The tornado came…

I was thinking the tornado will come during long weekend but it did not had any patience and it arrived bit too early, yes..  it arrived at the dinner table last Thursday while having dinner.. same day when I wrote this post..

PK & I returned from work in the evening, collected the photo album which we have order for the in-laws, with all the pictures of their visit to Sydney and I also bought few stuff that MIL wanted to us to buy for her. We opened the door to see as usual balloon like faces but as soon as the album was handed to them there were smiles everywhere.

While at dinner table, MIL was reminding PK that he had bought iPods and phones for them and sent to them to India while he was studying. I understood why she was saying all this, she has many times indirectly demanded PK to buy furniture from here & ship it to India which is just too expensive and unnecessary.  Just to note, PK did bought 2 king size beds and kitchen accessories and shipped them to India before our wedding which cost him a humongous hole in his pocket..

MIL started crying that she has struggled a lot while sending PK to Sydney for studies, she only knows how they managed financially and all that.. so basically she wants us to repay all that her in the form of expensive gifts.. she wants to rip off use his Fixed Deposit which is his son & my husband now!!

Then the gun was pointed towards me, I am still laughing at the silly things she pointed out about me, complaining to PK. here is the convo between son & Mom..

MIL to PK about me –

1 – “She always does “Papaji, Papaji” and does not give any importance to me at all!!

2 – “I am her Mother in Law (main Saas hu!!), she should keep me first, She should give ME all the importance rather than anybody else”

3 – “On 31st December, she told me not to interfere!! Why??”

4 – “Tell her not to talk anything about my brothers!!”

PK’s  response to his Mum :

1 – Wouldn’t you be happy that your DIL is giving so much respect to Dad?? Any need to be jealous of your own husband??

2 – She has never ill-treated you, instead she have taken care of your second son for 2 years, when you arrived here, she have made herself a donkey, worked day & night to make you happy, what else should she has to do to make you feel as a Saas??

Do one thing, make a list and give it to me so that I know what a DIL’s duties are for a MIL & we will refer to it. Also, tell me one thing you want to be treated as Saas which you think becomes goddess for DILs, have you ever treated her as your DIL?? Have you welcomed her in the family? Instead you should treat her as you own child, there is not much age difference between BIL & her (me)!!

3 –I replied to this – I swear on PK, I swear to my God that I did not utter this word. I don’t how to prove this..

4 – PK replied – When your brother can ask your DIL’s sister(my sister) to go in the bedroom with him during our wedding at that time why you did not open your mouth?? If her sister would have told this to her parents, not only your brothers but your whole family would have been thrown out of your DIL’s place even before attending wedding!!

(To give you an idea of MIL’s brothers, one has been married twice but because both wives delivered a baby girl, they were beaten and kicked out of house along with girls, second brother’s wife died, he is looking for another wife at the age of 57 and both brothers are crazy for alcohol!!)

So, nothing was sorted out instead, everyone left the dinner table and went to sleep. I was scared to see PK fighting with his Mom for me, his eyes were all red, he was shivering, he was feeling all his efforts of doing as much as possible for his parents when they visit here were in vain. I could not say anything as I knew whatever he has said, he himself has seen everything. Yes, I did told MIL that I won’t be able to talk with you if you keep picking on me for small things. We went to sleep mentally disturbed, I was just dreaming of MIL again scolding me whole night!!

Twist –

Since next morning, MIL is behaving as if nothing has happened!! It has been whole of 6 days, She is being over sweet, acting as if she has not at all scolded me and on other hand PK & I are in total sad mood that we did so many efforts to make them happy but at the end we had to face this.

I feel –

MIL is behaving like a child, maybe her age is making her behave like this?? They say in old age people behave like child, is it same thing happening with her?? Sometimes I feel sorry for her that she is old now, maybe she miss her sons, maybe she miss her life that was before when both her sons lived with her but this behavior of not talking for 5 days and suddenly blasting on silly things???

She keeps saying Main Saas hu, Main Saas hu.. I know you are my MIL, you should be like a Mom to me, if you will force me to treat you like a God then I am sorry!!!

PK says she cannot see me taking over the control of house – in the sense that I decide what to buy, what to cook and all that.. PK also says that Mil use to be same with their neighbors.. She used to be jealous of all her neighbors and not talk with them assuming that they are jealous of her!!

PK also says maybe it is cooking skills.. I am not showing off but it is because I come from joint family I can cook all cuisine dishes, in quantity very quickly and everyone including FIL appreciates that a lot.. All our friends who met them always told her you DIL is all-rounder.. awesome cook and I sometimes help my friends with threading and all so they kept praising that I am a life saver in case the salon ruin their eye-brows..

I don’t know what the reason is but certainly I cannot talk with FIL very freely now.. I feel she will again feel bad..

But whatever.. They are leaving on Saturday, PK is still mood less, embarrassed, hurt.. he feels the two years we took responsibility of BIL is never been appreciated instead we have to listen all this.. we have to make ourselves strong after in-laws leave and ask BIL to be independent now and find his accommodation, this was our plan from few months but now that this issue has happened not sure if this right time to ask BIL!!

