The story of delivery pain.

Last week on Thursday PK told me “I have already decided what we are doing this weekend”

“What??? I just want to RELAX PK, no crazy busy plans please” I replied.

RELAX??? That too on the weekend??? I forgot that this word no longer exist in our dictionary since the day we thought of constructing our dream house.

So, PK’s plan was to visit all the curtains & blinds shops in Sydney to finalize some nice ones for our house. We could not make our minds on any blinds or curtains instead we ended up buying a TV table for our living room and 4 bar stools for breakfast bar in our kitchen from furniture shop.  We paid the money & drove to the backside of the furniture shop to collect the boxes. The guy sitting there came out & said the TV table is very long & it won’t fit in your car.

Pk being PK & me being me, we asked the guy – “can we give it a shot??” We pushed down the back seats, the box wouldn’t fit. We pushed down even my seat in the front so that the table box is pushed from the boot/trunk all the way till front seat but still we were unable to close the boot. So, the guy told us pay 60$ for delivery & they will deliver it on Tuesday but do you think PK can wait till Tuesday?? No naa??? So PK told him that we will arrange something & pick up the table tomorrow which is Sunday. We took our 4 bar stools & left for home. On our way home we found out our car was very badly scratched from inside because of this TV table. The leather box which we use to keep our GPS & sunnies in is scratched too. What a bummer!! PK was very sad to see his car scratched like this, I have to tell you that PK has maintained this car very well, If it was me in his place maybe the car would not have been in this good condition.  

So.. Whole of Saturday was spent assembling the bar stools & thinking what to do for TV table?? So, next morning PK came up with idea that rather than paying 60$ to furniture people & then wait till Tuesday, we will hire a Ute for an hour & pick up the table. (The furniture shop is very close to our home, paying any money for delivery is just waste of money actually).

Off we went to the closest car rental place & hired a Ute for 25$ per hour & 200$ refundable deposit. We thought now that we have hired a Ute, is there anything else that we need that is big in size & it won’t fit in car??? Clothes line!!!! Yes, clothes line!! We have to buy clothes line which we can mount on the fence in our backyard.

We hired a Ute, bought clothes line for another 200$ from same place & also bought some weed killers & gardening stuff. Went to the trailer parking area & before we even open the Ute door PK noticed its manual Ute!! PK doesn’t drive any manual vehicles. We felt same as a balloon which has wrinkled because it’s pricked with a pin.

After that, PK & I argued for at least 10 minutes. I kept forcing him to go & get the refund as we have not even touched the vehicle. PK kept denying saying once paid we cannot get refund. He said he will call some friend who can drive manual blah blah blah which I was not even listening. Finally he had to compromise & go inside the shop to get refund.

After half an hour, he came out where I was standing in the sun with that tall clothes line box & said they agreed to give refund but their system is down so they will refund our money tomorrow. They even tried to sell PK some gift cards worth 200$. Why?? Who will use those gift cards???

 Anyways.. so our next question was – “How we will fit this freaking clothes line box in our car???” We are in trouble again!! God!!

After sweating under the sun for 15 more minutes & some serious hard work we were able to fit the clothes line box in our car. Phew!!

With spoiled mood, we drove to few more car rental places where always our first question was – “Do you guys have any “Automatic” Ute for hire??” With no luck we were heading home & luckily we saw this car rental shop & found one Automatic Ute there. Rate – 60$ for 2 hours. Same as the furniture shop quoted us for home delivery. I told PK that I was ready to wait till Tuesday, we will call them for home delivery rather than going through the pain of “hiring-collecting Table-dropping at home-returning the Ute!” As you all already know that PK doesn’t have patience he said he wants to go through all this pain rather than waiting til Tuesday. Yeah go ahead & roll your eyes!! I also did the same.

I must say this was the first time I sat in a Ute, before I sit inside I just burst into laughter. It was so weird to me. After all this pain since yesterday, when I was laughing PK said “Bas, I only want you to laugh & giggle like this, I will never let any boring moment enter in your life!!”  We role played in the Ute. Ahem..ahem.. role play of a tradie & his wife as in Indian village. PK said “When I come back home after a tiring day and you feed me with your hands all my tiredness goes away” I said “ Ji..What would you like to eat tonight?” PK said “Ohh anything you make dear it all tastes very sweet” To which I replied “Today I will make Roti and serve with onion slices like they do in villages” And we both again laughed and enjoyed our Ute ride.

Another hit was when we went to furniture shop to pick up table, we went ahead & bought one more TV table for our theater room. So, 2 tables were picked up, dropped at home & again we went to return the Ute, came back home in our Car.

I will not start writing about the surprised guests visits & serving them milkshakes & tea & cooking Mutton & veggie dishes for our dinner along with assembling 1 Table & then taking sick leave on Monday to rest & to assemble 2nd table (which took us 5 hours) otherwise you all will run away!! lol

This is what we did last weekend. Yes, wasn’t the table delivery painful??? lol



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8 Responses to The story of delivery pain.

  1. greenboochi says:

    OMG! PK took all this trouble just so that everything is delivered quickly? It looks so much like me. I cant wait at all, once my mind is fixed on something.

  2. chipmunk says:

    I love this table!!! and its too good!!!! Uffff why this much urgent for PK!!!! but still its wise, else imagine, things coming in on tuesday, Pk would have become restless on the week days, may be late night time to fix, good that you did this on weekends 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 If this man gotta a week holiday, he will fix the entire home in that 🙂 🙂 🙂 and and food post!! please put up 🙂 along with how to make it pls 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will try them at home 🙂 what say 🙂 🙂 🙂 and welcome home for the two tables 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Smita says:

    You guys lead an interesting life 😀

  4. Jazz says:

    Delivery pain… Hahahahah 😀

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