When PK & I met – Final part :)

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After a week, it was just too much for me, I just asked my Dad to come and pick me up, I wanted to stay with them for which I am still listening MIL’s taunts that I did not stayed with them. My dad bought lot of gifts for them for which they were very happy. Reaching my home, resting in my room was like a heaven for me. I was in that heaven for a day only because next day my visa was granted, Dad & I went to Delhi to pick up my passport & while returning on the way, I was dropped at PK’s place again.

Packing was done under MIL’s eyes so that she can see what all I am taking away with me, especially things from my wedding gifts. MIL lied to me that PK has told her not to give any of my jewellery to me while travelling. I knew that was not right, so I confirmed with PK on phone & he said he will speak to his mom. She was caught!!! I was later allowed to bring my light jewellery here. All my heavy jewellery given by my parents is still with her because here I don’t wear any of those. They were my things, given from my parents, still not allowed to bring here shows how much interest they have in my things.

Will you believe if I say that PK ACTUALLY CAME ALL THE WAY FROM SYDNEY TO PICK ME UP!!! He wanted me to be safe, he wanted to be with me while I come to Sydney for first time. He flew over weekend, picked me up, we returned on same night. We had a day’s stopover in Malaysia. This was my first time on a foreign land. I was hungry, sleepy & tired. I did not know what to eat, all new shops, new eating places at airport. PK was worried if he will be able to find me any good Veg food there.

We had a coffee & a muffin first at Starbucks. I was happy that at least I was able to eat something. Then got a sub-way all salad sandwich, now a girl like me who never eats salad was not able to eat that. PK knew it & he did not let me eat. Then went to some noodles place, ordered chilli-garlic noodles. I loved it so much that PK ordered one more plate for me. Hahahaha.. I was not able to eat it though. 😉

Then we caught a hop on-hop off bus & went for  Kuala Lumpur tour. It was so much fun being alone with PK, without any fear or tension from in-laws. Again, caught the flight to Sydney at night. I guess once we left India, it was the end of all the tensions & problems. 🙂

I was happy to be alone, feeling safe & secure, feeling loved by someone, feeling taken care by someone, I was ready to be pampered by PK. I did not wish for anything else but PK’s love & his support. So…  we started our new happy life here filled with love and only love, nothing else 🙂 🙂

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10 Responses to When PK & I met – Final part :)

  1. chipmunk says:

    super 🙂 🙂 how was your experience 🙂 heard that you will feel the thumps and speed breakers of cloud 🙂 you opted for window seat or normal one 🙂 there are certain girl in Chennai where her husband will be in Us and she will be in Chennai, worst part is, they will get a baby and the husbands wont return even after baby has born and for important ceremonies! and worst part is the girl gotta live with her MIL :@ but not with husband

  2. Aww finally a happy ending to this series, may you and PK live happy always 🙂 He came all the way to pick you, isn’t he the best 🙂

  3. Jazz says:

    Wow he actually came from Sydney to accompany you uh, great. I went alone and was so excited for my first international travel. Imran kept calling in between to check on me, but I was enjoying my trip, the food, the stopover at Frankfurt etc. Only for the last 1-2 hours, I felt sick and wanted to land asap. 🙂

  4. My Era says:

    So glad to note that PK has been so unbiased and supportive towards you, just the way a husband should be.
    Loved this series for it is so very similar to the story of my life.
    Loads of good wishes to both of you 🙂

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