The Foody Hubby!!!

Yesterday, I cooked simple potato & tomato sabji with rotis for dinner – “I don’t like it, it’s bit sweet!!” “I won’t take it with rice for lunch either”

Day before yesterday (we were too tired), I cooked simple Daal fry & Jeera rice & packed it for lunch – “I was not able to finish my lunch, I do not like to eat this in lunch!!”

When I cook Rajma Chawal, Cholle & Brown Pulav, Yoghurt Kadhi & Mix veg Pulav, any paneer curry & rice, any non-veg or egg curry & rice – “Ohhh.. I cannot wait to have my lunch today, I am already hungry at 9.00 am morning!!”

Can we make Aloo-Pyaaz sabji (Onion & potato dish) for dinner today – “No.. It’s too simple. I don’t like it.. Let’s make some Aloo parathas or Gobi parathas with dallop of ghee & eat with yoghurt???!!!”

Can we make Paapdi sabji(green beans dish) or Baigan-Aloo sabji (Egg-plant potato curry) or Guvar sabji or Theplas & Potato curry?? – “I don’t like Gujarati food, we can cook some yummy Punjabi food.. I will chop the veggies for you & knead the dough as well, just you cook..what say???!!”

When I cook Pav-Bhaji, Pasta, Idli-sambhar, Indo-Chinese fried rice, Noodles, Manchurian, sandwiches – “AWESOME!!!! I love it..”

Bottle gourd dish??? – “NOOOOO”

Can we make some soup for dinner tonight?? – “Ehh.. Soups are not filling!! They are just liquids with veggies.. we should eat something like full meal – Chapati & Paneer butter Masala maybe??? I will knead the dough for you okie???”

Any dry snacks like Aloo bhujia, coated peanuts or Sev-mamra from any brand, beat Haldirams or any damn brand – “Oh.. what is this??? This is like keep eating, keep eating but you will not feel as if you have eaten anything!!!” 

(I prepare desserts mostly when we have guests coming for dinner at our place)

I baked Devil’s Chocolate cake (store bought premade mix) few days back just because the expiry date was coming near – “WOW!!! I can finish this whole in one day. Why don’t you prepare desserts more often??”

Give him home-made Gaajar halwa, Suji halwa, laddoos, Ras-malai, Gulab jamuns, Jalebis & Rabdi – “Homemade Desserts are the best in the world!!”

These are all PK’s replies in bold.. he lives, breathes, sleeps & eats (Of course) food!!!

He is ready to help me in cutting veggies and kneading dough but does not wants to eat light meals!!

Should I open a 24 hours open restaurant at my place where only PK is the helper & eater & I am the chef????

WHAT??? Tell me WHAT on earth should I do so that he eats simple food like Daal-Rice, sabji & Roti at least once a week & have light dinner like soups & salads once a month AT LEAST???? 😦

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14 Responses to The Foody Hubby!!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    Even for the jeeera matter I will never eat, food is the only thing that keeps a wild eaters going, I hate Gujarathi its too sweet 😦 😦 but come to rest other food a big bulb will burn on my face 🙂 🙂 you too eat like me, you will get angry as well when they show you a light meal. . . Food will pamper me!! people will say I am a fast eater and never taste my food properly and chew them, they are all long, My mouth can hold four full teaspoon of rice at one go, my teeth cry to give share equally and I enjoy eating with mouth full of food 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Smita says:

    a) tell him 3 days simple food 3 days special food & one day eating out 😉
    b) Let it be one day he himself will crave for simple food 🙂

  3. Visha says:

    Cook back to back heavy meals, by heavy not in number of dishes, but in richness of the dish 😉
    Do this for 4 meals and automatically the craving for simple kadhi chawal will arise 😀

    If that does not work out,empty out your kitchen shelfs deliberately and say only dal is available, no other grains or spices or lentils are there :mrgreen: 😈

    • arey.. he actually wants to eat back to back heavy meals!! kahan se need arise hogi Visha 😦

      that is a good idea actually.. but Coles (grocery shopping store) is downstairs only.. he can go and buy his choice of veggies in 2 minutes 😦

  4. K says:

    hmmm…. Now I know. You cook sooo many variety!!! That’s why he is expecting more and more from you 😉

  5. My hubby is otherway, I mean he enjoys food but he doesn’t like me/us spending time in Kitchen, so he prefers to eat simple food..He eats anything without any complaints and hence I have turned into one of the worst cook, I feel so awkward when I invite friends because of my lack of cooking skills 😦

  6. Jazz says:

    Heheh.. Happens sometimes here too

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