India ki kahani – Good Bye!!

Apart from complaining about neighbors and relatives MIL kept asking us every now & then if they can come with us to live here forever!! The type of excuses she made –

·        # We will help in your house work. FIL will do gardening in new house and I will help you with cooking & cleaning!! (yeah right!! I saw that while they were here for 5 weeks!!)

·        # We will sell this property & give you money to do business. Now if you will do business you will need help our also. You cannot do it alone so we will come there to help you.

·        # This Aunty & Uncle went to London to live with their son & DIL and those people went to US to live with their son.

·        # It will be more fun if we live together.

·        # I always wake up in middle of night after the dream that you guys have given “the good news” & we have to come their ASAP to look after you guys!!

·        # We feel very lonely here, no one talks with us and there are so many problems here!!

All this time PK & my mouth was zipped. We did not replied!!


I went downstairs one morning to get some water, PK was still sleeping in bed-room upstairs. First thing MIL asked me when she saw me in kitchen was – “What did your Mum gave you as gifts when you were there for festivals, your birthday & also you went after so long time. That Aunty was saying to me that your DIL will get lots of gifts (gold jewellery, clothes, money!!) from her Mum!!”

I like suddenly woke up from my half sleep!! I told her I won’t tell you if you & that Aunty are going to measure my parents’ status and all. I did not went to collect money from my parents, by God’s grace my husband & I earn well & I don’t have to ask anyone for money & jewellery & clothes. We can manage our own. She said “Oh.. I was just asking generally, I also don’t like that Aunty you know..” I just said roughly what my Mum bought for me and then said I don’t remember properly & left the kitchen. But I am regretting now why I even said that. But I am sure she would have called my Mum & asked her if I would not have told her!!


Our return to Sydney flight was from Ahmedabad. So we drove to the Ahmedabad. All the way MIL kept warming my ears with questions. Where have you kept this? What jewellery are you taking with you? What is this spot on your chin?? (its black spot which she thought is some pimple mark or God knows what!!) Are your luggage bags new?? From where you purchased? Is this Nail-paint new??  aaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggg………………….

On the way, we stopped at PK’s Uncle’s & Auntie’s place to meet them. Here is one of the conversations between Auntie, me & MIL. This was just before we were about to leave for airport.

Auntie – TPPL, last time when you came to India alone.. Why you did not came here to meet us??

Me – Auntie, I came here to see my sick Mum for few days and also PK was not with me &  I had very few days with me so could not come.

MIL to Auntie – you know even with us she stayed for 5 days only!!

Auntie – yeah but she can come to meet us just for an hour naa.

MIL – ask her, why she did not stayed with us for few more days..

Me – My Mum was sick, I came alone without PK to meet her. I still stayed with you first 5 days & did not saw my Mum for whom I had travelled from that far.

MIL – Yaa yaa whatever.. our house is first, we are first.. Everything else should be after that..

Me – !! stunned & mute !!

In my heart I was crying thinking – you are last, you always will be last, your house is last, my Mum is first and always will be more important than you.. I was literally crying from inside..

Whole incident PK was not there.

At the airport, PK & I were like feelingless. Did not even hugged them..just waved them Good-bye.. VERY VERY Good-bye..

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19 Responses to India ki kahani – Good Bye!!

  1. Every time I read your encounter with your in-laws i feel sad.

  2. chipmunk says:

    Come on cheer up!!! your mil is known for this!!! and your mil relative is just a mirror for her!!! 5 days is not enough for her!! she needs more! darn! take me to her, I will show how bad I am to her, than she being to you!! Living with you!!!! I will scream a big no!!! man the house meant to have a sweet and happy memories!! and nothing else!!

  3. kuttysmiles says:

    Really i don’t know how u managed her. She did all kinda of MIL stuffs wen she was in Aussie and yet she is asking you guys to take her to ur new house??? My god how did she get that idea, she should feel ashamed for asking 😦 Really feeling for u 😦 TC 🙂

  4. Smita says:

    I wrote a comment and it was eaten up 😦

    It is beyond me how can parents be so greedy!!! See I am all with In Laws staying with us (mine stay with me) but intentions shud be good! And in ur case it is evident that is not there!!! Sheesh!!!

    • Smita I am same too.. as you might know I come from joint family of 25 people.. all my cousins, bua, chachis whatever you say live in joint family after their wedding & I also love to live with people around me.. but not with people like these(my MIL!!).. 😦

  5. MomWithaDot says:

    After reading this post, I looked up the title and thought to myself, “It should be Good Riddance not Good bye!!” LOL!! These kind of people I tell you, the farther away they are, the better.

  6. I am so sorry to hear you had to go through all theses , I am glad your back home and away from them. I hate when relatives crib that we don’t meet them, when you are there for few days it should be your call whom to meet and not also in your case your motive was to see your sick mom..

  7. Jazz says:

    I am shocked at the first excuse, I still remember how you used to slog in kitchen when they came here. Don’t entertain at all. Phew! Glad that you somehow passed those days calmly and are back now with other great memories. 🙂

  8. Visha says:

    Phew. Just finished reading all the parts of the story. What I would suggest is hang on the happy memories spent with your family and not dwell upon the ones spent with your in-laws. As it is clearly evident from the selling of the TV as scrap that they do not give two hoots to your efforts and your thoughts, do not ever feel sad because of their behavior. And as you told, its a month since you returned right, so now focus all your thoughts and energies on the task at hand – the construction of your new nest 🙂

    That reminds me, whats the status of your BIL? Did he find a place?

  9. diatriblog says:

    Don’t make that mistake! Don’t feel sorry for them and agree to them moving in. From your posts I can almost predict that you will be miserable. Try to make excuses so that their feelings won’t be hurt and you will get what you want (or rather you won’t get what you don’t want :P)

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