Missing them :(

Most of all our friends’ parents are here from India since Christmas holidays. Every weekend we speak with our friends and come to know about their sightseeing trips, how they spend their time at home with their parents & how they come from office very quickly or take days off to be with them. Then there are invitations from them for dinners & lunches, we go at their place & sometimes we invite them to our place. All parents meet and have gala time, with their company & we kids with our friends. The food is cooked in big pots, all of us eating together, drinking together for hours, desserts taste even more sweeter with all the parents company. All parents & we kids are having fun time being together. It does not feel like we are in foreign land at all.

Well… while everyone is enjoying with their parents, I sometimes become very quite because I miss mine too.. I always imagine – what if my Mum & Dad would have been here, how will they participate in each topic..what would the house would have been like…

While watching fireworks at Opera house & Harbour Bridge we all were together, all the kids with their parents, except mine.. My eyes used to fill up with tears especially when I saw my girl-friends with their parents, I missed their presence immensely, I missed their the warmth, I missed their care…

Yesterday we had our friends & their parents invited at our place for dinner, I was watching everyone, again imagining – what if my Mum-Dad would have been here?? They would have loved the food that I prepared, My dad would have loved the koyla khas-khas chicken that I prepared as I had never cooked Non-veg for him before my wedding, he would have loved it..  And in all this, the guy (PK’s friend) asked me – “Are you missing your parents?” it was like he sprinkled salt on my wounds..

I only speak to my parents during train travel from office to home.. I cannot call them from home as MIL does not likes it, even if I call them from home, she wants me to speak with them in front of her so that she can hear what I am talking with them & then she can make issues on why I told this to my Mom & not that to my Dad..  By the time I go to my bedroom, I am so tired that I don’t have energy to call them so I just skip calling them while in-laws are here.. No.. the in-laws have never asked me that it has been so long, if I have talked to my parents!!

This morning when I woke up, I told PK that I will be calling Mom today from train.. Next minute, I checked my mobile only to find sister’s messages that they went for an adventurous ride in boat & their boat drowned in water, they had to call life guards & luckily they had life jackets on.. I am scared to death.. I am not at all in good mood now.. I am worried about them.. I know they all are Ok now.. nothing to worry.. but I don’t know.. I am having that urge to see them ASAP but I can’t do that..

They are now saying that sister’s wedding date might be in June-July.. it will be like 2 years till then, since I have seen them last.. I really don’t know how I will be able to pass my time for next 6 months.. I have to save my annual leaves for wedding, so not thinking of going now & then again traveling back in June.. I might do that if it will become impossible for me to stay away from them for that long 😦


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24 Responses to Missing them :(

  1. sjscribbles says:

    hooof….TPL I know how you must be feeling !
    This is the biggest disadvantage for we girls to be staying outside our home towns.
    Hugs and be brave the 6 months will skip in a jiffy and it will be time to get back home !

  2. Staying away from family is always hard and I understand your feeling. You are lucky that you have PK with you because when I first moved, it was all me in the foreign land and you can imagine how I must have felt. As we Skype often now, I feel like they are near us. Just be strong for them otherwise they will be sad as well knowing that you are so sad.

  3. Sujatha says:

    hey.. hugs dear.. dont worry..time will pass soon..

  4. chipmunk says:

    Tp eat pani poori 🙂 hugs darls time will fly and make you fly soon very soon okay trust me 🙂 feb has 28 days only added advantage 🙂 one day will be less in wait of six month, come on ismile bby,

  5. chipmunk says:

    ask parents to be safe da, every thing has a time dear, when their parents went to respective country make ur papa and mama to come to oz 🙂 🙂 we have the strongest weapon, shed a tear over phone, next second they will be on door bell, don worry i will pray for ur papa and mumma to come, okay deal

  6. Hugs dear, I hope you get to see them real quick. Ask them to come and stay with you and then you can go to India for sis marriage. Double dhamaka 🙂

  7. diatriblog says:

    Why don’t you ask them to make a little trip down under? I’m sure they’ll love Aussie land 🙂

  8. Visha says:

    Six months will fly away soon..see..we have already entered the last week of Jan 🙂

    Try to skype every alternate day if it helps to calm your nerves 🙂

  9. Jazz says:

    Aww don’t worry TP.. you will see them soon, and don’t delay that call to India. Even I used to not feel comfortable calling Mom when Inlaws visited us in India, but definitely called from office. Take care !

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