Does this happens with you as well??

-When you see all girls in the train wearing high heels, you decide you will also start wearing them regularly from tomorrow & when you wake up next day, wear heels & walk in home for 2 minutes you feel like – “Oh, just leave it.. I feel uncomfortable to wear them for WHOLE day & you are back in your flats!!

-When you see people with nice traveler mug of coffee in their hands, walking at the train station or waiting for train while sipping their drink.. You decide to carry the same from next day, One day you do it very happily but next day onwards you feel lazy to carry the mug all the way to the office & then bringing it back home in evening & wash it for next day & finally stop carrying that mug!!!

-You see all the girls carrying their hand bags on their forearm or carrying it like a bag in their hand, you also try to do the same but then you feel – “Oh!! It is easier & more comfortable to carry the handbag on shoulder & you just put the bag on your shoulder & run to your destination!!

-Your partner is opening a (Khari) Puff pastry biscuit packet & you tell your family who is sitting with you that those biscuits are very small & very flaky & that you don’t like that brand & then when your partner opens the pack the biscuits are nice, big & golden & look so perfect & then you say – “Oh!! Our previous packet must have been the bad one!!

-When you are looking at the pictures of your Madame Tussaud’s Museum visit & you bet with your partner that the wax statue in that particular picture is of Kylie Minogue but actually it turned out to be Dannii Minogue’s statue & you lose the bet which you placed with so much confidence that you had bet for 20,000 Australian dollars!!! Yeah I know.. What a popat!!

-And the most funniest one – go laugh at my expense people – when you don’t know where this particular person sits in the office, you go in that row & ask your colleague – “Do you know where she *shits*!!”  (Slip of tongue!!!) Your colleague starts laughing & says – “Yes, I know where she SHITS!!!”

Come on…how can I say this???

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14 Responses to Does this happens with you as well??

  1. anonymous says:

    lol…last one was the best! 😀
    First one with high heel shoes happens with me always….u can try carrying flats with you to wear when you are returning from work…(of course if you are ready to take that much effort).

  2. chipmunk says:

    Count me in I tried all the one you say 🙂 There may be a slip between the cup and the lip 😀 😀 I say this word when i tongue twist and i am having the most horrible tongue, which twist at unwanted times 🙂 I have a great confusion at the toilet symbol between men and women, a small skirt in the image make me to stare and think to the least of 10 seconds, I had used my sister heal for a day, went very well outside, haven’t even crossed three houses from mine, came back and changed my sandals and rushed out.
    BAg I tried in front of mirror, I have seen many English movie, the heroin will hold her bag very stylishly and her hair will fly with the rhythm of air and every one have a eye at that lady, I dont want much of it but tried the bag and felt, you are fit and comfortable in my shoulders, where in you disturbs a lot when i walk.

    Coffee I don’t like, but tried with juice, Found two things while carrying it in hand like you said. one juice will somehow get over in two seconds as I take my mouth from the tin only after it gets over. second, even if i finish them to put some scene I may hold the tin in hand, but if some one comes in my way and ask I feel thirsty can you give a sip in your drink 🙂 Will be ashamed 🙂 so ruled out that also.

    always bet for a small money from your side and a big amount from other side 🙂 for your situation says zero doesn’t have value 🙂 but when I lost in bet I will adjust saying, I can give you the bet amount but in 20000 i have a deficit of four zero 🙂 it will be funny in tamil but no that much in english.

  3. Sujatha says:

    LOL on the last one…
    I have tried wearing heels but Im very very uncomfortable with it..

  4. Visha says:

    I know I can never ever carry of heels elegantly without hurting my sole and back. Failed miserably while trying once 😀

    20000 ka whats the deal..did you lose the money or not 😛

  5. LOL well I tried to repeat and shits comes before sits ha ha 🙂

    Oh I am not a heels person either though I love to wear I can’t for the same reason you said.

    Bet with partner its ok who ever wins 🙂

  6. diatriblog says:

    I love love love wearing heels!

    It doesn’t matter how many such funny errors you make, important thing is to laugh at them 😀 I must say you’re one of the jolliest people I have ever met! (well not met, but read :P)

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