India ki kahani – PK’s birthday with his parents!!

Last two days of our time in India, we reached at in-laws place in the morning and suddenly like everything became quite, dull, no energy, no happiness. Like all the fun we use to have back at my place came to an sudden end.  PK, I, FIL & MIL, we all sitting in one room thinking who will start the conversation. FIL started with some normal questions like how everyone in my family was & how our travel and all we just replied in on sentences. And then the phone rang – “We will be leaving for domestic travel in couple of hours, can we meet ASAP and especially my wife wants to meet TPPL very badly, she does not wants to miss this chance ”

And we left for their place within just one hour. The place was our friend’s parents’ place. They were here in Sydney last year when we met them for first time. The love that Aunty gives me, her words make me feel so special, you can clearly say that they love me& PK very much. We clicked pictures with them, had some snacks, chatted with them & again returned to that same place where we were confused what to do now??

Day passed like that. For PK MIL had cooked Non-Veg curry & for me Daal & Bhindi sabji. I swear to my God, my Daal smelled like Non-veg curry. I cannot eat more than one spoon, I was feeling as if I am eating same dish that PK is eating & Bhindi had no salt in it. I swear to my God I am not lying.

Anyways.. then MIL said they had to buy some new gate lights and all so we all went to buy them new lights. MIL said she has baked a cake for PK’s birthday but because she has baked it yesterday she wants PK to cut it today otherwise the cake may get putrid by tomorrow. We cut the cake, the picture is below. PK & I were really happy on this gesture.

Next day was PK’s birthday. Since morning I was bugging MIL to go out and buy some cake & gift for PK, to plan some one day trip to go somewhere and have fun but she did not give any importance. Till 7.00 pm in evening we all were at home, doing nothing. It did not looked like in-laws were excited that their son was celebrating his birthday with them after 12 long years that too his 30th birthday!! Tell me, if my parents would have came to wish PK, they would have been shocked to see the atmosphere at in-laws place.

I got this idea and  started complaining PK that he is not giving any party for his birthday, let us all go out and at least have nice dinner (leave the cake cutting and all) and also I had to buy some gift for our Greek Parents as well. So thanks to God that in-laws agreed and we went to a cafe just to have a pizza and hot chocolate. It was still 9.00 pm when we came out of cafe but I wanted to enjoy more.. do something more so that PK feels it’s his birthday.

I ran to the theater opposite cafe and saw there was a 9.00 pm show of Himmatwala (first day of movie) and luckily tickets were available. Bought four tickets for us and called in-laws to come upstairs and we all went to see the movie. After coming out they were so happy, they kept saying PK “See, finally we enjoyed on your birthday, you will remember it when you will go back to India” & no credit to me at all!!

Anyways.. next whole day was passed in listening to complaints from MIL. “This neighbor is not good, these relatives are very bad, they said this & then we said this and blah.. blah..” Not only next day but all of our stay they had only one topic – “No one likes us, they don’t call us, they don’t talk with us, they have expectations from us..” Oh God!!

Ok.. let me end this post with some sweetness!!


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15 Responses to India ki kahani – PK’s birthday with his parents!!

  1. I am glad you made it memorable. cake looks awesome, is that almonds on top ??

  2. Glad you were able to go out for dinner and movie:) Belated birthday wishes to both of you 🙂

  3. MomWithaDot says:

    I really wish your parents or someone had to come wish PK – I would’ve loved an outsider to GIVE it to them royally. Well, maybe someday…….! Yummy Cake tho’

  4. Jazz says:

    Belated birthday wishes and Yummy cake 😛 and good that you could make it special for PK. 🙂

  5. chipmunk says:

    belated wishes for both 🙂 🙂 for this you ppl could have been there in your home!! atleast that guy would have been happy 😦 though a corner feel he may had that he couldn’t celebrate with his parents! eh ! but the pain will be like a ant struggling in a big sack of sugar!! luckily you got the tickets and made a smile to bud in his face!! happy that way!!!

  6. Smita says:

    Good that ultimately u managed to make the day special for him!!!

    And all said n done that cake looks good 🙂

  7. kuttysmiles says:

    Belated bday wishes for Pk 🙂 Atleast she made a cake for him 😛 and it’s looking yummyyy

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