At least send one text message, papa!!!

My Dad does not send text messages. Not only to me but he does not sends messages to anyone. PK, I and my sister  forced him to download “WhatsApp” on his mobile so that we at least can share the pictures of what we are doing, what food I cooked ( He is diehard foodie too  like PK) and all that normal chat to keep in touch with each other during week days as well. So he downloaded the App but he used it to ONLY forward big (useless) videos to me & PK. Every time we here a message tone, we guess it – “that it must be Dad sending videos!!”

(From 8th January till today dad has sent me 104 videos, I just counted!!!)

I sent him text: Papa, type karke message bhejo…(Papa, type the message & send)

No reply!!! I saw he was online reading my text…


After few days – “Papa, please type karke message bhejo. Unlimited Internet aur mobile ka kuch use karo” (Papa, please type the message, please use your mobile & the money you pay for unlimited internet)

Again no reply!!!


“Papa, Good Morning!!”

No reply!!


Papa, Didi ke birthday pics bhejo (Send the sister’s birthday pics, Papa )

Instantly he sent 20 pics from his mobile but NO message!!


Papa.. koi toh message bhejo please!!! (Papa, at least send one message)

Happy Uttarayan

!!!!! *Roll eyes*


Then.. I thought I have to ask questions so that he replies…

Papa..kese ho?? Breakfast me kya hai aaj??? (Papa, how are you?? What’s in breakfast today??)




 (I don’t know why he sent this??? Just randomly typed VIdeo and sent to me, here PK & I were rolling on the floor laughing)


On 14th February,

Papa, what have you bought for Mummi for Valentine’s day??

Kya.du.tum.batao ( (So.. he does not knows how to leave space between words and so he used dots instead of space!!)

I was so happy to see him typing message that I replied with long suggestions ..

Buy flowers from the florists & dress from shop next to yours & take her out for dinner…




After few days.. I was chatting away with my sister..

Have you booked your tickets to India yet

yes.. we have..

which date??

Not telling you..Surprise!!

Papa have to book your domestic travel tickets and all so he is asking to atleast inform which week you will be here..

Tell papa that I will tell him only if he promises to chat with me regularly, type the messages, I will understand whatever and however he types..

Papa won’t do that..

Ok.. then I am not telling the dates to anyone!!



Papa called once during weekend but we were in balcony, so missed his call. So, he took the initiative & texted me first..

I am dancing now after seeing your text and PK is asking me to not to dance on the bed!!

I was thinking chalo.. it is a good start.


Next morning..

10th March..

After an hour…

See his reply in his own words and also see the videos of how many Mbs he sends..



I understood what he wrote & yes.. that is our family picture on the top right 🙂

I am proud of him that he at least took initiative and showed interest in learning even though I forced him;-) Hopefully he continues now and yes, I will show him how to leave that space in between words while texting, when I will be in India 😉 🙂

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20 Responses to At least send one text message, papa!!!

  1. Jazz says:

    Lol on the Happy Uttarayan message.. 😀 Similarly, I also get happy seeing my Dad slowly trying to text messages or type on the computer.

  2. Yay you finally made him do it..

    LOL on the video 🙂

    I clicked on the image thinking I could see your face, but you have whitewashed faces 🙂

  3. Awwwwww, that’s soooo cuuute…. I feel the same way reading my day’s emails…..texting to Bahut door ki bat hai

  4. that is so funny. reminds me of my dad. he just keeps sending emoticons. finds it super fascinating. and i find it funny seeing that my 60 year old father sends me silly faces. fathers are the cutest no!

  5. Smita says:

    Reminds me of my mother who would send and sms and then call saying mssg bheja hai 😀

    Parents can be so utterly cute na??

  6. sahasra says:

    oh are totally right. We are supposed to help them with these gadgets and these techie things. Till date, i never realised that my dad just calls me. He never messages me. And i very well know that all those hundreds of free messages and internet are going into the drain. chalo..i need to help my dad learn all those. thinking of an easier OS for him to use. Thanks for the idea dear. Hope you succeed in keeping your father’s interest onn.
    And Roshni, yes. Fathers are really sweet when they try to learn things from their kiddos.

  7. Sujatha says:

    oh.. no Im not able to see ur face… I love that colour combination in ur family photo..
    even my appa is very hesitant to send a SMS..

  8. Visha says: FIL writes without spaces just like this. Papa is marginally better, he uses the spaces but will eat out pronouns and conjunctions 😀

  9. Loved the post and the sheer spontaneity and life it portrays.


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