Its been so long…

..since I posted my last post here 😦 Sorry for being MIA..

First of all thank you so much everyone for all your Congratulations wishes for the house. Sorry I couldn’t reply your comments but I read them all and PK & I both are feeling very happy & blessed to have friends like you. Sorry, I am not able to comment on your posts but I read them all, Sachi..

 Before I type anything further.. again..AGAIN..I got some urgent work.. I am back to finish this word document after 5 hours now. work has been so hectic, it has never been this busy. Do you guys remember my colleague whom I mis-understood?? Unfortunately she underwent surgery and doctors had to remove her breast due to a tumour. So she is resting and recovering, we are praying for her as this has been very hard time for her.  With her absence in the office since last three weeks all the work is on me. I don’t know how I am juggling with two roles simultaneously. When I return to home, my eyes are literally red and burning due to constantly looking at computer screen.

Regarding our house, where do I start??? We moved to our dream house on 27th July 2013. Coincidently, this is the same date when I first time come here in Australia. 27th July 2009. The removalists came & moved all our belongings to new house by 12.00 PM. We then again came back to old place to clean it up. Yes, I was very emotional while closing the door of our old place, I hugged PK & cried a lot, thanked the place for all the beautiful memories and said our goodbye.

First night in new house was exciting. We assembled the bed and went to sleep as our body was just denying to stay awake & do any other unpacking. Next morning, PK & I were so energetic, we finished mostly all the unpacking by afternoon & then went for grocery shopping as well. Before starting any unpacking PK & I went to nearby cafe and had quick breakfast, reason being we did not had any milk at home to make tea.

Our neighbours are so good, they came to meet us and invited us for dinner. What else we want?? We are indeed very lucky to have one of our friends as our neighbours. After yummy Indian dinner, it was time to prepare for long working week ahead. We were too tired to wake up in morning still we managed to go. Of course, next we both took sick leave due to sore body.  Somehow we managed to pass that week, waiting for weekend so that we can rest but destiny was something else.

On Saturday morning, our friends called us & said they cannot wait to see our house. They invited themselves to our place & on top of it, they decided to stay overnight at our house!! I did not cook anything apart from some bhel-puri. We both were too tired to entertain them home-made food so we ordered pizzas and garlic breads & our dinner was done.  There were two couples who came to our house, one of them have a small daughter one and half years old. Oh God, PK & I were tired after playing with her, we all even danced for an hour or so.. It was like a impromptu party, all in all that was fun.

On Sunday they left in afternoon. PK & I were again busy in prepping for next work week. Even though we had great time with friends we still were craving for one more day of weekend just for us to relax but couldn’t take any leave. So till now, we haven’t got any relaxing time neither at home & nor in the office.

We haven’t got phone connection yet, no internet connection, no TV antenna as well. We have no modes of entertainment at home now. It gets very boring and because of that I have started feeling very homesick. Every night after dinner when we don’t have anything to do, my mind is always in India. I miss them a lot. It feels like I have lost all the connections with my friends and family with whom I am always in touch via internet.

Sunday evening we were going for a short drive, as soon as we reached the main gate of the estate we saw few police cars and next to them was another black car with broken mirrors and glasses. Near that car a man was lying down, his face was covered with jacket and next to him were a helmet and a bike. It took us just a second to understand what has happened.  The roads were closed both sides, we cannot go anywhere and we were returned back to our house. Still thinking about that scene gives me shivers. That night, PK & I were very disturbed. My mind was constantly thinking who that guy was? From where was he returning? Was he going back to his house? Did he met his family before he died? Was he going to meet his loved one or retuning after meeting her? Did he had any idea that speeding might result in end of his life within 2 seconds?? I was searching online to find out about this guy but apart from this accident report nothing was declared in news.

I have to tell you about the doctor as well. So we went for our next appointment, he kept talking politely and I did not replied to him. I was so angry that I thought if I will open my mouth the fire might burn him. He asked for one more blood test even though all the blood test reports were Ok. PK lost it at that time & he argued with the doctor. He got scared and said it’s Ok if you don’t go for any test. Before he say anything else, PK asked him “What are liver spots? Explain us” He was trying to explain bur PK & I were not buying that. PK told him that he said that I have liver spots on my neck and if he can show that to us. Doctor checked his computer and read the notes that he had entered from my last visits and said “TP doesn’t have any liver spots, I have written it in my notes that no liver spots detected! Some mis-understand maybe” I reminded him of what he did last time and he was embarrassed and started apologising. I told him that if it was some aussie girl he would have got a notice from medical council until now. He apologised again and again, PK & I just opened the door of his cabin & left. When we came out, we had some reports from him in my hands, I just crushed them all & threw it in the dustbin near his cabin. All other patients were staring at me with their eyes opened as big as their mouth. There was pin drop silence, I said – “What a Idiot” and we left the medical centre.  I couldn’t do anything apart from this, have been writing his reviews though.

I have lots of other things as well to tell you but I guess I will stop here & go back to work now. Will write again very soon..  🙂

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20 Responses to Its been so long…

  1. MIA?? I am very bad at abbreviations. 🙂

    Eventful I would say. Glad you guys are kind of settled. Sorry to hear about your colleague, wishing her a speedy recovery. And happy you guys gave a piece of mind to the disgraceful doc.

    Waiting for the other posts.

  2. greenboochi says:

    Felt reading good reading all these updates. I thought about you only this morning, that I havent read from you in so long and then thought, you would have been so busy 🙂 Here I see your post 🙂

    Haa! Great. Let him die in self-guilt. I am glad you guys confronted him. Serves right.

  3. Visha says:

    May you guys get enough rest soon…setting up a new home is an ongoing process, I have experienced it too 🙂

    agle post mein naye ghar ke pictures, okie 😉

  4. Smita says:

    1stly Congrats for the move!! Living in your own house! A dream come true!!

    Sad to know about that motorist!

    And good u guys gave back to the doctor!! Am proud of you

  5. aarya says:

    I was missing you TPL…th’x for all the updates
    Convey my good wishes to the fighter your friend is…hope she recovers soon
    Good thing you guys confronted the pervert dr. Hopefully he’ll think twice before doing this to someone else.
    Wish you guys all great things in this new house…and looking forward to the pics once the house is all set up 🙂

    • Awee.. so sweet of you.. I actually did not miss you.. why?? because I was reading all your posts just couldn’t comment.. so I was in touch with you 😉
      Ohh and that baked pasta picture.. yummm!!!!

      pics will be up once the landscaping is finished 🙂

  6. Mayborngemini says:

    Hats off to both you and Pk for confronting that doctor. Gosh ,I cannot express in words how much I admire both of you for standing up to him, absolutely wonderful. I hope he behaves well with any girl he comes across from now on atleast. Congratulations on the move to your new house.

  7. Shilpa says:

    What a Idiot” It should be what an idiot.

  8. Catching up after a break .. How are you? hope you giys are settled by now and able to rest.So how’s new home treating you now?

    • mostly settled LF.. all good with the new house, its fun to cook in new kitchen, relax in new living room.. first two weeks it was like a hotel/resort feeling but now got used to it and feeling it as our home 🙂

  9. Jazz says:

    Have loads of fun with friends 🙂 and I’m glad you showed your reaction infront of other people,, atleast they know something is wrong..

  10. Satori says:


    Found your blog recently and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I have moved to Sydney recently and am getting slowly settled. Can you let me know the name of this GP and the medical centre so that I will know whom to avoid? Thanks in advance!


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