PK doesn’t live IN the house..

Yes.. he doesn’t lives IN the house, he lives only outside the house at below four places.

1.       Garage

2.       Driveway

3.       Alfresco

4.       Backyard

His friends call him on his mobile, he will not answer the call. Why?? Because he is so busy in roaming in his garage, driveway & backyard that he doesn’t even remembers to charge his mobile which is lying dead since 4 hours!!

PK usually used to wait at the train station in the evening to pick me up & go home together after work. Now those “10-15 MINUTES” are wisely utilised by PK by going back home. he doesn’t relax or change, he just uses his water pressure system (which he bought for freaking 300 AUD without even letting me know) and cleans his already clean driveway & waters the plants & grass which are already watered by the rain!!! Talk about excitement!!

On one side he keeps saying that we have used up all our finances, we have to be careful now, we won’t even have money to buy my train ticket next week and he scares me to death. On another side he is inviting another group of friends of about 4 couples and 2 bachelors for Beer & BBQ party in our backyard on Saturday evening, then PK is asking them all to stay overnight at our house and then Sunday morning we all have to go to Canberra at one of our friend’s place so we all will leave together!! See.. I don’t have problems with him inviting our friends but..

1) We haven’t had any relaxing weekend yet.

2) He himself was worried about finances & scaring me as well to that point that I was contemplating should I go to the salon or not..

3) In all his excitement he doesn’t even share with me what he is planning… he is planning I-don’t-know-what and I will come to know about all this when one of his friends will call him to set up their plan!!

4) There is big house warming party coming up, we can entertain all the friends at that time & mean while organise our house and give time to each other.

Yes, we did fight about this last night.

I get zero help in cooking!! Why?? Because he is busy in his backyard while I am cooking in the kitchen!! I seriously don’t know what he does there. He will start making the frozen chapattis when he will see I am done with Sabji making, unloading the dishwasher & then loading it up again with our lunch boxes and all. Kneading the dough was his job always but now because of his lack of time, we are eating frozen rotis!!

He can spent hours and hours in Bunnings warehouse without eating/drinking even a sip of water and walking miles just inside the warehouse!!


He gets so excited when he sees any tradesmen coming in our house for fixing TV antenna or fixing phone or even the landscaping people. He never gets this excited when he sees me in fact he can push me behind just so that he can walk ahead me and talk with his lovely tradesman.

He got his haircut ages ago. If you see some guy with mane just scream PKkkkkk…. & he will come and ask you “Did you called me??”

Ohh how can I forget about Ironing. He does not wear ironed shirt to his work. Why??

1) He cannot concentrate on ironing when he has driveway & garage things going on in his mind.

2) He wears sweater no.. No one will see his wrinkled shirt inside the sweater.

Excitement or Over excitement??? God please help me bring PK out of this phase soon.

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22 Responses to PK doesn’t live IN the house..

  1. chipmunk says:

    ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 I can imagine your angry face and steaming ears 🙂 🙂 🙂 he is so cranky that he has accomplished a very very big thing 🙂 🙂 🙂 let him enjoy may be one full month he will be so 🙂 then he will become normal 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 enjoy the phase, PK ji will never keep things too crooked 🙂 may be he will be having some deep thoughts in mind 🙂 so it will be dealt by him 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can imagine PK only as a new born kid who learnt to walk 🙂

  2. Smita says:

    Hey bhagwan!!!!! Men!

    Keep your cool!! 😀

  3. Despite your obvious irritation, I am loving PK’s over excited phase. It happens you know, when you see your mehanat and mehanat ki kamai live in front of you. In such a beautiful home with your beautiful and understanding wife by your side 🙂

    • Ohhoo.. so you are taking PK’s side & maska lagaaoing me with understanding & beautiful wife & all that hain??? hahahaha..
      Itni khatanaak over excitement dekh ke meri excitement to gayab hi ho jaati hai!! lol

  4. where is my comment? I just pressed post comment, and it vanished.

  5. I will write again, I was saying despite your obvious irritation I am loving this over excited phase of PK. You know it happens, when you see your mehanat and mehanat ki kamai live in front of you, it happens. Specially in such a beautiful home with your beautiful and understanding wife by your side 🙂 Give him sometime, he will get over it. And enjoy this phase with him, guys rarely get that excited or attached to places.

  6. Smitha R says:

    Tppl, I can so so understand you… Mine is the same situation… I do not know how to make my husband understand it either.. We too moved to a new house recently… and when it was under construction he would be spending his whole time and energy there… I thought it would be better when we moved there… He finds new stuff to do… and new ways to spend money on the house though we are broke with the construction…I am also hoping that it will soon change…

    • ohh God these Men..
      I can understand you behna.. I also thought he will be ok after we move in the house but he has gone even more crazy than before!!
      Let me know when things change your side, I am now praying for both of us..

  7. aarya says:

    hahaha…PK has gone crazy. Cleaning the backyard and watering the plants daily, huh? We’ll see after few months when the excitement will fade and all this will become a chore 😛
    Good luck TPL…hang in there 🙂

  8. LoL:) So what are you doing? Where are you spending the most ??

  9. Jazz says:

    Haahhahhahhah what can I say ! Enjoy the new house completely… lots of best wishes !!!

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