PK & I.. Our colourful world :)

There were few incidents which I wanted to record here but last couple of weeks in the office have been the busiest weeks ever!  The only thing on my mind now is WEEKEND!!! Really..

Last to last week, on Monday, I came back from work tired and exhausted. Even though it was only Monday I felt like I have been working since one week. I kept complaining how my body aches and how I don’t feel like cooking anything and all but PK requested to cook fish for him for dinner!! *roll eyes!!*

Usually I feel happy that PK has requested something and I happily cook Non-Veg for him & veg for myself. That day actually I was in no mood to cook. I got angry on PK but did not say anything to him & cooked Dal-Rice & Fish fry for dinner while he was sitting on sofa and watching TV all the time!! BIL came from his work and joined us for dinner. After we had our dinner, BIL was taking all the dishes and glasses from dining table, I was cleaning the kitchen and here Mr. PK again was just relaxing and looking at us working  until I screamed from kitchen to help BIL in cleaning dining table and living room.

That’s not fair that I and BIL do the work while PK sits and looks at us. Also, I don’t want BIL to think anything bad about PK. I don’t want BIL to think he was cleaning the table while his elder brother was just sitting idle, I don’t want BIL to think that because his elder bro is letting him stay at his place, he has to do cleaning at his bro’s home.

On Tuesday morning, I told PK that it was not fair what he did and he accepted. I have learned this in our relationship that if we talk with each other about anything that is making us unhappy, it becomes easier to understand each other and resolve the matters rather than building it up for weeks and then one day after months it turns into a big fight, which is not good for any relationship.

In evening, PK went for grocery shopping after work, alone, before I come back & bought onions, garlic and coriander leaves. I asked him what happened to him suddenly?? He said he wanted to help me and he remembered that I was saying last night that we don’t have onions at home!!

A – He never goes grocery shopping alone but he went for me 🙂

B – He never prefers to go grocery shopping on week days but he did, just to make me happy 🙂

C –We did not have tomatoes, lemons and ginger at home but he did not bought instead he bought coriander which we had lots already but who will complain after seeing his initiative and efforts?? Definitely not me 😉

Oh wait…

He knows that I love shopping, whether it is grocery shopping or clothes shopping or even window shopping but still he went alone!! ALONE!! Why?? Why?? I guess.. I cannot stop cribbing huh?? LOL 🙂

 I love him more than a heart loves it’s beats, don’t have any other words to explain my love for him!! 🙂

Then on Wednesday, when I finished work, I called PK and told him that I was very hungry and we decided the menu. As soon as I reached home, I rushed to kitchen & started cooking, it’s then I realized PK was fasting as it was Wednesday & he has had his lunch, so he cannot eat dinner. I was angry on him why he did not remind me before? I usually don’t cook dinner for myself on Wednesdays and eat some fruits or any leftovers. I don’t like to cook specially for myself and eat alone, I just cannot do that 😦

He said – “It does not mean that if I am fasting, we cannot cook dinner for you!!”

He cooked Maggi with veggies for me and I fried Potato chips for him and we had dinner together, even though in separate plates 🙂

On Thursday, he took a day off from work. I know it will sound weird but I was really happy for him, I had double energy to work in my office knowing he is relaxing at home.

I texted him – “I feel so happy when we both eat dinner together but I feel unhappy when you are fasting & I have to eat alone. I feel so happy when you take a day off and relax at home but I worry for you when you are constantly running here and there with lots of work in office and meetings with our builders”

His reply – “I know you love me so much and you care for me but same way I also care for you and if you go to sleep without eating, just because of me I don’t like it. I love you” 🙂

Oh.. one more funny incident. Pk was sitting on his good old sofa and I was in the kitchen. He asked “Can you pass me one bhajiya please” I had the plate near me, I ate one and did not passed to him. He thought I will not. As soon as he turned his face to watch TV, I threw a bhajiya from kitchen to sofa and it flew in air and hit his cheek!!” OMG!! First I was scared if he will become angry but he burst into laughter and we bought laughed and laughed for half an hour till we got tummy ache!! It was so funny to see him shocked with the bhajiya hit. If he would have still been looking at me, I promise the bhajiya would have gone in his mouth!! LOL!!

Did I said I love this guy so much?? He makes me sad, he makes me happy, he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes all efforts just to make me happy, he can bring all colours in my life and apart from a colourful and happy life what else I want huh?? 🙂

Now I am missing PK.. let me call him 🙂 Have a good weekend folks!! 🙂

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10 Responses to PK & I.. Our colourful world :)

  1. greenboochi says:

    Awwww let this love stay forever TPPL 🙂

    It was just like reading the story of me reading the first incident and I cant agree more on communicating right on time!

  2. Sweet memories…. and I too totally adapt the talking and clearing the matter mantra…rather than keep it inside you and let it boil the individual and the relationship…

    and same pinch on the shopping thing, I too love all kind of shopping….be it for grocery, for cloths, road side, malls, online, for furniture, for foot wears etc etc. You got it right?

  3. aarya says:

    this was cute…some of these things just remind me of katthe-meethe moments I enjoy with S-Man.
    Stay blessed you guys 🙂

  4. Varsha says:

    Awww! So cute both of u r! God bless u! 🙂

  5. Nithya says:

    Hey you two share great chemistry! Keep rocking! 🙂

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