Thursday to Tuesday…

Thursday – Took a day off from work, just relaxed at home, watched YouTube videos for hours, cleaned the house & kitchen, had total ME time…


Friday – went to work, totally in weekend mood, returned from work, went to see the house construction, went for dinner date with PK after such a LONG time, talked with him for very long non-stop, had nice Sultani Egg curry & tandoori roti & hara bhara kababs


Saturday – went to the salon, got myself pampered with facial & masks.. What a feeling it is… Total bliss.. really… In the evening, went to baby shower of one of my friends. It was a ladies only event and OH MY!!!! What a blast we had… danced like crazy.. All beautiful (approx 40) ladies, dressed in colourful Indian dresses, some also performed acts & dances..The food that we had was for sure a menu specially for ladies :


  • Pani-puri of course
  • Papdi chaat
  • Cholle-Tikki chaat
  • Chips & dips
  • Lilva kachori & imli chutney
  • Veg biryani
  • Raita & salad
  • Jalebi
  • Kulfi
  • Gulab-Jamun

Came home to see all guys (PK & his friends) enjoying their drinks & nibbling. They ordered their food and we girls attacked on their food as well!!!

Sunday Morning – I woke up at 11.45!! Yes.. almost in the afternoon!! Our friends & their parents were going to come for dinner at our place, we quickly had our breakfast & went for grocery shopping which took us 2 hours!! I came home & started cooking. Here are the things I prepared for their dinner:

  • Dry Channa-dal & onion & coriander leaves & lemon juice mix starter
  • Store bought spicy peanuts & Aloo bhujia for biting with drinks
  • For mains: Bhuna Mutton (2 kgs, nothing was leftover, 5 people finished 2 kg mutton!!!)
  • Daal-makhni
  • Matar-Mushroom
  • Dry Aloo sabji
  • Jeera rice & rotis
  • Pickled onions
  • Gulab – Jamun for dessert
  • PK & I both were on bed, the minute after they left!!!

Oh forgot to mention that when we went for grocery shopping, they were surprised that I was not eating pani-puri there. I just had breakfast & I was to full to eat Pani-puri in the afternoon but the people are so nice they forcefully gave free voucher to me & asked me to eat!! I ate 6 pani-puris!! 😛

Monday – I woke up at 3.50 am, early morning due to tummy ache, yeah it was all because of the food & panipuris I had without any thought about my tummy. In office, whole day I spent in & out of washroom, I was so overloaded with work yesterday that I reached home at 6.45 pm. That late!!! I had khichdi & yoghurt & went to sleep.

And here I am again in the office on Tuesday morning, sipping my Mocha & thinking valentine’s day is coming this Thursday.. What should I plan??

Ladies… have you already bought gifts for your respective hubbies?? Any ideas for me?? I don’t know what to buy for PK!! 😦

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12 Responses to Thursday to Tuesday…

  1. diatriblog says:

    you should start a food blog.. you seem to be such a good cook 😀

    my valentine’s day gift to my fiance is going to be my wedding 😉

  2. You too starting like RM, putting all food, making me real hungry 🙂 Those ME time is required, I wish I could get some ME time too. You made all that dear, like I said earlier you are one awesome cook. When is the home getting ready, upload pics ok?

  3. Smita says:

    I am on diet lady and reading about this much yummy food will increase my weight 😛

  4. Jazz says:

    Wow TP, that seems like a perfect weekend with Me-time, dance, food, friends, etc.

  5. Visha says:

    How do you plan a menu for guests? I wish I had your skills 🙂
    Now that you have mentioned and I think about it, its been really long since I paid a visit to the salon 😦
    Why to worry dear, isn’t every day a V-day for both of you 😉 🙂

    • Errr.. I don’t know!! maybe kyunki at my own place (in-India) I have seen Mummi & Bhabhis deciding menu everyday & also our house is like dharamshala there everyday there are guests .. maybe because of that???

      Jaao madam.. jaakar aao 🙂

      Of course it is 🙂

  6. Pooja V says:

    I think you should start a food blog. plz consider this v seriously. i am in awe of ur cooking skills. Also mutton bhuna recipe plz.

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