Foreign return girls – You should always look pretty!!

It feels like it has been months since I sat like this in the office, fresh & ready to start my week. Till last week I was running here & there, trying to finish my pending work in office & at home also trying to clean, cook & set myself back to my normal routine, as I was before. It was very, very hard I must say. After 2 weeks, now I am feeling I am back to normal. Although yesterday I was missing how we use to spend our weekends in India, going out till late night & dinners all but it’s Ok..

So, I have these few goals set up for myself before I go back to India in December for sis’s wedding.

1) Get the learners license(yes, I don’t even have learners here!!), practice driving with PK & take driving lessons with instructor as well and get my license hopefully by the end of this year.

2) Most important – I have to lose some weight, actually not some.. too much weight!!

I met hundreds of relatives & friends in India and each & every one commented on my weight, even the distinct relatives!! Sometimes I took the comments positively but by the end of our visit I was getting frustrated, I was thinking it has been 4 years since many of people would have seen me, why do they expect me to look the same, can I not change after wedding? I even cried at night once in front of PK. It was so DE-motivating to hear these comments every single day, 10 times, as if I have committed any crime!!

OK… I agree, I should lose weight, I have gained weight after wedding but the thing is I would never tell anyone on face for so many times that you are looking FAT!! People even said – “You should not eat bread, cheese & all that..but what to do, you don’t find any veggie options there no??”

I noticed that people had so many mindsets about NRIs – “they should look like this, they only wear high-end brand clothes & make-up, their skin must be white, clean & shiny & all that. When they use to see me in simple, plain top & jeans, they would make faces as if I have committed any crime!! Oh and my skin!! Frankly speaking my skin is not good at all, there are always scars or pimples on my face, instead of being happy to see me after so long, many people would become sad to see my skin!!

Why do people want to see foreign return girls in all shining-shining clothes & ultra modern look with clean glowing skin only? I don’t understand that.. The handbag should be glossy & shiny & same should be the sandals with highest heel possible..

Anyways.. yeah so my goal is to join a gym & workout for an hour at least for four times a week. I don’t like to do proper exercises & walking & running on treadmills & all that. So, I have decided to join women’s gym, they have different classes every day like Zumba class, Body Pump, Body attack, Pilates, Studio cycle etc.. Let’s see when actually I will join & be regular in that!!

To tell you about my weekend, Saturday we spent with our friends & Sunday, we spent doing house work & grocery shopping, nothing much exciting. How was your weekend?? 🙂

PS : It feels so good writing here & pouring my heart out.. I feel so light now, let me start my work now 🙂

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27 Responses to Foreign return girls – You should always look pretty!!

  1. diatriblog says:

    Aww poor you.. Just take their comments as motivation and don’t feel too bad about it! I am going through a similar phase having gained 6kg during the month of my wedding 😦

    About the people who expect you to dress and look a certain way tell them to go to hell 😛 Well no, just ignore them. I feel its best to dress in whatever you’re comfortable in 🙂

  2. anisnest says:

    this reminds me of the days when people used to ask me if I am expecting when I was not. some even go to the extent of asking how many weeks? **rolls eyes** thanks to my belly..It was so frustrating.. hugs to you and good luck with losing weight… I should start to lose weight too 😦

  3. I got the skin thing when I first went back to India after 4 years here. Because I love the outdoors and the beach in particular, I’d become even darker than usual (I’ve always been dark) and a family friend commented on how dark I’d become. I said yes I have and I’m quite happy with it because I go out in the sun. That shut them up. As long as you look confident and can tell them off, no one will mess with you.

    My weekend was great…busy and entertaining with too much food and alcohol. Have a good week ahead.

  4. chipmunk says:

    point one: human tendency are always cat on the wall . never worry for their words. if you are lean they will ask why you are so lean, if you are fat, they will open their mouth wide and ask u r this fat!!!
    I will personally tell you, never cry for this, I will tell them politely that, I wish to see myself how I will be looking like, when I am fat…. when I felt its enough,will start all the way to lose weight. I will go back, read and comment fully 🙂 okie 🙂

  5. chipmunk says:

    weekend went with tiredness and nothing 😦 😦 all the best for learners license 🙂 🙂 its really exciting one 🙂 I love driving 🙂 hope you to like it soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Snow says:

    Hey don’t worry about what people have to say.. If you feel from within that you need to lose weight, go ahead and do it at your own pace.. People keep commenting.. That’s their favorite pastime… So, be yourself and be happy.. I also often face this.. I am lean.. When I visited home after my marriage, people were asking soooo many questions.. Do you have to do too much work?.. Are you not happy?.. Blah blah blah.. I know no matter how much I tell them that I’m happy, they will keep saying the otherwise.. So, just ignore them 🙂

  7. there are some ms-word tags at the beginning of the this post. 😦
    Also try parkrun (dotcomdotau) on saturday. its free funrun event.

  8. MomWithaDot says:

    Good Luck with the driving and on the exercise front too. I’m hearing good things about Zumba from everyone that has tried it – lemme know how that goes. Cheers!

  9. aarya says:

    I can relate to everything you say. One time I went back to India, I was over-weight so everyone kept asking me if it was because I always must be eating burgers and fries and pizza. Another visit came when I was thin after some exercise and every one said that I am so weak and fragile and I don’t get good food here. People have the ability to make even positive experiences sound negative. Best is to ignore them. When people say to me you haven’t changed a bit after staying in USA, I tell them “do you want me to speak in English with you, because that is the only thing I do differently there in US” that shuts most of them 😉

  10. Jazz says:

    Aww that’s bad TP, but there are many many people like that, don’t take their words to your heart. Even my MIL and Mom are like that. I have learnt to ignore. 😛

  11. Let those comments don’t bother you but those resolutions are great. Its always nice to stay healthy and driving its a must. It changes your perceptive in life 🙂

  12. vani says:

    Hi Tp,
    Am a regular reader of your blog and commenting first time.
    Love the way you write. I had very similar experiences …esp MIL stories 🙂
    And well about weight, after 12 yrs of marriage and 2 kids …folks back in India expect me to look the same way I did for wedding…lol.. So, I say dont care as people will comment negatively either way you are. Just take care of yourself, think and decide whats good for you 🙂

    • Hi Vani,
      Welcome here 🙂 similar experiences with MIL?? I wish no girl has to face this ever.. I am so sorry..
      12 years, 2 kids and still they want you to look the same.. kya yaar!! Wish we had some magical medicines eh 😉

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