Monday – 17th June 2013 ( Part 2)

Continued from here

PK tries to console me, he is worried for me. He does not want to leave me alone at home in this condition & go for his appointment but he has to, it’s very important.

We finish our coffee and leave the place. PK dropped me at the parking space in our apartment as it was already 5.00 pm, he then left for his appointment. I run towards our place, climbed four stairs in a minute, opened the door & rushed to the bathroom and washed face with chilled water. As I pat dry my face with napkin & come out of bathroom, I look around the bed-room, it’s total mess with clothes everywhere, hair & rubbish on the carpet. Yucks!!!I go outside to find the kitchen in messy condition, sink overflowing with unwashed dishes, kitchen bench top, dining table & centre table with spots of Dal fry & rice from last night. Everything, every corner of house including myself is a mess 😦

Collecting all my energy, I turn into a super(cleaning)-woman with cleaning wipes and spray in hands. Tables cleaned. Dishwasher loaded. Bedroom cleaned. New sheets on bed. Washed clothes hanged on drying rack. Face-mask on my face. Clean – clean – clean. Clean everything.

Text sent to PK – “Let me know when you are about to return, I am going for shower, won’t be able to hear if you knock the door”

Come out of the bathroom, smelling fresh & clean. I feel so good now. So much better than before. I dry my hair, do my make-up & hide those stupid acne marks and redness, spray some nice perfume, get ready and wait for PK. He knocks the door, we look at each other & smile. We say sorry and hug each other for 15 minutes. That distance from each other for couple of hours made me let go all the anger (in cleaning our house & myself) and PK realized how he just messed up our whole day with his poor planning which he did because he cannot see ANYTHING other than this HOUSE. He has forgotten everything, he is not able to live in that moment because of his house anxiety. HE HAS OFFICIALLY GONE MAD.

We came to our bedroom & talked about our day, our mistakes, our past four years of marriage, our achievements, our love, our fights, our relationship, our struggles, our families, our future plans and of course about our dinner plan.. We both were starving by then!!

As we were about to leave for dinner, BIL woke up. He was sleeping in his room after his work. He had bought cake for us so we cut the cake, BIL clicked our pictures and off we went for dinner. Yes, BIL also joined us for dinner!! How can we leave him at home!!! :-/ He had to go for house inspection, we took him there first, waited till he finished inspection and then went to nearby Thai restaurant, had yummy dinner, dropped BIL at train station as he had to leave for his work again & then we came back home.

The day did not went as we planned or rather I would say as I planned!! Even the dinner was not the romantic one, I wanted to have quiet dinner with PK after having a stressful day but that did not happen with BIL around us 😦

Only three things are worth remembering from that whole day:

1) Talking with family members and friends, receiving their calls throughout the day made my day & cheered me up 🙂

2) The restaurant we went to is very nearby our place & yet it was the first time we went there. The food was amazing & best thing was they served pure vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. Unlike those restaurants who say the dish is pure veg but then you will find fish-sauce or oyster sauce in that dish. So PK got to enjoy his NV & I got to enjoy my veggie food 🙂

3) Those few minutes when PK & I were talking, PK had all his attention on me. THANKS A LOT FOR THAT ATTENTION PK 🙂

I know he loves me very much, I am not disappointed with the gift or anything but disappointed with how the day turned out to be even though we had planned it to be beautiful one to remember in future. Until we move to this new house PK will not give his attention to me (with what I was used to before this house happened) or anything else. This house is like his baby really. It’s like his dream coming true.

And just for records, PK asked me to get his T-shirt exchanged as he did not liked the style (he found it girly!!) and rather than changing it I just returned it to the store near our office lol 😉 😉

Okie.. okie.. I will buy him another one 🙂

A pic for you all, these are the only things that made me happy that day 🙂


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14 Responses to Monday – 17th June 2013 ( Part 2)

  1. Smita says:

    Ah!!! So finally u had a smile at the end of the day and that is what matters because in a relationship we have to let go 🙂

  2. Looks like I lost my comment before I posted.

    What I meant there is anniversary is just like any other day, I can understand your emotions because I was there few years back, let these things don’t bother you or your relationship. You already know how much PK loves you 🙂

    Those food would make me happy any day:) wishing you and PK many more beautiful years to come.

  3. Tharani says:

    A very happy anniversary to you guys.. Don’t you worry. You are going to have loads of lovely moments with PK in the new home 🙂 Hugs

  4. Alls well that ends well…….and for the celebrations I think once you guys move to your new house u can have a grand celebration……the food sure looks yummy……I love Thai food ……always on the look out for a good Thai restaurant……

  5. aarya says:

    ohh…that orange flower is cute
    Its okay if this one didn’t go as you had planned…there are many more to come and all you have to do is remind PK a few days ago about this one..and I bet he’ll make sure the day goes as the Queen demands 😉
    Hugs and Happy Anniversary to you guys…and wish PK as well this time…and I am sure, once you guys are in your new home, the attention will no longer be divided 🙂

  6. Day ending with good food has to be good by the end of it :). But I was so hoping BIL would excuse himself from dinner but anyway. And I can totally understand Men and their obsession with home construction and it ought be so… Once it’s all done make for this day.

  7. anisnest says:

    belated happy anniversary tdpl.. wishing you to have the 5th one at your own home in the way you want it to be..take care

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