So what’s on their mind???

The friend & I were sitting in the train, next to each other & chatting away as no one is sitting around. While having conversation about our families & in-laws, we came to a point that during old age if people don’t have any activity they talk about the topic that is constantly in their mind.

Friend’s in-laws have three things only to talk about:

  1. Roop (Beauty –  How beautiful & slim other girls & heroines are)
  2. Rupiah (Money  – How much other people have)
  3. Bimaari (ill-health or medical issues they have)

My in-laws also have few topics to talk about:

  1. Money – How much their sons & DIL and neighbors have
  2. God – (How to please God so that God showers his blessings in form of money on them & their kids!! Strict Fasting, going to temples regularly, making prasshad for temple regularly, reading the holy books & learn them by heart, making a wish for unreasonable things (Mannat maangna) & then deciding that if their wish is fulfilled they will do fasting or pooja or anything and the wish will be Lots of money!!)
  3. Bitching – Yes, they do bitching!! They complain about someone constantly to make themselves feel good that they are better than their friends, relatives & neighbors!!

Friend’s parents think about below topics all 24 hours!! (As per the friend told me, I have met them couple of times only)

  1. Roop (Beauty) – how much Fair skin other people have..
  2. Praising themselves – They keep praising about themselves about the food they eat, the places they visit, the people they know, the contacts they have etc..

I was thinking about my parents. Actually my Mum & Dad are busy looking after their joint family, keeping them united & happy, entertaining the guests of all family members, Mum looks after my brother & sister’s studies who are 13 years and 16 years old, preparing for my other sister’s wedding, looking after my Grandpa’s health, talking to me regularly so that I don’t feel lonely here, talking to her own sister whose hubby passed away so that she is not very lonely there and also looking after 4 maids which is not a easy task. So, should I say that my Mum & Dad have their family on their mind constantly???

So, what’s on your mind now?? I have Valentine’s day shopping for PK on my mind since 2 days 😉


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8 Responses to So what’s on their mind???

  1. Smita says:

    Hehehehehe on my mind? My changed routine & much peaceful life…

    Will write a post on it 🙂

    Even my in laws think a lot about money but mostly about saving it 😀 Guess what they think mostly depends on how much free time you have in hand…if u r vella u do loads of faltu thinking otherwise who has the time?

  2. Jazz says:

    My parents, I guess are wondering when we will give them THE good news 😛 and my Inlaws about us settling in life soon. And nothing particular on my mind, so what have you planned for Valentine’s ? 😉 We don’t have any plans, I think we will go grocery shopping. 😛

  3. Visha says:

    One constant thing in my mind is how can we close off the loans 🙄 So you can call me money minded :mrgreen:

    You can easily guess what is on the family’s mind any time, any day 😆 😆

    But I wonder why is beauty a constant topic in your observations of the elder generation in Australia 🙄

  4. What’s on my mind? where is that damm USB??

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