How to gain weight during weekend!!

On Saturday,

At 10.00 am – Home made Khaman and Dhokla with Indian Masala tea.

At 12.30 pm – Spinach & Ricotta Pasta (left over from last night dinner) with orange juice, Pizza samosas (ready frozen ones, just have to fry them) with Chutney and also finishing up the Dhokla from the breakfast.

At 3.00 pm – Big packet of Fairy floss from the shopping mall (Cannot resist!!!YUMM)

At 5.30 pm – Countless buttery short bread biscuits with tea

At 7.30 pm – Yummy Pav-Bhaji with a big dallop of butter (because PK wants butter!! I don’t..really!!)

At 9.00 pm – Half of Dairymilk chocolate (Because I saw it staring at me from the bedside table when I went to sleep!!)


On Sunday,

At 10.30 am – Nicely toasted Sandwiches (left-over Pav-Bhaji in buns, toasted with butter) and tea

At 2.30 pm –  12 Panipuris, 3 Flavors – Mint Fatka, Lasuni Jhatka and Punjabi Tadka, while going for grocery shopping. Coming out of grocery shopping – Cholle Bature with onion and pickles.

(In between watched Murder 3 and I enjoyed watching it)

At 7.00 pm – Gadd-badd in tummy so had Masala Nimbu(Lemon) Soda

At 7.30 pm – Methi Pulav and yoghurt (Just to give company to PK otherwise I was full.. no really!! God promise :))

At 9.00 pm – Thinking I have eaten way too much this whole weekend, ask PK to give you 2 tablets (Homeopathy laxative)

At 9.30 pm – Again Pav Bhaji while watching Nach Baliye with PK in the blanket, with rain and storm outside. Remember, I did not had dinner properly, I just gave company to PK!!!) 🙂

At 12.30 am – Go to sleep promising yourself – “Kal se pakka kam khaungi, aise kese motti hoke India jaungi!!!!”


On Monday,

First thought in morning – ‘Is there any more Pav-Bhaji left in the fridge??”

First thought in the office – What to eat for breakfast today??? (remember that tablets I ate, I had empty stomach in the morning because of that, that’s why!! otherwise I would not have thought about it!!! 🙂 )

Colleague asks – “want to have pancakes in breakfast today???”

My reply – Oh yes… Let’s go..

Colleague – “which one will you buy?? Chocolate or Blueberry??”

Me : Both?? Ehhh.. I mean one of each!!!


PS : If you are still reading the post then you are great, I love you because I thought after reading the title no one will read this 🙂

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16 Responses to How to gain weight during weekend!!

  1. You know what I have eating so much food this weekend, we had a party at home. Even now I am so full that I can’t go to bed on a Sunday night..

  2. Smita says:

    lol!!! There are phases 😀

    Buy a weighing scale and start checking your weight every morning….your intake will reduce automatically 😀

  3. Meenapriya says:

    You should start a Cooking blog. It will help us too… 🙂

  4. My Era says:

    OK I too ate home made khaman & Pav Bhaji this weekend. But for the rest, once in a while indulgence is fine, but to the extent of upsetting your tummy is going a little overboard.

    Though, how were the pancakes?? Did you put loads of Maple syrup with yummy whipped cream?? Love’em!! *Slurp*

  5. I think it is normal to indulge on food sometimes 🙂

  6. hehehehe, don’t count the caloris. Just enjoy the food. You can always run later, right? Just don’t get lazy on that front, that’s all. I see no point in denying good food 🙂

  7. Visha says:

    Just to make you jealous, I am eating mast mast khana and exercising too
    😛 :mrgreen: 😈

    Just to make you smile, that exercise is not showing any results, so high-five 😆 😆

  8. chipmunk says:

    ai does PK have a big tummy! I feel like he is having some zip in his tummy so he opens his tummy and pour everything inside and continue his work!!!! hole weekend you had nothing but only food, I will not eat for five days after a heavy food like this

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