they organize the events for weekends in other countries before Navratri 🙂
      Inch pinch.. I also love mushrooms on my pizza 🙂

  4. Sydney and Melbourne’s crazy garba people booked Atul Purohit for Fridays/Saturdays and Brisbane got chance for Sunday only. We enjoyed him till 10:30pm only. I guess huge Indian population advantage.

  5. Jazz says:

    I love mushrooms, sad to know they were rotten that too after lot of effort. Wow Garba, I have never been to one, there was a Garba night organzed in our office campus but I just saw it from far, must be so much fun. 🙂

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