Days are not so good..

On Monday morning in spite of waking up early & getting ready on time, I missed my train which left me bit upset. This is not the way I want to start my week. In the evening again I missed my regular train & reached home 15-20 minutes late. It was so dark by the time we reached home. It was only 6.30 in evening but seemed like 9.00 PM. This darkness was enough to break me into tears when I saw PK on train station. He left his office at 4.30 and till 6.30 even he cannot relax because of me. That guilt was also killing me . Anyways we reached home & PK said he is too tired and feeling sleepy, so we just had a egg sandwich and went to sleep.

On Tuesday, There was some misunderstanding with my Boss, she kept blaming me for that thing which was not even my mistake. Someone complained on me to my Boss & instead of talking to me my Boss directly spoke to our COO. I was too shocked to see such a small issue turning into big one. I just kept replying politely that that is not correct & tried to prove myself. At the end, the issue was solved, I proved myself but it did left me upset. My Boss didn’t say anything after that, not even” A” of apologising. I know she is a Boss & that attitude did not let her apologise. I just don’t want anyone to put blames on me without getting their f@#king facts right. That’s all. I was composed in office but again when I saw PK in evening I cannot stop my tears. I know I sometimes become too sensitive.

On Wednesday, the trains were running late I reached home at 6.30 but I was determined I will not let this thing or even the dark night spoil my mood. We watered the plants after having nice dinner, chatted for a while and went to sleep in happy mood.

On Thursday morning, that is today, as soon as I woke up I saw messages from my sister telling me that Grandpa has invited my MIL & FIL on the inauguration functions of our 2 new shops which is on 17th & 18th August. I have told before also that my Grandpa & PK’s Grandma are cousins. Now that PK’s Grandma passed away few months ago, Gpa miss her a lot. So, on Grandma’s place he called FIL & MIL to come for functions. Second thing he said to them is that if TP and Pk were in India they would have attended but now that they are not here you have to come.

First thing is that there are 6 married daughters in our family, if all the daughters & son-in-laws are only invited in function this time, why do my Gpa wants to invite only my In-laws?? Won’t other daughters & their in-laws feel bad???

Second thing, this has happened many times before also that my in-laws are just invited formally, for namesake only but still they will attend the functions just to see what my family is doing in functions?? What & how much my family is giving to other daughters in family?? How much & what they are getting if they attend the function. Not only this but after attending functions the phone calls are made to everyone in PK’s extended family telling them what & how many gifts they got from my family!! I just HATE that.

Third thing MIL then always taunts me saying “I was invited on your place in your family” This sentence just kills me. No one can take my place in my family dammit. Why she doesn’t understand that?? She then wants my Mum to give her all those gifts & gold that my Mum would have given me if I was there. I don’t want to put any burden on my Dad & Mum.  I have written here how MIL called my Mum & indirectly asked for same bangles that my Mum gave me.

I was so frustrated reading sister’s message that I replied her “You know what, if you all want to give MIL my place just because I am living abroad and cannot come home, that’s fine. On your wedding also then call MIL & FIL only, they will fill the space, don’t invite us”

I am really really disappointed and angry. And please.. I am NOT jealous of them being able to go to my home & I am unable to see my family. That is not the case. I am unhappy of the intention that MIL & FIL go to my house with & then the taunt from MIL that she was given my place in my family..

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19 Responses to Days are not so good..

  1. Take it easy gal, hard time always passes. Just look at the brighter side and start counting days before you see you family fain. Not long too go 🙂

  2. I am so sorry to hear this week is been going bad, it will be good, just relax and chill. In my neutral view I don’t see anything wrong with your family inviting your in laws, Indian weddings happen just not between couples but between families. When any important function happen at my home or R’s home, my parents and in laws invite each other. Not that every time they can make it (because of distance) but they do invite.I don’t think anyone could take your place in your family ever. Just let these things don’t bring your mood down. Hugs to you!!

  3. Jazz says:

    Aww been a tough week, hugs TP.. And I know how irritating MIL’s taunts will be after the visit, just try and ignore but let her not make your parents unhappy.

  4. sjscribbles says:

    You are just settling in TPL – understand what a crazy week can do to you !

    Regarding your in-laws – don’t be upset ! Just face things bravely

    You are a lovely person – Cheer up soon – Life is not meant to be gloomy 🙂

  5. aarya says:

    Ohh TP, just put your hand on your heart and say ‘Aaal’s well’ 🙂
    Don’t let all these negativities effect you…stay happy and enjoy…

  6. Smita says:

    I hope your woes just vanish away!!! I guess it is the side effect of settling in a new place that is making things gloomy!!

    As far as MIL Issue is concerned count till 10 and let go…and think a lot before sending messages like you had sent to your sis….won’t that hurt her & your parents??

  7. chipmunk says:

    There are people which comes with material mind and other comes with ha[[y and enjoying mind! you always knows that MiL falls in which category! then relax! no worries! its known to you and to your parents! they will tackle things. but what you have said was right they should have invited other girls inlaws too but you see bonding between you MIL is much great than others!! isn’t it! Chill up!!!

  8. My Era says:

    I am so sorry to learn (despite being late) that you had to a tough week 😦

    But the good news is, like everything and EVERY damn time, that time too has gone in the pages of the past.

    I really won’t tell you that feeling the way you do about the attitude of your inlaws is wrong because I have been there, seen & felt it first hand. It hurts, bites and pinches hard.

    BUT, the crux is, our sanity & peace of mind are of paramount importance. Don’t lose heart and your peace of mind. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful time free of all worries 🙂

    Hugs & sorry for the lecture (I do get carried away sometimes.)

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