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Online shopping – Now a days it had become a trend.In my office we receive at least 10 parcels every day, all labelled with websites names. Dresses, shoes, hand bags, cosmetics, jewellery and God knows what everyone purchase online, even I have seen people receiving e-parcels of home decoration goods, microwaves, pillows and even lamp shades!!

My idea of shopping is to go into shops, look at the product you need to buy, look at other alternatives, touch the product and decide if I have to buy it or not. I cannot imagine myself searching on ebay or any other websites, looking at the picture of the products and then buying online and waiting for it to be delivered.

So, once I heard about heated eye-lash curler and I was so tempted to buy it that I started looking for it in all the shops be it drug store or high end cosmetic counters in malls but I cannot find it. My friend told me to try on ebay. Now, I was like online shopping….ehh..umm.. okie let me give it a try. Opened the website, searched for the curler, found the one which I wanted to try and clicked the purchase button. I had logged in using PK’s ID. For some reason I thought rather than buying this I will buy another one, I still have not entered the credit card details so it’s not a sale yeah?? Like that I clicked on few curlers but decided I will buy it later.

Next day, PK calls me in office – “Did you shopped on ebay??” I was like “NO”. He said – “I have received few emails confirming your purchases for heated eye-lash curlers.” I told him that I was browsing on the website but did not know that they are already purchased by me, I mean how does this happen?? I told PK to reply to the sellers that I clicked by mistake we don’t want them all. 😦

This was my first online shopping experience and I decided I won’t do online shopping. It’s so difficult!! I would rather go to a shop, buy my product and pay and come back home happily. All the time PK show me dresses online, I always deny saying we don’t know if that dress will fit fine or not. Then again there are problems in returning the dress and waiting for yet another 15 days for them to send the new dress. I am always worried what if I don’t like the quality of material?? What if I buy shoes online and it hurts me when I walk in those shoes?? There are so many “what ifs” in online shopping.

But now I am actually getting better. I ordered an eye-shadow and blush palate and a travel make-up brushes set for myself a month ago and I received it yesterday. I must say I am so happy with this purchase, I like all the shades in the palate and quality is also very good.

Also, few months ago PK bought couple of dresses for me online on I was so happy to see the quality of dresses, they fitted very well.  I have not tried buying shoes online yet.

Sometimes there are very good deals online to pass them, the prices are much cheaper than what we pay in shops. It’s just matter of experience I think, the more you browse on the websites, the more you read the reviews of the websites and their delivery timing and all, the easier it is to make decision.

So..What are your thoughts?? 🙂

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16 Responses to Online shopping

  1. I don’t shop online for clothes or shoes but I have bought home ware online. Most of the time I am happy with my purchase. I always find US sites are so cheap that sometime I am tempted to shop online but then give up mid way because I am not too sure about the sizes. Happy shopping gal.

  2. Jay says:

    You have inspired me to blog my version of online shopping. 🙂

  3. Snow says:

    I was also not very comfortable shopping online initially.. But, now I do a lot of it.. There are some drawbacks – sometimes things don’t turn out the way you wanted, sometimes you have to return and wait for the next delivery, etc… but once you start doing it and get used to the procedure, the experience is certainly good.. you do get better deals and often get stuff that is unavailable in stores.. S does a lot of online shopping – esp when he has to send gifts to close ones.. he is good at selecting them by just viewing the picture and he has a lot of patience to read the reviews too 🙂 Recently, he ordered a pair of glasses from a site – first time, there was a difference in power, he complained and returned it, the second time the power was alright, but a slight difference in axis made him feel uneasy after wearing it. He again complained – the site people sent some experts and they realized that they are not taking the axis info on their site and it is scope for improvement . They were very happy after they met S because of the suggestions on improvement he gave them.. This time, they took all the info and promised to make it properly… We are waiting for the delivery 🙂

  4. greenboochi says:

    I too started shopping online reluctantly an year ago.. first started with books and then a couple of dresses. Unless I get the best deal, I wouldnt jump into buying it online for all the reasons you stated.

    Your first experience must have left a bad taste 😦 I guess PK would have given his credit card details saved and thats why the purchases were made. Good that your make-up kit was good enough 🙂

  5. Jazz says:

    You know TP, my friends call me Queen of online shopping, I used to do lots of shopping online in last few years. But reduced now after getting duped sometimes like quality, size mismatch, higher prices etc etc. Now we buy something online only if there is a great deal. You know I recently bought a lovely boots for just $15 but its tight for me. 😐

    Btw, I tried your mutton curry with little mutton I had. It was very rich gravy and was a yummy mix of spices. 😉

  6. chipmunk says:

    I too don’t like this shopping activity in online! shelling some coins is something good when compared to getting the things by viewing the image!! I never opt online shopping for electronic goods! at times it will give you a product that will be hard to find in market! but what I will do is check their respective page without logging inside and make a firm decision and when I need it desperately I will buy, it will save you from fore said chaos 🙂

  7. I do lot of online shopping especially after Chucky is born, it’s so easy to find items online that spending hours on stores. For that matter we bought our old car online 🙂

  8. Visha says:

    I have used Flipkart to get books and a mobile once…apart from that no online shopping for me..takes away the ‘essence’ of toiling and getting what we want 😉
    My pa loves it though 🙂

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