Text conversation on gift!!!

I know that gifts are not that important & you cannot measure the love of the person in the gift he/she has given you.. But PK loves to give me gifts & surprises & I love it too.. Which girl does not loves surprises?? PK always buys best gifts for me, the things which I don’t expect to buy.. Like for example – In his office, some girl told her that this brand of perfume or clothes are famous in girls here..He will make sure to buy that for me on next special occasion.. And then when he gives it to me, he waits to know the expression on my face like – “OH.. this is the thing I wanted or Oh, I have heard a lot about this brand” You know what I mean??

So, yesterday when I was writing about what I did on my birthday in this post, I was not able to remember what PK got for me as a gift. I kept thinking..thinking and thinking for a while but couldn’t remember. So, I texted PK.. Here is our conversation on messages…

Me : hey.. what was my birthday gift in 2012??

PK :  Ipod or GHD…

Me : Liar… both things you bought for me before my birthday 😦

PK : that means you don’t know what I bought for you???

Me : I don’t know.. but Ipod & GHD were definitely not my birthday gift.. you threw a surprise party for me but that does not count as gift no??? Party is over, I don’t have any “thing” which I can see and remember that you gave me this on my birthday 😦

PK : Oh yes.. yes… A surprise party..

Me : Saaleee..  😦 😦 😦 (ehhh… how do you translate this in English??)

PK: Why?? What happened??

Me : I will remember this now.. you did not gave me any gift on my birthday in 2012 😦

PK : Oh.. no..no.. I remember now.. I gave you that Bvlgari perfume & body lotion set..

Me : Again Lie!!! That you gave me in 2010 😦

PK : Noooo…

Me : Don’t talk to me now..

PK : I just cannot remember.. It cannot happen.. I must have bought something for you..

I did not replied for a while…

PK : Oye.. talk to me naa… please

Me : My 2012 birthday – without any gift 😦

PK : No.. no it was with gift…. Earrings?? 

Me : Those were not on birthday..those were for Valentine’s day..

PK : Oh yeah… i REMEMBER NOW… I bought big Pink Cupcake for you…

Me : But we ate that cupcake no.. I don’t have any “thing” as memory…

After a while….

PK : Haan yaad aa gaya..(Yes, I remember now) the watch you are wearing now was your birthday gift.. phew.. I got so much tensed.. haasshhhhh…

Me : Oh ya ya ya.. Watch it was.. I remember now… Why do you keep forgetting ??

PK : Acha??? Why don’t you remember my gifts??? Now I won’t talk to you..OK??

Me : Jaao na… 🙂

PK : Ok now.. let me see if you remember what you gave me on my birthday??

Me : hehehe I remember.. I remember…. Cufflinks…

PK : hmm.. Ok.. I forgive you now.. I will talk to you okie..

And the day at work ended.. While returning,PK & I were climbing the stairs to our place & talking about birthday gifts..

Me : Why do you forget my gifts?? By the way.. How did you remember what you bought for me??

PK : I won’t tell you.. You scared the hell out of me.. I was so tensed that I forgot to buy gift for you??How can this be possible??

Me : Come on now.. tell me..tell me..tell me..

PK : Okie.. I logged in our bank account in office & checked the bank statement for March-2012 & there I saw payment to Fossil & then I remembered…

Me : *making crying face* Whatttt??? Means you cheated.. You still did not remembered what you got for me..

*I ran behind PK to hit him but he quickly opened the door where MIL & FIL were sitting in the living room waiting for us to return home from work, so he was saved by them*

PS : Yes we do talk a lot & tease each other a lot on messages 😉

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12 Responses to Text conversation on gift!!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    he he he 😀 😀 man you can be easily convinced by him 😀

  2. Ha ha if you ask man what he gave me I am sure he would hardly remember either. That was fun read 🙂

  3. why do women have to remember everythingggggggggg 🙂

  4. Visha says:

    Poor PK!!! Sheesh…the way you have tortured him 😆 😆 😆

  5. Jazz says:

    Lol.. Pk is very smart eh 🙂

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