India ki Kahani – Indore visit

Nothing like your own home!! Really.. the environment, the surroundings, family, bedroom, your own bed, even bathroom, I  was feeling so much relaxed and safe at my own home. Not that I don’t feel safe here but you know the feeling that you have so many people around you who love you unconditionally.

Anyways.. so we reached my home, met everyone, relaxed for two days & third day we were going to Indore to meet my Didi (Mum’s sister) & also to meet my sister’s fiancé. The train was at 10.30 at night, we called a cab to pick us up from home to railway station. As soon as we reached the station we came to know that trains are running late for 3 hours. 3 HOURS!!! So.. I & PK and Mum & Dad we were all sitting at the platform & eating Angoor rabdi (YUMM!!) and waiting for the train. I had the spiciest Vada-Pav ever at the station & this is when I start feeling burn in my throat & started coughing & could not breathe & all that.. It was so difficult, Dad went to buy me some vanilla ice-cream, PK bought chocolate & water for me but by then my throat was getting worst & I felt like throwing up. The station was so crowded due to delays in trains, everyone started looking at me so Dad asked me to go with him to rest rooms. Without thinking anything I followed my Dad & when I turned behind I saw PK standing there with my Mum. I could see clearly even from the tears in my eyes because of coughing that he is confused. He wanted to come with me but I was going with Dad. He wanted to follow me to see if I am Ok but he does not wanted my Mum to be sitting alone in tension along with the entire luggage.   So, I told Dad that I was feeling bit better & I do not want to go to rest room.

Anyways.. We passed our time chatting & clicking pictures. As soon as we boarded the train, we all went to sleep. After 2 or 3 hours, the train had stopped at some station, I woke up & peeped from the window, it was PK’s Mum & Dad’s city. We had reached Baroda!! And then PK jumped from the upper birth with his blanket, I thought he came to sit with me for a while & also because it was his city and all that but suddenly I saw PK all shivering & saying I am feeling very cold, I could see him in terrible condition, shivering, eyes red and all. I just took out my blanket & few extra sheets we had all on him. I just could not understand what to do. Feeling bit guilty I woke up my Mum & Dad, my Dad jumped from his seat within 2 seconds, in half sleep, without wearing any footwear he ran to get some hot tea for him but the train starting moving.

He shouted at the tea stall person to run & give the tea, he will be double. While PK was drinking tea I was massaging his feet. Dad went to TC and asked him to slow down AC, it was very cold. And the unbelievable thing for me was Dad bought that thing which works wonders in this type of situation, which we carry almost everywhere we go but just forgot this time. Mustard Oil!! Yes, massage with mustard oil on head, hands & feet & then wearing the socks on it brings the warmth in the body. I massaged PK first & he was feeling better on the spot.

Then I massaged my Dad’s head with it & to tell you the truth I felt my Dad’s head is no longer the same as it used to be before when I use to massage him. It has become different like you can see he is getting bit old. Anyways.. so I massaged my Mum’s feet as well who was sitting & watching us from the middle birth, she could not come down easily because of her knee pain. So, everything was OK then & my Dad asked PK to lie down next to me on my seat. PK was sleeping but I could not sleep. I was worried for PK if he would be alright by morning, how he will be comfortable at my relative’s place. I was feeling guilty of waking my Mum-Dad up for PK, I know PK is their child too, but I cannot explain that feeling. I was scared if MIL will come to know this, she will taunt my parents that they do not take care of PK & all like thousands of thoughts were running in my mind. Till today PK has not told anything about this to his parents. He knows what their reaction will be.

Next day morning we reached Indore, PK had fever at that time. Didi’s BIL came to pick us up from the station. As soon as I saw him I could not hold my tears. He looked the same as Didi’s husband. While he was driving, I at the back seat of car could not stop crying because I was feeling this was Jiju’s voice and not his brother’s.  When we met Didi at her home, I could not believe my eyes. She has lost so much weight, she was looking very dull & poor kids have become like mute.

For few hours the atmosphere was not good but then PK again was not feeling good. He was in and out of wash room every 15 minutes. I can see he was becoming weak. Mum gave him some medicines but no good. We had lunch & rested for a while.

In the evening we all went to this nice garden restaurant. The idea was to bring Didi out of home for a while, to bring some change in her mood. After hours of request she finally agreed when PK requested her. It was fun there watching the magic show, puppet show and Rajasthani dances, doing horse rides & camel rides. We all went to have dinner then. We all were sitting down in half circle & we were served awesome Rajasthani food loaded with Ghee. The service was just awesome, they will come & stand next to you & wave hand fans so that you can eat peacefully. When they came to know that PK is here for first time & he is special guest(Jamai & all) waiters forced him to eat but poor PK because of his upset tummy could not eat at all. Then they gave sweets to everyone to feed their partners. I fed PK & PK fed me. My Mum fed Dad & Dad fed my Mum. Same with Didi’s BIL & his wife. When the waiter went to Didi, he saw that her partner is not here & they are very regular in that restaurant.  He said “Kyun aaj Sethji ko nahi laaye?? Yeh lo unke hisse ka aap kha lo” which converts like “Why you have not bought Sir(Didi’s husband) with you today?? Do one thing, you eat on his behalf as well!!”

As soon as he said that we were all in statue mode. No one could eat a single bite after that. Didi was eating papad & tears were rolling down her cheeks. She did not react but we were not able to eat then, somehow we all sat there for a while & left the place.

That whole night PK was in & out of washroom, he was terribly sick. Next morning we had to go to the doctor. Luckily Didi’s elder BIL is a doctor so PK went to see him. Then we all went at my sister’s fiance place for lunch. There house is beautiful, the people were nice & sister’s fiance was even nicer, the food they served was amazingly delicious. We all had fun time there.

More later?? 🙂

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12 Responses to India ki Kahani – Indore visit

  1. chipmunk says:

    more later??? but sooner 🙂 🙂 all of a sudden why a mixed feeling for PK. and never feel guilt for waking up mum and dad, u ppl are always so special for them 🙂 🙂 they adore you, so this won’t be a prob at all 🙂 🙂 chillax 🙂 🙂

  2. Jazz says:

    Oh no PK fell so sick uh. Hugs to your Didi. It is great that you could meet everyone. Loving this series. 🙂

  3. raji says:

    Lovely series. Missed you while you were in India, but all that is getting compensated with the India trip blog series.

  4. So sorry to hear PK fell sick, hope he is good now.

    I love the train journeys in India , I love trying those food 🙂

    Hugs to your Didi and kids,its never easy to console them with any words,hope they learn to live their own.

  5. MomWithaDot says:

    It is such a coincidence that even as I began reading this post, I was wondering how your Didi was coping and how did you manage facing her after what happened. Gosh! my heart goes out to her – Time is the best healer, they say. Praying for her peace and courage.

    Sorry to hear PK fell sick 😦 Drinking water boiled and cooled at home beats mineral water, aquaguard and everything else – after two kids, mom’s get to know solutions to half the world’s problems……….well, almost! 😀

  6. kuttysmiles says:

    Pk got Sick 😦 oh sorry to hear this and hope he got better after seeing the doc 🙂
    God will be there with ur Didi and pls dont worry 🙂
    Oh yeah Give us moreeee…Eager waiting 🙂

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