Engagement Anniversary :)

Dear PK..

It was 9th of January 2009, when you came to see me for the first time.  It was 9th January 2013 last week, I bought very small cake & 2 macaroons for us to celebrate the day..You came to pick me up from train station and I hugged you and wished you & then took out the cake & macaroons from my bag.. Suddenly I realized that you were fasting that day..  I was upset, sad and unhappy, how can I forget you were fasting?? Was I that much excited that I forgot everything?? Thoughts started revolving in my mind – “What will I do with this cake & macaroons??” “MIL will ask me why I bought very small quantity if I took those things home” “Should I leave these in my bag & celebrate tomorrow again in the car when you will drop me to the station?” In all these thoughts you saw all my happiness going away. Then you said holding my hand – “If I will make you sad, my fast will not be fruitful, No God will be happy if I will make you sad and that too TODAY.. You took a macaroon, fed me a bite & ate a bite yourself too. I fell in love with you yet once again.. REALLY!!! 🙂

Today is 16th January 2013… Happy fourth Engagement Anniversary PK 🙂

Yes.. it has been four years since we met and I feel like it has only been few months. On our engagement day we did not knew each other at all, in one hour meeting how much can we know about another person BUT today, we know each other so well that even our parents don’t know us that much.

Yesterday, while going to bed when I closed my eyes, tears rolled up on my cheeks and fell on your shoulder. You immediately woke up to console me….You knew I was so damn tired that my feet were hurting..You massaged my feet, we chatted for a while and then you helped me to go to sleep. Today morning, you woke up feeling feverish and skipped going to office and I was feeling guilty that I made you stay awake till late and you did not got proper rest.  The way you take care of me like a child makes me fall in love with you every time..

I would like to say Thanks to you –

– for putting a Tikka on my forehead when your Mom put Tikka on everyone’s forehead – FIL’s, BIL’s, her own & your except mine, in the temple..

– for bringing a piece of sweet for me and feeding me, when your Mom opened a new packet & offered everyone to eat  except me..

– for waiting for me on the dinner table to eat with me each and every time, when your Mom forces you to eat before me & that I will eat later when you have finished..

-for helping me in kitchen when your Mom said to you “no need, you must be tired after whole day of work” & you replied – “She is also tired, she also worked whole day in office after cooking lunch for all of you in morning” and you continued helping me.

-for telling your Mom that both set of parents are equal for you & you will do same thing with both parents and that your behavior won’t be different with my parents..

-when you ask us all to go eat Panipuri while returning from temple and your Mom replied – “NO..no.. we don’t have craze for Panipuri, take the car direct to home, no need to go eat Panipuri” & you replied to her – “You don’t have craze for Panipuri but my wife has, you also know that.. it’s ok..you don’t eat, wait in car, we will be back” (For those interested, we did not went to eat as I did not wanted to make MIL sad..we went home directly)

-for telling your Mom to scan me later, when she was staring at me continuously and asking me questions about where & for how much I got my clothes from, jewellery from , handbag from & sandals from.. She has now stopped asking such questions thanks to you PK..

-for telling your Mom that we eat in ONE plate only when she tried to serve us in separate plates every time, repeatedly because she did not liked it..

-for giving your Mom list of few things to cook for you so that I get some help from her & also she do not feel bad that she is helping her DIL!!! You helped me without letting MIL feel bad..

Every day you show me how much you care for me, how much you love me, I fall in love with you with these small gestures of yours..

Yours always…

 TP 🙂

PS : yes BIkram, I do make him remember our first time meeting date & engagement date too along with the gifts 😉 😉

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24 Responses to Engagement Anniversary :)

  1. This is super adorable. Once again makes my heart melt. Much love to you both. Congratulations. Rosh 🙂

  2. chipmunk says:

    he indirectly flatters many 🙂 including me 😀 😀 I can guess many will have a dream to have a hub like yours:) 🙂 man you are in heaven 🙂 happy for you 🙂 🙂 hugs 🙂 🙂 🙂 when ever I read your post i will blush while reading it and people in office thinks i am reading some love letter 🙂 I can say your words describe your man more than he is 🙂

  3. Wow. Generally I consider Shahrukh-Kajol as a best couple but now PK & TP. 🙂 Very sweet. I will start bournvita soon 🙂 There must be some secret in it.

    • hahahaha LOL
      Your comment literally cracked me up..hahahaha
      Don’t know if there is any secret in Bournvita..let me know if you start drinking it & feel the magic 🙂
      But Thank you Amit.. I made PK read this comment last night 🙂

  4. hmmm Congratulationsssssssssssssssss and happy anniversary to you both .. God bless

    and YEs the PS tells me everything in the end Thank you 🙂 and making him remember the dates and occasions is goood , awwwwwwwww good of you , now i know why women need to remember everything 🙂

  5. Visha says:

    Happy engagement anniversary N and PK 🙂
    Loads of love, hugs and bestum-best wishes to the two of you 😀

  6. diatriblog says:

    Hello, I’m new here. You have a gem of a husband 🙂 Congratulations!

  7. Jazz says:

    Aww loads of best wishes to the darling couple. 😉

  8. Happy engagement anniversary! 🙂

  9. Kalyani says:

    When I think of it, your MIL is actually helping you by trying to not help you! 😀

  10. Aww that’s such a sweet letter Panipuri, Like I always say PK is a sweetheart. Wishing you and him the very best life has to offer..Happy Anniversary!!

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