India ki kahani – Flight experience

We flew Emirates this time for our India travel. Sydney to Dubai was the worst flight I have ever traveled. Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines or even China Air will be best Airlines if compared to Emirates. For the 14 hours long flight, they only served breakfast & a pide!! Just imagine, checking in at 3.00 am early morning, catching a 6.00 am flight, eating breakfast at 9.00 am in flight & then lights are turned off & you have nothing to do just sleep or watch movies!! After 6-8 hours you will be served a small vegetarian pide with juice, tea or coffee & that’s all. I was starving like hell in the whole flight.(Or I eat way too much??)

We had 10 hours transit in Dubai. Hotel transfer, meals & accommodation were provided by Emirates. I had to get transit Visa as I am still an Indian passport holder while PK has Australian passport so it was easier for him to go out of the Airport. I must say Dubai Airport staff is one of the most unorganized staff I have ever seen!!  You go at one counter to ask the process, they will send you to another counter.. Go to that counter they will ask you to go to another counter!! We wasted our one and half hour like that at Airport. I know people say Emirates is best airlines & Dubai Airport is one of the best but my experience was not good with both. Yeah, Airport was no doubt very beautiful but staff was very unorganized & irresponsible!!

Anyways.. We reached our hotel, threw our cabin luggage & went downstairs to have food. Again, food smelled exactly like Airplane meal, you just could not eat it!!

Then we hired Lexus with open roof, with a driver & went out to see the city. The infrastructure was amazingly beautiful. We went to see Dubai gold market, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai mall & dancing fountain there, all celebrity & king houses – they were simply spectacular. And then when we had only half an hour left, we went to the mall called Lulu mall & bought 2 TVs from there, Samsung LEDs, one 32 inch & another 40 inches, in half price than in India or Australia. We did paid extra to check them in at Airport but still they were cheaper!!

We boarded our flight from Dubai to Ahmedabad at the very end moment & reached our own country in about 2 hours.  Coming out of the airport was very easy but we waited for our TVs to come out. We were surprised to see that every passenger had at least one TV purchased from Dubai. We paid duty to the customs manager on the airport, he said “Pay half of the money under the table if you don’t want to pay full, I won’t make a receipt for you!!” Corruption!!!

When we came out at the arrival gate, I was so delighted to see my Dad & my brother waiting for us with flowers bouquet. Gosh..  I am getting emotional just writing about this moment. I could see my small little brother has become so tall, he was feeling shy to even give me a hug, I could see my Dad looking bit old than I had seen him last. We seated in car and brother took out a bag that Mum had given him to open. I could see my small brother who was born back in 2000 has become so big that he was taking out Mum made Pav-Bhaji and salad for us in plates, gave napkin to both of us, Juice for me & cold drink to his Jiju(PK).  I was telling him that even though he is big boy now he is still smaller than me & that I can take out the dinner myself but he just did not allowed me to do anything. I hugged him for 1000 times, chatted with him non-stop till we reach PK’s home!!

Yes, now that is the twist. We were to go at my place since MIL & PIL had stayed with us for 5 weeks but we went to drop their 40 inch LED at their home first so that they are happy that they got big gift & also they see us once, so that they don’t keep calling us to go at their place while we are at my home!! They were happy to see their TV, we had tea & left in about an hour. I was bit sad to see that MIL did not asked my brother to have something else because he does not drinks tea, perhaps she could have asked him to have some milk or something. It was 7.00 am in morning & poor child was traveling whole night to pick us up. I did not said anything otherwise MIL would have become upset that I am worried for my brother, she does not likes if I give importance to my family so we left like that. Were not even served a single biscuit with tea but it’s ok, I was more excited to reach my home rather than spoiling my mood.

Some pictures for you 🙂



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24 Responses to India ki kahani – Flight experience

  1. Jazz says:

    Wow Dubai pics are so beautiful and you know what recently one of my cousin went there for a 2 day trip and bought a TV and sold it here. 😛

    And I can understand about your kid brother. When I used to go to my Mom’s place after my marriage, my bro used to be standing at the bus stop waiting for me at whatever time, love him. 🙂

    You know I think even my MIL could have done that, I try to ignore and pamper my family even more.

  2. he sold it??? would have earned lots eh 😉
    I can try and ignore but what will MIL get by behaving like this?? He is just 12 years old.. why grievances with a small child???

    anyways.. I mentioned about TVs because I will write something more shocking on these TVs 😉

  3. chipmunk says:

    spectacular 🙂 🙂 awestruck 🙂 how tall the buildings are 🙂 🙂 though the flight was worst and the experience at this airport was sick, the beauty of the city, thrilled you.
    What, half of the price for tv over there!!! damn 🙂 🙂 🙂 I could have loaded much more than that 🙂 🙂

    Coming to MIL, its always the same, we must change. I can understand how hungry the kid must be, this lady will suffer for sure, one must not have this much horns in head.

  4. Sujatha says:

    Dubai pics are amazing… I too heard that the LED TVs are cheaper there.. Good that u bought those 🙂 Did u buy any gold?? I was stunned on seeing those biggggggg necklaces

    Forget about ur MIL yaar.. Some people donot change at all.. I can really understand how bad u wud have felt when ur brother was not offered anything..

    Take care and Welcome back !!! I actually checked ur blog many times during last month to check for new posts from you 🙂

    • Arey the TVs were only half price.. imagine!!
      Nah.. did not bought any gold from there. one – there were so many options like just to buy a small ring I had 5000 rings to choose from, I was literally confused!! two – my family has gold business in India so I thought I will buy from my Dad 🙂

      I felt bad because he is very small.. I feel like she wants me to take care of BIL here and I am doing that for 2 and half years now but she cannot even look after my brother who was there for only one hour as a guest???

      Oh really?? That’s so sweet of you 🙂

  5. Prachi says:

    Hey TPL…I am a regular but silent reader of your blog…landed here from RM’s blog.
    Goood the see your bag full of treasured memories….your description of meeting your father and bro made me nostalgic…now I want to go home….!!!

    • Hey Welcome here Prachi..

      awee.. I can understand that feeling.. wishing you all the best, hope you will get to go home real soon 🙂

      thanks for leaving your footprints here & apologies for late reply 🙂

  6. Jay says:

    My sadistic ILs picked on my younger brother too. It hurt me then. Nowadays, it makes my blood boil when I think it over. Please update your TV story. Very curious to know what the shock was about.

  7. kuttysmiles says:

    Wowieee TPL …my eyes are bulged out after seeing the pics…esp the necklaces ….
    My god its really big I mean BIGGG and Long ….coming to those buildings-are they sky scrappers..?
    Your MIL(learnt more abt her in ur old posts)-pls ignore her TPL …dont waste ur precious time on her….Selfish lady..
    Hope u had a gud time with ur family… 🙂 Pls do write abt it 🙂

  8. aarya says:

    Recently my sister took a trip to Dubai with her husband and in-laws. She had all good things to say about the city. I am glad you had fun. About your MIL, i have read about her in your previous posts and I don’t expect any better from her. Neither should you. If I were you, I would just be glad that she at least offered tea. Some people can be so petty.
    Waiting for the shocking stuff related to TV. I am sure your MIL threw a fit when she realised you bought one for your family too.

  9. anisnest says:

    lovely pics.. wowww look at that gold.. hope you had a nice time with your family..

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