Back after a week??

I haven’t posted anything whole of last week, don’t know where the week went? I opened my word press and found I have not posted anything after the drinking episode!! Where should I start from, there is so much going on..

Both PK & I have NOW realized that we have not built any dedicated place for our pooja room in our new house. PK is determined to place a small temple in living room whereas I am not agreeing on that. We have open plan kitchen, dining area & living room all in one portion of house. I don’t want to keep small temple there otherwise it will look very busy.

 I am willing to allocate a full room as a temple room so that we have one dedicated praying room in house where we can pray without disturbance but PK is not agreeing because 1) he does not wants to built temple in bedroom, it’s not correct as per vastu 2) There is carpet in the bedrooms & he is worried if any spark from diya or incense stick fell on carpet there is chance of fire in whole house.

I have solution for that too. We can make a marble bench top like thing in that room & put the diya & Gods idols on that, no spark will fell on carpet, everything will be on marble stone but PK is not ready!! We both feel very bad that we did not thought of God’s  small room in our home initially while planning the structure of our house.

We are trying to use up all the groceries we have before the big move and oh boy the amount of extra groceries we buy is insane or what!!!  I have used up most of the extra things but still have lots to finish. Definitely no more grocery shopping for next few weeks till we move.

Finally BIL is going to move today unless he makes an excuse like yesterday. Initially he said he will shift his belongings on Sunday but then postponed it to Monday. Have to say I have mixed feelings now,  I think I & PK will miss him definitely, he has been living with us since more than 2 years now but definitely happy for him. We both want to see BIL independent, more responsible & be capable of supporting his own family when he will get married.

I am glad that we are not separating after fights or misunderstandings. The relationship will be as it is.

I am glad that the circumstances made BIL take this decision rather than PK asking his brother to move out. I am glad that PK will never feel guilty of asking his BIL to move out and BIL will never feel bad about his brother.  BIL took this decision because public transport near our new house is not very good. Train station is far away & bus services are not frequent.

I am glad that when we were in India, we already told FIL about this, so there are no issues in the family now. Yes, I was scared to hurt anyone’s feelings be it my not-so-good MIL, FIL or BIL or my darling husband.

I am thankful to God for showering his blessings on us & looking after every one’s feelings in the family & settling everyone in their life without any issues or misunderstandings be it between parents & kids or between two brothers.


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14 Responses to Back after a week??

  1. chipmunk says:

    welcome to this place again 🙂 its good for BIL to move as he will know to tackle things and learn a lot! happy that there was not any fuzz in this decision! first time every one have thought correctly and to the point! coming to home, why a small wooden in the Kitchen will work. or create a shelf in kitchen and put a door to it, when you do pooja u can open it, else it will be closed and god will be sleeping peacefully inside that cupboard!

  2. Most of the western homes will not have a dedicated Pooja place, also it is difficult to follow vastu for these homes. I hope between you and PK you find the balance on deciding a place for Pooja.

    And I think it’s better for you, OK and Bil to have your own space besides you have been accommodating him for last 2 years.

    • yeah true but some of our friends have considered makeing a small nook or small study room in the plan but use it as pooja room, which PK & I think is good idea but we missed it… still thinking kya karen..

  3. greenboochi says:

    Everything is going to fall into right places TPPL 🙂 Just hang in there and enjoy 🙂

  4. Smita says:

    All is well that ends well….good that BIL moved out with much of a fuss and the relationships bhi nahin bigde!!!

    As far as Pooja room is concerned I am sure you can work something out…it is not that big a thing…only one of you will have to bow down!!! 😀

  5. Visha says:

    Hope you find a solution soon, for the pooja-room 🙂

    So all’s well that ends well, wishing you happy days ahead 🙂

  6. Best of luck with the Pooja room, the sound of it seems a tough decision. And I for one was nodding my head with both side of arguments :P.

    And did BIL finally shifted? Glad things turned out this was way leaving all the ones involved without guilt or remorse.

    Btw dint get why would you guys finish up the groceries? You are shifting locally na, won’t they can be used up in the new home as well? And when is the D day?

    • yeah see that’s why said to Smita.. the question is WHO will bow down?? 😉 😉

      yes he finally shifted yesterday OHW..

      yeah I was talking about perishable items like frozen veggies and all.. we will have to switch off the fridge few hours before moving, then till the fridge is at home & plugged in the fridge items will get putrid.. also the aim is to save money as well, using up things & not buying more groceries 🙂
      We are getting keys this Friday.. YAY!!!

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