I am back…. :-)

First of all wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this year bring lots of happiness, good health & thousands of smiles for you & your family.

So, the world did not end on 21st December ,huh!! LOL

It has been about 10-12 days since I have posted anything & ohh . my . gosh… there is so much to share with you guys, don’t know from where to start??

Ok, so first thing – from 21st to 25th we were enjoying our holidays. I & PK were in so much need of holidays, we were happy to be away from our daily life even though for 4-5 days, no tension, no worries only relaxation & fun. Our hotel room was so nice opening to a big private balcony, great for kicking back & taking in water views with dolphins swimming in the river, bathroom with spa bath with shutters opening out to bedroom. Ahhh.. Bliss!!! Apart from sitting in the spa bath for hours & watching dolphins for hours we went for sightseeing every day. For food, just go down stairs & there were Italian, Indian & Western restaurants to choose for lunch & dinner. It was just awesome.

We returned at night on 25th December, yes, on Christmas day. Dead tired.. slept till after noon next day & then it was time to go to pick MIL & FIL from airport. MIL did called once while boarding flight when it was 4.00 am in the morning just to say one line to PK – “Don’t forget to pick us up from airport!!!!”  We both were like huh????!!!!

Anyways… So, before going to airport I prepared dinner for everyone including dessert. I was bit nervous & scared to meet them after such a long time as we have had a lot of fights during this 2 years gap of meeting them but till now, touch wood everything is going well. MIL & FIL are both happy to be here.. They were so excited to be here that they slept at about 12.30 am at night & woke up at 6.00 am even after travelling for a whole day. They do not have habit of travelling. When we woke up they said they have to go to the city. We went there showed them around at Opera House & Harbour Bridge, went to a temple in evening, next day we went to Darling harbour, took a ride in mono rail, made them try new cuisines like Japanese sushi & all. Then next day showed them our land where our house construction is going to start, they were happy to see that as well.

On 30th we went to the zoo to show them Aussie Kangaroos & Koalas and many other animals & birds. There were some shows going on there like crocodile show, penguin show etc.  There was picnic area as well there where we all had lunch. Then on 31st, we went to the Opera house at 2.00 pm to see the fireworks on the harbour bridge. Yes, we waited there for 10 long hours to see the fireworks at 12.00 am but we had company of our friends & their parents so the time passed quickly.

So, all in all, MIL & FIL’s all the wishes are fulfilled. They are happy. MIL sometimes helps me in cooking as well. Dressing wise, I did not change anything in myself. When I go to India, I mostly wear Indian dresses & cover my head too but here I am in my regular jeans, capris & night dresses & Pjs. In that way I am bit relaxed. I am not changing myself according to them & till now, they have not said anything regarding this to me. So, all good.  They did not like me checking my mobile in India but here I check my facebook, blog, twitter, everything even if we all are sitting together.

When, first time MIL saw us eating in same plate, she did not like it, we noticed it on her face. Next time she purposely filled a separate plate with food for me & asked to eat in that one but PK said we will eat together & use that other plate if anyone wants second serving, so she kind off understood that if she will start doing these things, we will oppose her. Now, she is not interfering, which is really good & yeah, one more thing, she does not knocks our door every morning to wake us up even though she is up very early morning & we are sleeping till late. So, thank God for that.. Sorry thanks to MIL for that… LOL

Many small things do happen every day like she lets me sit down on carpet or bean bag but does not allows BIL or PK to sit there, She asks PK & BIL what they feel like eating but does not asks me, she does not counts me while she is cooking dinner for everyone (PK does reminds her). She just eats her breakfast & walk away from the dining table when I go to join them. I think I can ignore this much. It’s OK, she is their mother and she can show more affection to her sons.

Funny thing I have noticed is that if I hold PK’s hands while going out, she tries to come near PK & holds PK’s hands but PK does not let her do that & asks her to go to FIL or BIL. If PK is clicking my pictures she will pose the same like me & call PK to click her in same pose as mine. If I wear my sunnies on my head as head band she takes out hers & wears like me, If PK praises any food cooked by me, next meal she will cook for everyone and asks if that is good or not. I know it sounds so silly & funny. PK has taught me one thing –

“Those whose are jealous of you, love them more because they think you are better than them or superior than them”

I just let it go & don’t change my behaviour towards her.  So, all in all, I am not that stressed out with their arrival 🙂

PS : I know you all wanted to see pictures of our holidays, those are still not transferred from camera to our laptop. Will try to post few of them soon 🙂

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18 Responses to I am back…. :-)

  1. Snow says:

    Loved the lesson PK taught you 🙂 And Glad you had a great holiday 🙂 Have fun!

  2. so good to have you back! good to hear you are having a good time 🙂

  3. Sia says:

    Hey TPPL- Wish you a very happy new year. I can see you’re having a fun time with In-laws. Waiting for the pics 🙂

  4. chipmunk says:

    this is a gr8 start for 2013 🙂 happy for you 🙂 I often feel like, when we think something big, the opposite of it will happen, I think it worked with you too 🙂 you were really worried what will happen, but aftermath was relaxing and soothing 🙂 🙂 ensoy madi 🙂 you MIL is a grown up kid 🙂 🙂 no doubt in it 🙂 🙂 The tour will be retreat to you and cherish the memory of your first time visit with PK 🙂 enjoy every bit of it 🙂 happy year ahead 🙂

  5. Pepper says:

    Hope things with your inlaws remain undisturbed. Good luck babe 🙂

  6. First of all A very happy new year to you and family and everyone around you ..

    SO i guess you got a full house with in laws visiting , Its quiet strange my sister’s In laws also arrived in OZ on christmas day , Yours nad her’s might have travelled in the same flight ..

    So where did you go to see the kangaroos and koalas , You know I had come to oz a few years back , drove from sydney to gold coast and did not see a single Koala bear, although saw a lot of kangarooos

    Happy new year once again .. and that statement about jealous people SO VERY TRUE ..

    • Thank you Bikram.. wish you the same 🙂
      huh!! You sis arrived on Christmas day.. what a co-incidence.. does she lives in Sydney??

      Oh we went to Feather-dale park, you can feed the kangaroos, emus there & hug koala bears and click pictures 🙂

      Koala bears are known as kumbh-karan animal LOL
      They sleep for about 18 hours a day hugging the branch of the tree.. they might be sleeping while you were driving??? LOL

  7. Jazz says:

    Firstly, Happy new year to the TP family.

    I thought your Inlaws are coming in Feb or so, anyway, I’m so glad things are going smooth. I’m sure their days will pass by with no issues. Take care.

    And good to know of the blissful vacation, awesome memories. 🙂

  8. Ah good to hear you had a fantastic vacation, in laws are with you..That’s awesome. Hope you have a pleasant stay with them. the relationship with in laws get better as the years progress, they will accept the way you are and you will do the same. That’s what I learned from my personal experience. I have written my experience here, you can read. http://weourlife.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/my-new-mil/

    Now waiting for the vacation pictures 🙂

    • I read your post LF & I must say you are lucky to have such MIL 🙂 touch wood & may you both always stay this close to each other.. 🙂

      Till now everything is going smooth, there are few things which I guess we both are ignoring or adjusting & letting each other be the person we are..

      hopefully days ahead will be same 🙂

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