I was smiling after reading all the comments on Friday, actually your comments made me feel so much better and you all gave me company while I was alone at home sick, so thank you for that girls πŸ™‚

Regarding my nails and fingers, I was surprised how everyone noticed this. Many of my friends also say I have nice hands and feet and what I do to take care of them? I joke with them that I knead the dough regularly so that hands become very soft but frankly speaking I don’t do anything apart from applying hand-cream in office that too if I feel my skin has become dry. I think this is God’s gift, my face skin is not very good, I have acne problem but at least he gave me nice hands and fingers so thank you God for that πŸ™‚

Saturday morning when I woke up, I was feeling better of course because PK was with me. We had breakfast and went to check out the house construction. While returning we were so hungry, it was already 3.00 in afternoon so we stopped at the place called Pancakes on the rocks which is famous for its pancakes but since we wanted to eat something savoury we both ordered pizzas and garlic bread for us. We were too full by the time we reached home. PK dozed off as soon as we reached home, I was watching TV and relaxing for a while. We then finished our weekend chores so that we are free on Sunday without any tension of household work.

We went to city on Sunday to attend some seminar. You know those holidays seminars, they ask you to be member of their club and all that. Actually my manager is a member and she recommended my name to them. PK & I were sure that we are not going buy the membership as of now because we already have other financial commitments but still we went and attended the seminar for 100 AUD gift card and 1000 AUD worth of holidays accommodation vouchers which is not bad I guess πŸ˜‰

Then, we went to this Thai restaurant called β€œChilli Cha Cha” where I had yummy stir fried veggies in chilli-basil sauce with jasmine rice and green tea and PK had stir fried chicken and veggies with rice and a beer of course. Then, I had macadamia and caramel gelato, sat near the water fountain for a while, watched kids playing in the water and then we returned to our home sweet home.

Have I told you that story when we went for our honeymoon and I forced PK to eat ice-cream with me? He had one ice-cream just to make me happy & as soon as we reached our hotel he fell sick with fever. Since then I never force him to eat ice-cream, I know it does not suits his body, so I had my ice-cream alone:)

Anyways.. so after returning again PK took a nap while I was watching TV. He woke up after an hour, we cooked dinner, watched TV and I went to sleep because I was tired but Mr. PK was wide awake till 11.30 watching IPL until I told him, oh no no.. not told him actually I just acted to tell him to switch off the lights and go to sleep.

Here I am today, in the office feeling relaxed and happy and ready to welcome this week. Hope this week is happy, relaxing and full with positive energy for all of us πŸ™‚

How was your weekend friends??

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6 Responses to Weekend..

  1. Pooja says:


    Nice to knw tht u r feeling better. Ur weekend was fun weekend. btw @ ur acne u shud try the clinique acne solutions products. they hv a facewash, a toner n facecream. I use it n i lovee the results. They inac have all cosmetics in oil free range but try the facewash etc before u buy other products. Sm ppl also rave abt proactive products but i hv no personal experience with them so cant say nething.


    • yeah I have heard about Clinique and Proactive products but never tried them. I have consulted doctor and the treatment is going on because it has been years since I had this problem. I can see the results.

      btw.. I have posted the recipe requested by you πŸ™‚

  2. Smita says:

    Hope u r fully recovered now!!

    Even we went yesterday to check the status of our flat πŸ™‚

    And those holiday selling schemes are something that I am yet to attend. Have been caleld twice thrice but never felt like going!! But hey you got some gifts & vouchers not a bad deal at all!!!!

    • yep back to Normal Smita, Thanks πŸ™‚

      I was also thinking should I go or not but then we thought we will have nice lunch at near by Thai restaurant and also the gift card and vouchers were also attracting us πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like a relaxing weekend, and of course you deserve it. Hope you are feeling better..I am not a fan of those time share presentation but those gifts sounds exciting. I love Thai food, my fav is Pad Thai and fried rice. PK can’t eat ice cream I cannot believe that ..but then you can eat all that ice cream πŸ™‚ eat his share too..

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