the topic that is most written about on this blog….

  • To update you about the in-laws, they have reached safely. MIL spoke with me once from the domestic airport but after that there has been complete silence.  No telephonic chat between us. You can say I myself have not called her because I am hurt, I don’t feel like talking to her, things I have mentioned here on this blog are very less, I still have to write about her behavior on last 2 days!!
  • FIL emailed to PK asking him to forget whatever has happened & forgive them, he also mentioned not to talk on this issue on phone!!! Why??? Because the realization & forgiveness is from FIL and not MIL’s side!! We understood FIL is trying to sort out everything, we appreciate the effort from his side but the person who created all issues does not want to sort out… PK replied to FIL telling him not to feel insecure & also count me as a family member & not to have high expectations & assumptions which they usually have..
  • On that FIL has replied that they feel “I” have expectations from them!! FIL said that they want to know what “I” want from them???
  • I was like WHAT???? You come here at our place, we do everything for you, you don’t like me, you feel jealous, you feel insecure, you create problems, you create issues and then you blame me that whatever happened is because of me??? What the hell???
  • Anyways.. I told PK that this conversation is in between you & FIL.. I am not going to interfere.. IF MIL wants to sort out anything I will think but since she does not want to..I also don’t want to take any stress.. I have had enough of these people..
  • So tell me one thing – If I sort out everything with MIL considering I am younger one, I can take initiative of talking, will I be able to talk normal with her?? Will I be able to treat FIL like I use to before after MIL said I give too much importance to FIL??? Should I forgive MIL for not taking anything from me to give to my Mom for her birthday which is today??
  • On the day when they were leaving, I was packing some stuff in plastic bags, I took one bag and found a receipt in it!! I saw the receipt & I was SHOCKED!!! So, apparently BIL & MIL had went for shopping at midnight the previous day, (I saw time & date on receipt)when PK & I were sleeping, to buy same cosmetics & cremes that she has seen in my dressing cupboard when I was not at home!! They had bought biscuits & stuff and packed everything so that we don’t have any idea about this.
  • We don’t have problem with them buying what so ever they want but trying to hide things??? I myself bought so much stuff for them but they were buying separately with BIL & asking us separately. This is a loot.. surely a loot… and why hiding from own kids???
  • Next day we asked BIL if they went shopping or anything & BIL was like NO, we did not go shopping!! WOW!! Smart huh???
  • We have asked BIL to find his accom, let’s see when he finds one!! I am sure it will take him 6 months or until we push him!!
  • To end at the happier note, I have received my new iPhone 5 in mail today.. yay!!! Cannot wait to go home & start using it 🙂
  • And yes… Happy Birthday Mummi, I bought best present that I can find for you, I was happy that you will touch and feel the thing that I have touched and packed with lots of love, but cannot send it to you through MIL as she is not like you Mummi…

I read this on face book the other day and felt the lines were so true for me…

Mujhe itna pyaar na do Maa.. kal jtna mujhe naseeb na ho…

Yeh jo maatha chuma karti ho, kal is par shikan ajeeb na ho…

Main jab bhi roti hu Maa, tum aasu ponchha karti ho..

Mujhe itna dur na chhod aana, main roun aur tum kareeb na ho…

Mere naaz uthati ho Maa, mere nakhre bhi uthati ho…

Meri chhoti chhoti khwahish par tum jaan lutati ho Maa,

Kal aisa na ho ke main tanha tumko yaad karu aur ro ro kar fariyaad karu..

Par meri Maa saa koi pyaar jataane wala na ho,koi mere naaz uthane wala naa ho..


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18 Responses to the topic that is most written about on this blog….

  1. Sujatha says:

    My birthday wishes to ur mummy.. Dont worry for wat has happened.. According to me its better to leave the issue as such.. time will heal things… let ur FIL talk to MIL on the issue and make her understand the mistakes..
    On the shopping part, it was very bad on ur MIL to act in such a cheap manner.. but anyways some people are like that only and u cannot change their mindset..
    oops.. I dint comment on ur prev. post…hearty congrats yaar on the promotion, ur new house and new fone.. see so many new things in ur life now 🙂

  2. Smita says:

    She shopped & Didn’t tell you guys! Bad on her part! But tell me is it really important to waste your energies thinking about it? Will it serve any purpose? Will it resolve something? No na? So chill leave it… the bigger person and forget about it…in the larger scheme of things it is inconsequential.
    And if you ask me, you should not let your relationship with FIL be affected by what your MIL things. As is things are not good between the two of you why spoil a good relationship on that account? haan?
    Birthday wishes to your Mom 🙂

    • No Smita.. its really not important but my point was that we were hurt, not because they bought stuff but because they hide from us & demand separately from us.. we are their own kids naa, which parents behave like this..

      pata nahi.. will see how relationship with FIL will be moving forward..

      Thank you dear 🙂

  3. Visha says:

    Firstly, wishing many happy returns of the day to your mother dear 🙂

    As far as your MIL is concerned, she has left and is back at home, stop thinking about her completely. By constantly thinking of her, you are wasting your ‘now’ time. Concentrate on the positives now. You are a lovely person, who goes the extra length to make the other person happy, why to stress yourself up by wrongdoings and misbehaviour of someone else 🙂

    Have a jolly weekend N 🙂

  4. MomWithaDot says:

    Happy B’Day to you Mom and Yay!! on the new phone. I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂 Thoughts of negative people drain you out. Seriously. Kuch acha socho, it will reflect in your day-day life. Trust me, I’ve experienced it.

  5. Jazz says:

    Hey I agree with Sujatha, if you do not wish to reconcile now, give it some time, need not do anything just for the sake of doing, you can wait till those memories are overridden by good ones and sidelined and don’t bother you much.

    And lots of birthday wishes to your dear Mum, that is a lovely poem.

    Congrats on the iPhone 5, I have one too, almost preordered. 😛

  6. Sun is rising at Header Image.

  7. Kalyani says:

    A very happy birthday to your mom!

  8. My Era says:

    Belated birthday wishes to your mum 🙂
    OK so I am now up to date on your blog having read a truckload of posts in the past two hours, I am now feeling as I have been right there with you while all you wrote happened.
    Please don’t stress too much and enjoy life for all things are soon going to settle well.
    Congratulations on your new home in progress 🙂
    Hugs dear.

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