Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!!

I have so much time today, will surely write something

Thinking – thinking – thinking

*What to write?*

Checks the phone to find any picture that prompts to write

*Nothing interesting*

Sipping coffee & thinking again

*Nothing to write*

Looks here & there in office, then in the computer

*Nothing to write*

By chance looks at the finger nails

*I have only removed nail paint from one hand, other hand have chipped nail paint..chhiiii*

Again sips the coffee looking at blank word document

*What to write?*

Take the mobile again to find if anyone is online to chat

*No one, my dear friend VJ also went to pick up her son otherwise would have bugged her a lot* 😉

Suddenly Boss passes nearby & the word document is minimized

*Pretends drafting a work email*

As soon as Boss is gone

*Word document is maximized on screen*

Looking at the blank word document again

*GOD!!! Someone tell me WHAT TO WRITE??????????????????????????????????????????*  

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11 Responses to Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!!

  1. greenboochi says:

    But you did write a lot 😀 😀

  2. And you wrote a post out of that 🙂

  3. Smita says:

    Write nothing 😀

  4. Jazz says:

    In one taarak mehta episode, jethalal tells daya kuch nai bolungi kuch nai bolungi kehke kitna bolgayi.. 😀

  5. Phani says:

    Im going thru ur blog from latest post to old post..
    Upto now I didn’t find any posts regarding ur marriage..
    May be u can take it up to write 🙂

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