Drinking day

No.. no.. no.. not the alcohol drinking day.. it’s about water drinking day..

So.. I cannot sleep whole night thinking of that One Litre of Water…Whole night is spent in planning, how will I drink that much water in one go?? I drink that much water in whole day.

Wake up in the morning, did not drink any water just so that I become thirsty later& then I can drink that 1 Litre..

Reached office, worked till 12.30 pm without drinking any water.. just because – yeah you know why!!!

As per doctor’s instructions, I then went to empty the bladder at 1.00 pm.

Left the office with a bottle filled with water. Drank whole bottle while walking to the train station, feeling very happy.. on cloud nine..Big achievement for me that I can finish that much water in one go….

Feeling proud of myself, I sit in the train only to feel the water moving as if I have a fish tank full of water in my tummy.. I can imagine bubbles too in moving water.. of course only water no fishes 😉

Reached half way & the worst thing that I was afraid of happened.. urge to pee..

Maybe I am thinking too much about this water.. that’s why. I CAN keep the water inside till the test as per doctor’s instruction.. It’s just been half an hour I drank that water.. I divert my mind in playing game on my mobile.

A small jerk in the train & the water moves again. One more jerk & the water moves one more time making that urge very important. I cannot concentrate on this game man. Train driver, please drive the train slowly…

After 15 more minutes, I am still in train sitting cross legged so that I don’t get this desire… 😦

10 more minutes have passed and I am out of this train 2 stops before my destination, looking for public rest rooms with tears in my eyes.. yeah I cannot control anymore..do damn with that test.. do damn with that half day leave I have taken from work.. 😦

I am thinking how will I go down the staircase to go to that wash room?? If I will move little bit the disaster might happen in front of everyone.. Oh No.. God please help me 😦

Slowly… very slowly.. I am talking small steps, as if I am wearing the tightest skirt in the world and carrying a big pot of water on my head without holding it & trying to save it from falling.. I step downthe stair..step by step..  one by one & reach the washroom finally..YES!!!! I made it!!

Came out of the wash room.. Ahhh… What a feeling. I feel SOOO good. I have brightest smile on face 🙂 🙂

OH GOD!!! What did I just do???? The test is not possible now.. I don’t have any water in my tummy. I am calling PK & telling him all the story…. He says I still have half an hour till test, I can again drink 1 Litre of water again..

AGAING????  Gasp!!! 😦

I gather my strength, go to the new agency near the train station & buy a water bottle.. I am so scared of this water..Gosh!!!!

I catch the train again & drink the water without sitting so that the water quickly travels into my tummy. I reach the hospital, tell the whole story to the doctor, she laughs & laughs & laughs.. she asks me not to worry & performs the test..

As soon as the test is over, I run again to the washroom… As I reach home, I yet again run to the wash room.. 😦

I wanted to record this day because in my entire life I have never drank this much water in one go & I had never emptied my bladder for 3 times in 90 minutes.. God!!!!

And sorry if you are feeling disgusted reading about my pee story 😦

PS: Doctor says I have some liver issues.. hence these tests. Nothing to worry though 🙂

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21 Responses to Drinking day

  1. greenboochi says:

    Talk about abdomen scans to me, I know exactly what hell of pain and suffering you must have gone through. I had to take scans for a few times now.. (nothing major) and everytime I suffer so so much. There is nothing worst like having to control the urge to pee. Makes you cry. I know.

    Take care TPPL.

    • Ohh so sorry that you had to go through these scans 😦
      This was my first time.. for first test I had to drink water & second one on fasting 6 hours.. they indeed make you cry 😦

      Hope you are well now & hope no more scans for you & me 🙂

  2. aarya says:

    I wasn’t disgusted..I was laughing hard instead…but I can totally understand your state…it is very very hard for me to hold…and I drink a lot of water…
    sometimes as I leave office and in hurry I forget to pee, by the time we are at our door, I am just ready to go…and God forbid if I mention this urge to S-Man, he just delays everything…finding the keys and opening the door and at times tickles me…apparently peeing in my pants is funny to him 😐
    Wish you great health, TPL..take care girl 🙂

  3. lol you are too cute 🙂 I hope everything is alright on health front , good weekend .

  4. Tht was funny specially your description of the train journey….but me and my pee stories are famous in the family..hope your test results come clear 🙂

    • Ohh would love to hear your famous stories too, when are you writing?? 😉

      • No nothing in particular, I have written about one in my older blog but do not intend to post it here. But in general my frequency and also amount is much more than the regular people and that’s a common joke on me in the family, they say I should always wear a diaper 😉

      • hahahaha lol
        One of my Mum’s sister is totally opposite of you.. she comes out of bathroom just after 2 seconds of going in & we all always ask her did she even peed?? lol

  5. Im quite lazy from water perspective and the endless trips to the washroom worries me. Nah! It was an interesting story. Hope ur doc trip went smoothly.

  6. Visha says:

    I tried very very very hard not to laugh, but could not control 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Hoping all is very well and fine with you dear N 🙂

  7. Jazz says:

    HEy take care of your health. That drinking episode was too funny.. 😀 Some days when I decide of drinking proper amount of water, it happens to me too.. lol

  8. anisnest says:

    loll.. can totally understand.. I have been there during all those ultrasounds.. the worst thing in the world..

  9. My Era says:

    I have faced similar (if not worse) pee issues during pregnancy so I can totally understand your plight 🙂
    I hope all the tests came out clear & all’s well on the health front *Hugs*

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