Uncle, not every woman likes to do bitching!!!

Our friend and his FIL came to drop up us at Airport while we were going to Gold coast for our holidays. Actually our friend’s Mom & Dad were coming from Melbourne so they had to go to Airport anyways. PK & I were sitting on back seat, it was about 45-50 minutes drive to Airport from our place. We had only met once with our friend’s FIL (Uncle).

We were talking with Uncle asking him how he is finding Sydney (it is his & his wife’s first visit), food wise & weather wise and on all that usual topics. The topic changed to comparison, comparison between women in India & women in western countries. Here are Uncle’s thoughts, he was saying this to PK & his friend who was driving, I was just surfing on my mobile:

“Sons, I have noticed one thing… women in India keep comparing their luxury items with neighbours, take for example refrigerator. They will say our neighbour has Samsung fridge then why we have LG?? If they both will have Samsung, they will say we have 3 star rating Samsung fridge, why our neighbours have 5 star rating on their fridge? Women can never stop comparing & cribbing”

“Women cannot stop bitching. Do you boys know why women love Indian daily soaps?  Because they like to do bitching & they feel happy when they see women in daily soaps making dirty plans & fighting with family members. Once you go and sit with your Mom, your wife will say why you are still Mumma’s boy??? Can’t you behave as grown up?? Once you sit with your wife, your Mom will say, you are always running behind your wife as if you are her tail” (There was much more he said but could not remember, thankfully!!)

I was listening to all this feeling really angry but I was quiet as he was our friend’s FIL, means my friend’s Dad. We had met him only once before so I did not want to give him piece of my mind. I was quiet while PK & his friend were smiling only, saying nothing!!

PK’s friend saw me from the mirror and understood that I am not liking this, he told his FIL “Dad, don’t forget there is one girl sitting with us & listening to you”

I could not stop myself then & said very politely to Uncle: “Uncle, just one thing I would like to say, NOT ALL WOMEN LIKE TO DO BITCHING, there may be some group of women who like to do that & because of that they like to see daily soaps and all, not all women like to compare the luxuries at their home with their neighbours”

PK: “Uncle is just saying generally, don’t feel bad”

PK’s friend to his FIL: “Dad, they are going for holidays & look what you did, hopefully PK is saved from her wife’s scolding on his holidays”

Uncle laughing out loudly: “I was just trying to provoke her & see her reaction, see how she got angry on small thing..hahahha”

Me: “Uncle, I just said one line in reply to “EVERYTHING” that you said about women & I stick to that, not every woman is like what you said”

While checking in our luggage, PK noticed I am not fully happy. He tried to make me happy, asking me not to be upset with that person who does not even have any importance in our life & that Uncle was just trying to provoke me.

I still think – How a 45+, Dad like figure, try to provoke a girl he has met only once?? Why he wanted me to get angry & see my reaction?? He said that all women like to do bitching, I could see HIM bitching about women for whole 45 minutes ride in-car & saying women like to do bitching!!!! Tell me about it !!!!

Just to give you background of this uncle, when we met him for first time he was all praise about himself. In summary – “I don’t even get up & switch on my A.C If I am sleeping, I call my son on his mobile, who is sleeping in his room to come & switch on the A.C. Everyone knows me where you live, I have never bought any sweet in my life, people come at my home & bring kilos of sweet, people send me kilos of sweets & desserts, if I go to this shop – they will serve 10 dishes in front of me..have you ever been to this place? We went there for 2000 millennium new year..blah..blah..” What a crap!!!

How can people be like this?? What kind of mentality is this?? By praising yourself in cheap manner, does not show how much well-known or superior you are, Uncle. Uncle, aap mahan ho!!

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12 Responses to Uncle, not every woman likes to do bitching!!!

  1. Snow says:

    Ha ha 😀 Enjoyed reading it 🙂 and yes, I agree on the point that all women do not like bitching… In recent times, I have personally met some men who spend most of the time during the day just bitching… I am not doing a gender comparison here, but I believe “Bitching” is more person-specific…

  2. chipmunk says:

    he is a buddhu or what, a itch guard he is, grrrrrrrrrr, if i were the one, would have ended with one word, was your wife is like that. chapter close. and I don’t like the people who advertise of themselves!!!!!!! I don’t want to read this particular post again 😦 make me to get angry :@

  3. shaktii says:

    Just ignore him.. there are some people like him even in our generation..thats a wonder..

  4. ah well ignore him.. he will soon learn the hard way i guess ..

  5. Jazz says:

    Best is to ignore TP, no use arguing, and you put your point across fine, at least now he knows.

  6. Totally unexpected from a father like figure…

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