A recipe – This is for you Pooja V :)

Before my wedding I never use to cook Non-veg, whenever we had to cook Non-veg, which is like four-five times a week, I use to be so happy that I will have a leave day from kitchen. I won’t go in kitchen to help Mum & Bhabhis in chopping onions or garlic, or to set the dining table or to cut the fruits and get them ready for serving after dinner or lunch. I won’t enter the kitchen if Mum is cooking any Non-Veg. Mum & I are the only odd one outs (from our whole family of 25 people) who are vegetarians by choice.

I have mentioned this before also that when PK & I met for first time, he promised me that he will not force me to cook or eat any Non-Veg nor I will force him to stop eating Non-Veg. I saw his love for NV dishes when we use to go to any Indian restaurants or any friend’s place, also when he had NV food at my home first time, he became a big fan. He said he has had NV dishes in so many restaurants in India as well as abroad but this is the best he has ever eaten in his life. And that’s when I decided I will ask my Mum for recipes and will prepare these dishes for PK some day.

I started with cooking Chicken, then seafood and then cooked Mutton one time when he had invited friend’s at home for dinner. One of his friend has become such a big fan of this Mutton that he invites himself at our place and ask me to cook Mutton for him and he loves it so much that he only eats the curry, No rice, No roti, just curry by itself. One time he even called next morning to ask if we have any curry leftover. We told him we have and I will prepare Biryani from leftover curry for him & PK. They both are best friends and his wife & I are best friends you can say. It’s like very close relationship, in fact they are constructing their house very near to our new house.

Anyways.. so let me share the recipe now, please do not count calories 😉

Sorry veggie people 🙂

Ingredients :

700 gms – Goat Meat with bone

300 gms  – Boneless Goat meat

4 tbsps – Ghee / clarified butter

Whole garam masala – couple of bay leaves, a stick of cinnamon, 4-5 green cardamoms, 1 black cardamom, 4-5 cloves, a star anise if you have. You can omit any or all whole garam masalas and add more garam masala powder if you want.

4 big onions chopped

1 tbsp – red Chilli powder (add less if you eat less spicy)

1 tbsp – minced garlic, ginger and a green chilli

2 tspns – Everest Meat Garam masala

1/4th cup  – tomato puree or 2 small tomatoes pureed. ( Don’t use too much tomatoes, gravy will taste much better with less tomatoes and more onions)

1 tbsp – yoghurt (if you have in fridge at that time otherwise you can skip this one)

Few sprigs of coriander and mint – chopped

Salt to taste

 Method :

1) First of all, try to buy fresh meat. The taste will be totally different with fresh one. I usually ask PK to buy 700 gms of meat with bone and 300 gms boneless. The curry will taste much better with bones but you can always cook with all boneless meat.

2) Heat ghee in the big wide pot. Add bay leaves, black cardamom, green cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon stick and a star anise.  Then add chopped onions, salt and fry till light golden brown.

3) Once the onions are brown, add red chilli powder and couple of spoons of water and switch off the flame.

4) Now take a whisk (non-electric one, the one which we use to beat eggs) and just whisk the onions so that they are little bit mashed.

5) Turn on the flame again. Add minced garlic, ginger, green chilli paste and fry till the raw smell of garlic goes away. Then add the meat and mix well.

6) Add salt,remember you had already added salt to onions so add just for meat and garam masala and mix. I usually use my Mum’s garam masala which she herself grinds at home and PK says that this masala makes the dish taste awesomely flavourful. But I sometimes use Everest Meat masala as well and I think PK likes that flavour too.

7) Now cover the pot, simmer the flame and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

8) Open the lid, add chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves and mix the curry. I like to add coriander and mint leaves when the curry is half cooked so that it absorbs the flavour and fragrance.

9) Now add tomato puree and mix it and again cover it and let it cook till the meat is tender.

10) Once you think it is cooked, add yoghurt and mix. Most of the times the gravy is already there so no need to add water. No need to cook for long time after adding yoghurt, call your hubby for taste test.

11) Garnish with coriander leaves before serving and don’t forget to take our bay leaves & cinnamon sticks before serving.

Tastes best with parathas or Brown onion rice. One more tip, you can use chicken instead of goat meat.

I am so used to preparing this dish that by its fragrance I understand if it is missing anything. PK is always proud of me when his friends ask him – “How your wife cook these dishes even though she has never tasted Non-Veg, how she knows what spices will taste good in NV curries??”

My Mum never use to praise for my cooking skills in front of any relatives nor PK raves about it in front of his friends, even though his friends rave about some or other things about their wives. My Mum & PK, both say that rather than we praise about your dishes we want people to taste your cooked meals and then they appreciate your skills that will make us happier. Sorry for being “Apne muh miah mithu”.

Alright so.. Please do not forget to write a word to me and let me know how it taste if you cook this recipe at home. I have tried my best to explain the recipe but let me know if you have any questions, happy to help 🙂 Pooja V happy??? 🙂

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16 Responses to A recipe – This is for you Pooja V :)

  1. Jazz says:

    Hey dear TP, it sounds so delicious. Though I eat non veg, I never cooked and Ims loves mutton in every form and I learnt for him.

    Though I use the same ingredients, your method is different, I’ll definitely try it next time.

    Even my MIL makes garam masala but it is finished and I use store bought one.

    You are right TP, fresh mutton’s taste itself is different, Ims is expert in choosing good meat. 😀

  2. greenboochi says:

    I will give this recipe a miss… but then.. I am sure it tastes great! I couldnt bring myself to touch chicken or mutton or even see the raw ones close enough. S declines immediately when I say I would atleast try to make something NV though he loves to eat it.

  3. Hey, nice post bout cooking which I feel is such a tough nut to crack. m soo bad in d kitchen.
    PS Kindly unspam me having issues with WP

  4. Pooja says:

    Thanks a Ton TPPL. I will definitely try this coming weekend and let u knw. I am sure PK must me licking his fingers after every morsel of food. Lucky him 🙂

  5. Visha says:

    aha..same pinch on so many levels 🙂
    I make Zack marinate the meat and never taste the dish, it always comes perfect 😀
    This recipe ‘smells’ good N..should try it out 🙂

  6. Pooja says:

    I tried this recipe last weekend it was a huge hit at home. Thanks to u for a wonderful wonderful recipe. I am sure our family will always enjoy this lovely mutton.


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