Crappy morning in beautiful weather

Mornings in Sydney have become so foggy since yesterday. Everyone is saying how bad the weather is, we cannot see anything from our window because of this fog, we cannot drive, we feel sleepy in this weather etc..etc.. but I am only the weird one in our office who is loving this weather. It’s so beautiful to see the high rise buildings half covered with fog, you cannot see the real height of these buildings. When I was in train this morning on the Harbour Bridge, I was not able to see anything except fog like clouds. Usually its Opera house, tall buildings, water, ships sailing in water the view from train window has changed.  It’s same like if you are in plane, all you can see from the window is clouds only and I just love that 🙂

Look at the pictures I took from my office window. First one is when there were double rainbows a few months ago and second one is today’s picture with fog 🙂


Now.. Why crazy morning???

So.. usually when I have to wash my hair in the mornings, I don’t do anything else like making tea or packing lunch boxes or anything like that because I have to spend more time in bathroom, washing, conditioning and then drying my hair. But today I thought, I will be able to manage my time. I washed & dried my hair, got ready AND also made Pavbhaji sandwiches from leftover Bhaji from last night.

PK was making his tea. I opened the dishwasher which is behind the stove to take out our lunch boxes to pack the sandwiches. As soon as I turned to keep the lunch boxes on bench top, PK turned to find the sieve with the tea pot in his hand and he clashed with the door of dishwasher which I had opened and before I turn to close it PK decided to clash in it!!:(

The tea fell on the dishwasher, on all the washed dishes, on the floor, on the white cupboards and it was all mess in a blink of an eye.  I packed the lunch boxes and went to keep them on the dining table in living room, by that time PK bought mop from the balcony & started moping the tea. The mop was dry which means the tea was spread all over with the loose black tea granules everywhere 😦

I saw the time, it was already 8.10 am. We left the messy kitchen in that state and left for work. I am already dreading going back home and cleaning all that mess. Oh and I forgot to mention, we are now  unable to close the dishwasher door properly 😦

But lucky that hot tea did not spill on PK or he did not fall down after clashing with the dishwasher door. So, all well. Phew!!

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14 Responses to Crappy morning in beautiful weather

  1. chipmunk says:

    arey chillax dear 🙂 you will move to new home right 🙂 will get new one 🙂 🙂 you are right, hot tea spilled on the floor if something happened, your time would have been zipped!!!!

    The look of the city is just awesome!!!!!! I like it, I will love to go for a walk on the early mist, I will inhale the mist and leave it out through mouth, giving a impression that I am smoking 😉

  2. Smita says:

    Hmmmm think about the last line that u have written & forgt the mess. Mess is there it won’t go away if you tihnk about it right? So just enjoy the weather 🙂

  3. Jazz says:

    Wow TP, those pics are beautiful. Double rainbow sounds so beautiful.. And I was fearing if the hot tea spilled on anyone of you, thank God it did not happen.. 🙂

  4. Nilu A says:

    Yup! Good that the tea didn’t spill on anyone.. Smile and enjoy the weather dear.. Amazing clicks…I’m a new blogger… Do visit my blog..

  5. What a beautiful view is that, Sydney is definitely on my travel list, hoping to visit sometime in near future..

  6. Visha says:

    Oh wow, the view is so pretty. Double thats another beauty 🙂

    So how did you manage to do the clean up at night?

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