Brisbane travel & House warming party

On Monday & Tuesday I was finishing all the pending work in office & at home.

On Wednesday, I had to fly to Brisbane at 12.00PM. This was my first work trip, I must say it was totally different experience. PK was not with me here to pamper me, have coffee with me or shop with me. First thing I did when I entered the airport is to run in Victoria’s secret and shop the hell out of it. We don’t have any other VS apart from the airport one, so whenever I am traveling this is the first shop I enter into. I bought 2 Body Mists & a perfume. VS products smell like heaven really.

Reached Brisbane, checked in Hilton Hotel and Oh My Gosh!! What a luxurious hotel. The room was beautiful, the products in bathroom were awesome, I just loved them. The view from my room was fantastic. Everything in hotel was amazing but I didn’t have PK with me to enjoy all this. Many times I felt lonely, many times I missed PK’s touch, I couldn’t sleep whole night, I missed PK’s arm to rest my head on, I missed him big time. I was feeling like all this luxury is of no use. Anyways.. the conference was fun, I shopped some more perfumes & jewellery during break time 😉

I returned to Sydney on Thursday night. As soon as I landed I received text from the cab waiting for me. Everything was so well organized but as soon as I sat in cab, I received a call from bank informing me that there are some suspicious transactions on my account. When the customer service lady gave me info on all the transactions & amounts I realized I haven’t done those transactions. These are definitely fraud transactions that too from Canada & UK!! I was so disappointed. The worst thing is I cannot do anything until the amount on hold is cleared. Its 600$ that are on hold. I still can’t understand how all this happened.Also, I can no longer use my card now, I am waiting for my new card to I am making sure I have enough cash with me when I am not with PK 😦

Anyways.. we set up our house for Friday’s Vastu Pooja & House warming party. The pooja was completed on time, we felt happy & relaxed as this was pending since we moved in our new house. The party in the evening also was a huge success. On top of it, It was my Teej also on same day. I applied Mehendi in morning at about 4.30 AM after having some food as this is the ritual to be followed on Teej. 

In the evening, when our friends & guests were enjoying the party in our backyard, I saw moon peeking out of the clouds slowly. I quickly prepared the milk & rice mixture & few other things & went to our front yard. PK followed me there & we did the pooja where PK fed me first sip of water & first bite of food. We hugged and kissed each other. We congratulated each other for our house warming as well. It was very romantic moment, for a while we forgot about the party that is going on inside our house, we forgot if any Aussie people are watching us. Oh & I forgot to mention that PK & I, we both dressed up in traditional Indian wear. I wore the same lehenga that I wore on our engagement day.

Next morning that is on Saturday, when we woke up, our bodies were aching so badly. Still we cleaned up whole house, OMG there were tissues & food particles in every corner of our house. The cleaning took up lot of our time but the best thing was we had leftover food from previous night, so we do not have to do any cooking. We survived whole of Saturday & Sunday on leftovers. Here’s the menu we I decided 😉

1.       Cocktail Samosas

2.       Aloo Tikki stuffed with Chana Daal

3.       Dal makhni

4.       Aloo Gobi masala

5.       Bhindi masala

6.       Palak paneer

7.       Kadhai Paneer

8.       Salad

9.       Rice, Roti

10.   Boondi Raita

11.   Rasmalai for dessert

The guests just loved the food, everyone asked for the name of catering company. I had informed the chef to not to add any sweetness in any curries. Out of all this, I liked Aloo-Gobi the least otherwise all dishes were good.

We were so busy in entertaining guests, welcoming them & taking them for house tours that we forgot to click the pictures. I did manage to click 5-6 pictures but apart from that we have no pictures of the function. But all that matters is that our guests were happy, we were happy, the party was big hit, food was great, everyone liked the house, everyone appreciated our hard work, the blessings were showered on us from our friend’s parents, what else we want huh??

I have lots of pictures to share with you all, I guess I will do a picture post next, including the house pics. What say?? 🙂

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12 Responses to Brisbane travel & House warming party

  1. greenboochi says:

    Wow!! So many details in one post. I am still thinking of your Brisbane trip, the Hilton Hotel, your shopping sessions, missing PK, Fraud transactions, Vastu Pooja, House Warming party, Teej, Cleaning and of course the menu!! 🙂

    Come on, show us the pictures.. I am waiting here!

  2. chipmunk says:

    This Card transaction will leave all type of scary experience!! Be safe with it and keep enough cash too.. hoping for the card to come soon 🙂 🙂 congrats on the pooja front 🙂 have a happy and blissful times in the house 🙂 🙂 and food list!!!

  3. Oh wow that was one busy week for you ..don’t worry abt the credit card transaction you can deny them and credit card companies will take care, but like you said you have wait for new card. Good and party sounds so much fun. Yep still waiting f for those pics , you better post before I post mine 🙂

  4. Jazz says:

    Wow must have a luxurious trip, next time go with PK for personal trip 😉

    And that is sad about the card, but thankfully you will get new one soon.

    Wow house warming is a hit, yummy yummy menu, how did you manage to cook all of that, you are a superwoman. 😀
    We are going to my sisters place and we have a birthday party for my niece with similar menu, will know by helping.

    So sweet of the Teej, it is Karwa-Chauth na.. And leftovers are a blessing when you are so tired.

    Waiting for next post now. 😉

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