Oh my God!! The weird dreams I keep seeing every night sometimes make me laugh and cry and sometimes they make me wonder if there is any hidden meaning of these dreams.

This morning I saw a dream that I and my best friend from India, we went to drop my small brother at his school. He had his exams and Mum asked me to drop him to school. I saw his school, his class room, his seat. He opened his bag & took out a purple colour water bottle but instead of drinking water, Mum had filled it with watermelon pieces!! He opened the bottle and started drinking water melon. Me & my friend asked him why watermelon in water bottle?? Brother replied Mum told him that this way he does not have to use his hand to pick up each & every piece and eat it!! And the dream ended, it was 7.20 am in the morning πŸ™‚

Once I saw a dream that my sister is asking everyone to eat my brother’s hand because it’s tasty and I keep crying requesting her why she is doing this, he is our small brother!! 😦

I have seen this scary dream couple of times where my parents are asking me to marry some other guy. I cannot see this guy clearly. I am running to everyone in their rooms saying I am already married to PK but no one listens to me and they all are busy in preparations & decorations for wedding. I keep running thinking I will not be able to live without PK, they know PK is my life but why they are not listening to me? And the dream ends. Whenever I see this dream on that day I am more eager to be with PK all the time. I talk to him every hour from office, At home I don’t leave him for a second, I want to feel his touch after every few minutes!! Lol

Oh & yesterday I saw the funniest dream ever!! I shared this with PK & he laughed a lot. yeah it sounds funny but when I saw it, I was worried and tensed. I saw that my younger sister has delivered a baby, before her wedding and every one in my family is OK with it. I go back to India & I ask Mum how did all this happen? Mum says we have not asked the sister yet. I force my Mum to talk with my sister about this and my sister replied she does not know may be her fiancΓ© came to visit her six months ago at that time…. I get confused in my dream, how can someone deliver a baby in six months only??Β  Then my sister added she does not remember if β€œsomething” happened but she did went to a dark room & saw a shadow sitting next to her and that might be the reason for this baby!! Β And her in-laws and fiancΓ© are Ok with the baby too!!

Now tell me.. such weird dreams!! Should I laugh or cry?? Lol

Sometimes, I also see the dreams of losing my near and dear ones but a friend of mine told me that if you see such dreams then those people live very long. I pray & hope that this is true. Of course I know I am so attached to my family that I am scared to lose anyone of them & I pray I never have to face this. May God gives long lives to our family members.

There is a wall in our house back in India with holes in it. It’s kind of feature wall near the main gate and parking space at ground floor. I saw this dream that there are snakes in all these holes. I told my Mum & she said that if you see snakes in dream then it’s good.

I don’t know if this is true or not but you can never control your dreams eh???

So what dreams do you see? Would you like to share?

PS – I don’t know where my last post went?? WordPress ate it away 😦 Ok.. Ok.. I accept my mistake. I was checking my blog on my iphone and I clicked I-don’t-know-which button and the post got lost, I cannot find it in trash, drafts or anywhere. I don’t know what to do 😦

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30 Responses to Dreams!!

  1. I have recently started following your blog and got a an email of your last post but when I went to comment it said the post was not found……don’t know much as I am new in the blogging world……ya I know sometimes we can’t make head or tails of our dreams…..god knows from where we get them…..

  2. LOL those are indeed funny dreams πŸ™‚

  3. Lol at watermelon and the baby dreams πŸ™‚ but your parents trying to remarry you was sure scary. And dreams don’t even get me started, I get so many that I might as well start a separate blog with my dream stories if only I could write in my sleep. Because most of the times I tend to forget them as soon as I wake up fully. But last week I have been drowning in the water as a punishment to missing my swimming sessions, I have been chased by dogs for not been able to control and play with every dog in my vicinity etc etc.

    During last few years I have realised that dreams come of the thoughts which occur in our conscious state but just fade away, either we don’t talk, think, discuss about it or we don’t get time to do it or don’t have enough information for the same. For the things which have been discussed through n through or happened right in front of us, they never come in dreams. So in a way dreams do have some connotation and mostly represents the unattended thoughts of our mind.

