Magical Memories – Our birthdays (part 2)

Continued from here..

I quickly sprayed air freshener in the kitchen & living room, just a second before he entered home. I was saved by that air freshener!!! (lol)  We had lunch & I tried to send him back to office as quickly as possible, so that I can start doing other preparations. I tried my best to not allow him to go to bed-room, as I had all food there under our bed and I was successful 🙂

As he went back to office, I quickly went to the grocery store and bought I don’t know how many dozens of bread to go with bhaji, bottles of coke and some potato chips. Running to grocery store was not a problem but bringing everything back, walking to home for 15 minutes with all that stuff was difficult.. Phew!!

Then, quickly chopped up all the salad & kept it aside in fridge. Went back to the living room and started decoration. Imagine me – Cutting the ribbons, sticky tape, carrying the table where ever I have to step on it & stick the ribbons, then sticking PK’s big pictures that were printed few days back from cyber cafe on each & every ribbon, sticking the balloons at all the corners of room, ALONE.. it was very time-consuming & tiring too. So, finally till 5.00 pm everything was ready. Room decorations, food, drinks, dinner sets taken out and drinks in fridge to get cold. Then, I went to take shower & got ready before PK came home.

I was showing everything to my Mom on Skype – the food, the decorations etc. He knocked the door, I opened it & he was SHOCKED!!! He did not at all expected this. He was happy to see the decoration with his posters everywhere.  Mom & my family wished him online. As we were chatting with them, in between he went and got ready. I said bye to my Mom. PK asked me if we were ready to go for dinner. I asked him to wait for few minutes & there…. there was a knock on the door from his friends.

I asked PK to open the door meanwhile I will touch-up my make-up 😉 As he opened the door, there were screams, hugs, wishes, surprise-screams, gifts, birthday songs, balloons bursting and PK??? Well.. PK was mute for quite a few minutes, unable to express how he was feeling, he was not able to understand how was this planned, when was this planned, what is going to happen next.. He just came to me after few minutes and hugged me for about ages (lol)

Then he started worrying – What will we feed all these people?? Do we have enough plates? Do we have enough drinks? We don’t have enough space to seat them all!!! I told him don’t worry, showed him everything and again he was surprised..

I gave party poppers to everyone before cutting the cake. Oh.. I forgot to mention that I went & ordered the cake on same day when I bought decorations. It was 2 kg Tiramasu cake & my friend who joined me brought it at home while coming for party. So, we cut the cake, his friends did massage of PK’s face with the cake, we popped that poppers to scare the hell out of PK, clicked pictures and then it was time to eat!!!

PK’s friends asked where are the drinks?? I gave them coke!!! They were like huh!!!! They all told PK, celebration with coke only?? Let us go and buy some “real” drinks!! Then I realized that I have done this mistake of serving coke to the boys.. Luckily PK had some other drinks like wine & whisky & I was saved. Actually, no one in my family drinks so I did not had idea of buying beer for guys..

Then, we girls, there were only 4 of us, went to the kitchen roasted poppadums and toasted bread for Pav-bhaji. Girls asked me for Disposable paper plates for everyone and I gave them corelle dinner sets of plates, bowls & dessert bowls. They were SHOCKED!! They asked me, if we are going to use these for serving food, then who is going to wash them??

I started missing my kaam-wali in India 😦 One of the girls went to the boys and asked them to go and buy disposable plates. They did not want me to sit and clean these many dishes after party is over. I realized how dumb I was, I should have bought disposable plates no!! So, they went and bought disposable plates & dinner was served. 10 people in living room, 10 in balcony and rest 4 – 5 were in kitchen!!!

All in all, we had so much fun.  Whenever we see the pics, we can feel the happiness on everyone’s face. Pk says it was his best birthday ever, when we informed about this surprise party, MIL & FIL were very happy. They themselves said to me that this was PK’s first birthday celebration ever. She did taunted me on my sleeveless top that I was wearing on that day & all the masti we did. She said to PK that they don’t like us doing these get-togethers with friends till late night & she did not liked the boys giving birthday bumps to PK, but frankly speaking, who cares?? If I get chance, I again will plan same parties for my PK coz he deserves to fulfill his childhood dreams, every child remembers his childhood bday parties. When PK had none of his childhood birthday memories, I created one for him when he is adult coz he deserves happiness & respect & lots of love and nothing else 🙂

PS : Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. May the new year brings lots of happiness in your lives, good health & prosperity & thousands of smiles everyday 🙂

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22 Responses to Magical Memories – Our birthdays (part 2)

  1. absolutely LOVED reading your Pk and I series and then this birthday! 🙂
    so good to know more about you both. Stay blessed!!!!!!

  2. Loved the way you planed his birthday, last year I planned something similar and it was so much fun executing and keeping it suspense till last min, I had written it here . Its ok to forget few things who can be perfect, besides you were new to the country and the way of living.

  3. Pesto Sauce says:

    That sounds like some celebration, next time keep booze ready for thats all that counts for boys

  4. Visha says:

    Wow wow wow

    I read the whole series – how you met, your wedding, Oz visit and this birthday. I loved reading you N, a lot 🙂

    Wish you both loads of love and happiness 🙂

    when are the in-laws landing 🙂

    • Thank you soooooooo much Visha 🙂

      It is fun to read all at once and feel closer to the person writing, isn’t it?? Glad you enjoyed reading me 🙂

      They are here already, arrived on 26th Dec 🙂

  5. chipmunk says:

    its awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 I loved it 🙂 even I haven’t celebrated parties 🙂 when my friends cut the cake for parties i literally cried 🙂 I still cant stop crying when some one cut cake for me 🙂

  6. Jazz says:

    Loved it a lot TP. You really planned so well, PK must have been so happy. Salute. 😉

  7. Mayborn Gemini says:

    wow, nice planning and execution despite not driving etc…
    Also loved your When Pk and I met series. you write soooo welll.
    Good luck with your in-laws visit…

  8. Thst was some awesome effort n PK is lucky.

  9. Snow says:

    Loved the way you planned and executed PK’s birthday 🙂 He sure will always remember the celebration! Enjoyed reading the description a lot 🙂

  10. awesomeee… and No it was not dumb or anything like that what you had forgotten NO and that HUG for ages should tell you that 🙂

    So what are the plans for MARCH this year .. only two months left .. think think thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ….

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