Strawberries.  The fruit which looks yummy. The color of this fruit attracts everyone. The pearl like dots on red-red strawberries and a green hat on their head make them look even prettier. TP’s husband LOVES this fruit.

Whenever PK sees this fruit in supermarket shelves he cannot move forward without taking a pack or two with him. The other day when we were grocery shopping, PK saw that strawberries are on special. He quickly grabbed 3 packs of strawberries and placed them in our trolley. In the car, he said he is so hungry that he will eat 2 packs of strawberries as soon as we reach home. And literally he did that while on other side I was just admiring his love for strawberries. Give him strawberries in any form you will find him eating guppa gupp one by one.  

I am totally opposite in this case. I cannot eat more than 2 strawberries that too I eat them just to try one more time to see if I will end up loving them but that never happens. I don’t like that little bit of sour taste which is left in our mouth after eating even the ripest one. Not that I cannot eat anything sour. I can eat a piece of lemon with bit of salt on it, even lime..I just love to roast the lime little bit & eat with black salt but this dang strawberry I can’t eat raw.

I love chocolate coated strawberries to the death. I like strawberry jam. I love strawberry milk-shakes and smoothies but raw strawberry I can’t eat. Why huh??? Is there anyone in my group or I am the only weirdo??

While I am on this topic, this is the picture of one of the best chocolate coated strawberries I have ever had.


Happy Friday guys!!! 🙂

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12 Responses to Strawberries!!

  1. Strawberries are lovely and i Love them. Not big fan of chocolate coated ones though 🙂 Happy Weekend!!!!

  2. Smita says:

    You are not weird!!! I love strawberries but only in other forms like milk shake, ice creams etc….and that pic is so yummy!

  3. Snow says:

    Happy friday to you too dear 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. aarya says:

    Count me in the list of weirdos, TPL. I don’t like raw strawberry. Not even chocolate coated. I eat a piece or two when it is in fruit salad. But I love it in my smoothies and shakes. Specially Strawberry-banana smoothie is my go-to drink. I freeze strawberries and peeled banana and within two minutes, perfect smoothie is ready.

  5. I had pani puri from a Punjabi store last week. I had tears in my eyes while eating it cause it was just so damn good! And I recollected your pani puri posts! 🙂

  6. Jazz says:

    I too don’t like it too much TP, love the ice cream though. 😀 But I recently got some really fresh strawberries from Costco that were yummy but I can’t eat them too much too..

    And don’t they spoil soon, I made strawberry phirni, milkshake etc but still some remain beginning to rot, I’m using them for face now. 😛

    And will you believe I haven’t tasted strawberries coated in chocolate till now.. They look good but I doubt how they will taste.. Must try it soon, people are crazy for it. 🙂

    Happy weekend !!

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