  4. And the last post getting vanished, it happened with me sometime back….and I found it in the section of future posts, basically the date got changed to some future date, like people do to timely schedule their post.

  5. Praktan says:

    I have your earlier blog post, as i read it thru Google reader
    if u want, i can send it to u

  6. greenboochi says:

    Its funny thinking how dreams affect us… I have had the scariest dreams which make me laugh now.. I am a person who gets a lot of dreams.. somedays its worst as I feel like I never slept. I have been getting snake dreams for almost ten years now.. initially I used to very scared… (even now) and I have stopped watching Nat Geo or discovery on the snake shows the first time I had a snake dream. Still I get it often. Some ppl said I might have to go to a snake temple and offer something, which would take away those dreams.. for some reason, I havent done that at all! *wondering why*

    Apart from that, I too have got a lot of dreams where something bad happens to someone I am close with. In such case, I panic a lot that entire day.

    And same pinch.. I also got a dream where my parents are marrying me off to someone else.. when S is not around. I am shivering in my dream and begging them to leave me alone. They all seem very happy though. When I told this to S.. he says… “adi paavi” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ which mean.. “Omg.. you” with a shock on his face πŸ˜€

    • Snake dreams!! hmmm… I have heard that if you see snakes in dreams, you become rich and earn lot of money!! πŸ˜‰

      hahahaha lol on the same dream we see of our parents marrying us to some other guy hahahaha.. it’s so funny na.. But this proves how much we love our hubbies, in dreams also we don’t want to be separated from them πŸ˜‰

  7. Saritha says:

    Lol funny dreams…. I always get a dream where in I am running behind the bus and I miss the bus…waiting for the dream where I catch the bus….

  8. Visha says:

    ok, that explains where my comment disappeared in the last post. If you want the content of the blogpost, let me know, I have it in my mail, shall post it to you πŸ™‚

    Ah, dreams – I have a mix of all emotions. Tragedy, comedy, horrific, you name it and I have dreams of it. Most of the times I forget as soon as I wake up, but then I have a feeling that I have had the same dream many times πŸ™„ Almost like I am leading a parallel life πŸ™„

    • kya yaar..kahan kho jaati hai comments aur posts Visha 😦
      btw..Sahasra has sent me the post πŸ™‚

      hmm.. I also forget the dreams but not all.. I remember some weird ones..like these!! πŸ™‚

  9. aarya says:

    Dream-um Wakeup-um Critical Condition-um πŸ˜€
    I sometimes have weird dreams too…and then I talk in my sleep…I remember most of my dreams and I have observed that they are actually about something I saw or talked about or just had a fleeting thought.
    Once I slept while watching some tv program showing car crashes. I had talked to my dad before sleeping and he was driving back through the night from some other state after attending a marriage. I dreamt about his car crashing and woke up screaming around 3 in the night. S-Man held me while I trembled with fear. I called my dad to make sure he was back home safe and sound. Only then I could sleep again. I hate nightmares.
    I have some funny dreams too at times. I see my school, my school mates (even the guys I never talked to in school) and different weird things. And once I dreamt about me and Hrithik…ok..i should stop now.
    Sweet Dreamzzzz TPL πŸ™‚

    • perfect song for this post Aarya..wah!! wah!!

      Oh no.. these bad dreams about family members make us difficult to live far away from them no??

      OMG.. With Hrithik??? really Aarya?? hahahaha naughty gurl!!

      Sweet dreams to you too πŸ™‚

  10. chipmunk says:

    He he yours are funny!!! except for Pk 😦 😦 I dream like my boss fired me out of office 😦 😦

  11. My God those were some strange dreams that you mentioned..
    Dreaming of baby and all..ahem ahem is it a sign indicating some good news!

  12. anisnest says:

    include me in the wierd-dreamers club too.. Its M’s timepass to listen to my wierd-o dreams..

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