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28 Responses to The tornado came…

  1. chipmunk says:

    If i have the gun I will shoot these people

  2. raji says:

    Not a pleasant scene, but it is good the confrontation happened. Too much expectation on your in-laws side.

  3. chipmunk says:

    I am getting irritated highly eh!!!! how your papa and mama is silent on this issue. seriously if i were the one, I will be surely a calcutta kali. . how dare the people of MIl brother, to beat a lady, who gave birth to baby girl. i am sorrry TP even if you take me as wrong person I don’t mind, but are they a man!!! why he didn’t feel that her wife is also a girl. he can marry a guy instead….. pity the girls.. be safe, never mind,they talk with you or not. to have something evil in mind its better we remain separate and help them not to do any mistake.

    Oz sofa is the only sofa which makes her to soothe eh!!!!! is she nut!!! india owns vintage touch sofas which even a foreigner is dying to get!!! mama ji, wake up, don’t let your surrounding people to gossip about you.

    PK ji, its okay. don’t get angry, your mum will realize soon. arey enjoy the life yaar.

    • I haven’t written about my mum’s reaction to this yet..

      arey I was disgusted when I came to know what MILs brothers are like that..

      I was going to tell MIL – if you don’t like me talking about your brothers, I will just go and spit on those moron’s faces in front of you…

  4. Jazz says:

    //PK fighting with his Mom for me, his eyes were all red, he was shivering, he was feeling all his efforts of doing as much as possible for his parents when they visit here were in vain.

    These lines tell me how tough it was for PK to do that, how much he loves and values you and what a good person he is. Touchwood.

    And regarding the drama your MIL did, it has definitely spoilt your moods, but try to ignore them and stay tension free. They have simply showed their true colors which only made your bond stronger with your husband. I feel your MIL is highly insecure about herself.

    • yeah touch wood… but you know it was very upsetting for me to see this, I somewhere was feeling guilty that this happened because of me.. I really do not want to be the reason of fight between Mum & son 😦

      Totally ignoring them, PK & I are behaving normal with them but the wounds are deep in heart 😦

      Thanks Jazz..

  5. K says:

    Tell them that it is MEN’s chromosome and genes which decides the gender and NOT the women’s. I am fed up with this kind of issue and these kind of people.

  6. Visha says:

    After the whole episode, am sure you two as a couple have come closer to each other. Some good thing out of bad to cheer up eh 🙂

    After Saturday, life will be back to normal dear..hugs 🙂

  7. diatriblog says:

    Oh no 😦 So sorry you had to go through all that… On the bright side, PK stood by you through all this. MIL and FIL aren’t going to be living with you a lot either. Try not to get upset even though its easy to say, not that easy to implement.

  8. I am so sorry Panipuri that you and PK had to go through all these. Just ignore for few more days and then they are gone. Glad that PK is at your side and fighting for you..I am shocked to here MIl’s bro spoke like that to ur sister. and people are still crazy for boy child. I recently written a post about it..

  9. MomWithaDot says:

    OMG!! This is such a drain!! drain of emotions, happiness, energy, everything. NO your MIL is NOT behaving like a child as in Old age. She is selfish, seeking attention and is basically IDLE ! These women have NOT equipped themselves in anyway to make themselves useful for anything after their kids get married. They don’t read books, they don’t do knitting, stitching, gardening or even daily pooja-paath sincerely. Idle Brain = ………. yeah exactly! She’ll sort out a LOT after your BIL gets married. Believe me, this same lady will dance around you when the choti bahu comes. Do me a favor and please keep yourself aloof at that time. DONT become one adarsh badi bahu and fall into any trap of duty, elders or any such nonsense for this Monster. Her brothers should be in prison IMO.

    • true true true.. she is idle.. but that doesn’t mean target your DIL and make her life hell…

      I saw what I got in return when I behaved as a ADARSH WADI bahu.. not anymore.. naa…

      I really hope she learns her lesson soon…

      can I say I love you and thanks a lot for your comment??

  10. Music says:

    Hugs TPPL, Hope life for you & PK has returned to normal now.

    • yes yes.. returning back to normal 🙂 Thanks Music 🙂
      can I say again – I REALLY love your name.. I remember I told you before also 🙂

      • Music says:

        Hey Thanks 🙂 & Congratulations on your promotion!
        So happy for you 🙂

        Btw I am totally intimidated by your cooking skills.Hey did i ever tell you, i cooked your pulav (many variants) and loved it.

      • Thank you Music 🙂 (Yes, I really like your name 😉 )

        really?? you cooked pulavs??? which leftovers you used???
        Glad that you enjoyed eating those 🙂

  11. Deepa says:

    You are very to have a husband who stands by you. Mine is like that too. The MIL is insecure, nothing else. She expects you to toe the line and be her slave. Glad you gave it back. I didn’t quite get the MIL brother part, did he behave inappropriately with your sister? If yes, then he is one big asshole. Poor sister of yours, she kept quite as the wedding ceremony wad going on.
    Anyway, now the ugly tide has come and gone, relax with your hubby and throw that BIL out.

    • So we both are lucky in terms of getting nice husband eh ?? 🙂

      MIL’s brother did misbehaved with my sis during our wedding.. he sure is *insert world’s worst Gaali*

      yes relaxing… and relaxing a lot.. thanks Deepa 🙂

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