PK got graduated in Australia – ON WEDNESDAY

PK got his first job in Australia – ON WEDNESDAY

PK got his permanent residency in Australia – ON WEDNESDAY

PK got married (of course with me) – ON WEDNESDAY

PK got his citizenship in Australia – ON WEDNESDAY

Mostly all major things in PK’s life have happened on Wednesdays. All by chance, not purposely planned.

Why??  Because when he was in his teen age, a pandit (priest) told PK that if he will fast on every Wednesday and eat only green beans and roti once a day, no white food to be eaten like yoghurt, rice, also no onion, no garlic, then he will achieve whatever he wants, if he does not gets results in 4 weeks he can stop doing his Wednesdays. He was struggling with his studies and work and fees tensions here and when on his fourth Wednesday he got his result, he started believing in this.

He has been doing Wednesdays since 10-12 years now. I have many times asked PK to do Wednesday fasting for limited time like maybe 21 Wednesdays or 51 Wednesdays but stop after that. That does not mean God will not keep us happy. But his reason is that whatever big thing that has happened in his life is all on Wednesdays and he just does this to thank God for keeping us happy and helping him in all paths of his life. I agree that because he has got results for doing this fast.

Now, you might don’t know that MIL & FIL are so much in pooja-aarti and mannats and pandits and all that even if PK or BIL has to decide a date on which they should give a particular exam or they should sign some papers like buying property or buying a car or anything, MIL & FIL will go to pandit and ask which is the best date to sign or buy anything!! If there are any obstructions coming on the way when we are planning to do something, be it just buying tickets or waiting in the market to get an auto, first thing MIL will do is “Mannat” which means like if I will get these tickets I will buy 2 KGs of sweets and donate in temple or I will go to this temple and do this pooja.

When they saw TV broken, they said if Samsung people will exchange it MIL will go to this temple and do that pooja.  If BIL will pass in his IELTS exam, MIL will fast for three Thursdays and on fourth one she will do big pooja and donate fruits in temple. When we told them we bought this land, MIL said I have been praying to God and now I will finish this “Mannat” and do this and do that. When PK or BIL is sick there will be some other exchange offers with GOD.

While FIL believes in totally different things like Reiki, spiritual healings, angels, guardian angels, tree of God and so many other things which I had never heard of when I was not married to PK. Even I have heard that it’s very easy to brainwash FIL, if a pandit meet him on road and asks for big money like 10,000 rupees for a pooja, he has done that as well. At the same time, FIL knows homeopathy medicine so he has prepared so many medicines for so many of our relatives and neighbors without any charge and even paid couriers to send these medicines, you already have limited money then why to spend thousands on pandits and free medicines and it’s couriers?? I mean free medicines are good thing to do but not when you & your family members are struggling financially.

I respect everyone’s beliefs but I don’t believe in all this, I am in oppose of exchange offers with God. I am in oppose of spending unwisely on pandits while family is struggling. I am in oppose of fasting when you are very busy whole day, working very hard and when you return home after long day at work, you are dying due to hunger, you cannot sleep due to hunger BUT you will not eat anything because a pandit has told you that God will become happy if you do this!! Well, I don’t think God will be happy, does God wants us to do all this and then only in return he will give what we want or he will keep us happy if we struggle for a day or two in a week??

To each his own, I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings here, I respect everyone’s beliefs, till now I have not complained to MIL or FIL about why they do these exchange offers, they have their own belief and so do I. I do believe in God, I do believe in thanking the almighty, the super power above us every day for everything we have but not by exchange offers and fasting and mannats and following any priests advise and paying them huge money for that.

What are your thoughts??

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12 Responses to Wednesday!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    fasting is one thing I don’t like 😦 my aunt and uncle will not eat on saturday nights!! I firmly believe that god din’t come all the way down and tell, arey ppl you be like this, I will give you what you want. Though this starts for good cause, I believe there is a selfishness within ourself which will make us to think that we only think him when obstacle comes and as Economic says, humans wants are ever growing!! will happen to god tooo!!! I will say the effort I put, the fruit I got, may be god will be there to support us all time! to my belief god never gives bad wishes for any individual! ! its all the sub conscious mind that kindles people to think.
    God has given everything for us to enjoy! its upto us to decide what to do and what not!! I believe that, if I eat three times a day, I can help one farmer to grow his next feed. I don’t say this is a crap idea, but believing in a pandit, who is also a fellow being is something like u don’t believe on yourself and just because that guy says, you will lose the confidence in you. one cannot think and give his input to his activity. its something an alternative of you!!!

  2. Visha says:

    For me, everything – right from important dates to house numbers to rooms which we check in to every possible event has to be associated with the number 3. Everything happening on a certain day or associated with a date is just coincidence, I do not believe it is the ‘fruit’ of fasting or any mannat. My inlaws are very particular about the rahu-ketu phase, for every thing big or small they will follow that. It is irritating, but we just go with the flow – following it when they say in their presence, cause its no use being confrontational, if we are alone we do not care about anytime or day to make a purchase to do anything 😆 :mrgreen:

  3. Snow says:

    My thoughts are same as yours dear 🙂 I totally concur with what you said about believing in God.. If you are good to people in your life, if you are taking good care of them, if you are taking care of yourself too, only then the Almighty will be happy 🙂 There are people who ask mannat in my family too, but they have their own reasons.. My mother does it sometimes out of worry for us.. I believe its ok to do that at times, but certainly not at the cost of your family’s and your well-being.. You need to provide to yourself and your family first.. Only, then what mannats you are asking make sense..

  4. Jazz says:

    Completely agree with you TP, my Mom is too religious but does not go overboard. You are right, it is important to respect other’s views and beliefs but I don’t like it when people think they are right and we must follow what they say.

  5. shaktii says:

    Hi Tpp,

    iam yet to catch your posts from your india story..going der right now..
    just wanted to say a big hiiii ….hope u enjoyed the trip.. keep in touch!!

  6. I don’t believe in fasting either, I have written a post something on similar lines.. I don’t interfere with others thoughts, because each one of us believe what we are doing is right.. So Wednesday is a big day for PK huh??

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