India ki kahani – TV!! TV!! TV!!

I know many of you were waiting to read the story about the TVs we bought from Dubai for in-laws & my parents.

So.. what happened is that my Dad asked me to buy 50 inch LED for him from Dubai as it is cheap there and of course he kept asking me to promise him that I will take the money from him for TV. We agreed!! But unfortunately we could not buy 50 inch one, it was out of stock so I bought 32 inch for my Dad, he wanted small one as well for his shop. Also bought 40 inch LED for in-laws as MIL kept saying indirectly how others have LED and they don’t. (Also it was a trick to make them happy while we were there, so that they let us live there peacefully ;-))

You have to know the amounts to really know what happened. We bought TVs for 25000 Indian Rupees each. Not much difference in cost of both TVs. Then, we paid extra luggage to check them in at Dubai airport, we paid 16000 INR for that. Then, when we reached India we paid 1000 INR for 40 inch one for duty(under the table).

After 4 days, MIL called us & said that their TV was broken and asked if it is same with my Dad’s TV but fortunately Dad’s TV was alright. In the beginning we all were tensed, what to do, we called Samsung customer care as we had International warranty as well & all that. But could not do anything. So, we asked them to repair it. Now.. the repairing cost was another 20,000 INR.

According to PK if we have spent this much(25000 + 8000 + 1000),it is still cheaper than what we would have paid in India. In India, same TV costs 66,000 INR. So, PK said let us spend 20,000 INR extra and repair it as we did not had any other choice. Many people asked us to just throw it away!!

If we throw it away it, it will be like throwing away all that money we spend on that TV & if we repair it it will be almost same as we pay in India, although it will be not be the brand new one then but at least in-laws will have that TV and our life will be bit easy.

So, PK told the in-laws to get it repaired & we left for Australia. As we reached Australia, we got email from PK’s Dad that they have sold the TV in scrap for 5000 INR!!

This was a big shock to PK. He was not happy that they made the decision, did not even asked the opinion of the person who has spend so much of his hard earned money, they did not got that repaired( we were to pay for repair, not they!!)

\And now we again will have to spend all the money(about 66,000 INR) to buy them new TV, which we are not prepared now as we are building our own house and we have other commitments as well..

So.. there people.. just for the greed of getting 5000 INR the TV was sold as scrap!! 😦

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15 Responses to India ki kahani – TV!! TV!! TV!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    How is PK 😦

  2. chipmunk says:

    I will scold you ppl only!!!! u could have bought the tv in India instead 😦 😦 waste of money!!! these people will never noe the values eh!!! 5000 as scrap for new tv!!! I would have jumped over your MIL If i were u!!!!

    • arey but we bought from Dubai to save money, we did not knew that this thing will happen..

      come and jump on her now please 😦

      • chipmunk says:

        hmmm!!! that’s true!! but if I am very sure near your in law home, I would have sprang upon !!! damn ppl, haven’t even think how bad will their son will feel!!

  3. Smita says:

    Bloody Helll!!! 5k main scrap main???? Sheesh!!! such a criminal waste of money… they not value money ? And I agree with chipmunk in way!!!

    You shud buy these things infront of them so that they know how much u r paying for them. And how the hell did it break in the 1st place?

    • because it was our money, maybe that’s why they did not cared about it!!

      Frankly speaking we don’t know.. it broke in the flight or in the car or at the in-laws place.. we don’t have any idea.. 😦

  4. I m feeling so bad for u guys and so angry at ur inlaws. I m sorry but what kind of people they are, (I have been reading your blog from quite a while and everytime you share something about them make them cringe). PK must be feeling so upset. Smita is right, you should spend money on them in front of them only.

    • “You have lot of money.. you spend a lot.. we can buy a car, solar heating system or air conditioner, every one has one except us” – If we spend in front of them this is what we have to face 😦

  5. Jazz says:

    When I read that even after repair costs, it is less than thr price in India, I got relieved that it is fine. Selling TV for only 5000 Rs. ??? I’m shocked really. Do show them your displeasure and how much money you guys had to waste. So bad, I think you both should keep whining for some days that you cherished that gift and they made it a waste and how much expenses you have here but still bought them something and they did not care blah blah. Don’t ignore or be calm. :-@

  6. I cannot believe they did it, my inlaws never do anything major without discussing with my hubby, I keep away from all these because I have enough things to handle at my end.

    But this kind if behavior from parents looks wired to me especially because it was a gift, hard earned money of yours and the effort you spent to get them to India. Sounds very disturbing.

  7. aarya says:

    by God..your in-laws are straight out of ekta kapoor’s serial…no matter how much you do, they never seem to value it…you should definitely show your displeasure and next time when they demand something, remind them of this incidence. Least they could do was ask you guys before taking the decision.

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