When PK & I met – Part 4

We ate those chocolates & strawberries & cake with little bit of teasing. Then PK helped me in getting those thousands of hairpins out from my hairstyle.. hahahaha… Now the question was who will get freshen up & change first?? PK asked me to go first but I was then thinking if I come out first, I will be uncomfortable so I asked PK to go get freshen up. It was so late, I think it was about 2.00 am in night, we just slept for 3-4 hours & then went to the balcony. Sleep was very far away from our eyes, we just sat & talked & talked & talked till 8.00 am, when MIL called PK to wake us up & get ready.

My great in-laws sent BIL & one cousin sister of PK to pick us up from the hotel. It was so embarrassing, how can you send 20 years old guy & 25 years old unmarried girl to pick us up from our hotel room?? It was not nice at all, they could have sent some couple or even my Bhaiya & Bhabhis but in-laws thought that now that wedding is done, they can do anything they like!!

The cousin sister brought my clothes to be worn for that day. I wore that cotton dress of pink & “white” colour & did little bit of make-up which MIL thought will be enough for a new bride!! As we reached the hotel in which everyone was staying, I saw my family & PK’s family waiting there for us. My family’s jaws dropped to see me like this when I came out of that car. they were expecting to see me in nice Saari, looking like new bride!!

PK & I again took everyone’s blessings & then I was able to see how my Mom & everyone were trying to take us to home as soon as possible. We quickly left for my home & as soon as we reached there, my Mom & Bhabhis took me to my room, where my entire luggage to be taken to PK’s home was ready. They opened it up & took out a nice heavy dress, my new cosmetics & new jewellery & there I was ready in 10 minutes.

PK was shocked to see the sudden transformation in my looks, Didis and old ladies were saying – “Now she looks like our family’s eldest daughter”. When MIL & PK’s family came to pick us up to leave for PK’s home, they all were shocked too to see me in bright nice dress & jewellery looking like a new bride. MIL felt that she has not done the right thing & she told my Mom that she did not have any idea which dress to buy & that she should not have bought white dress for me!! Whatever, I know she was feeling embarrassed in front of every one!!

My sister was able to hide PK’s shoes & she got whatever amount she wanted from PK. We all had lunch & it was basically fun from there on. We left for PK’s home, it was good 3 hours drive, we stopped at some restaurant & had few drinks. We reached his home at night. When I entered his home, there was no welcome, no decorations, all the guests had already left apart from FIL’s sis. Being from big family, I was expecting the Kanku-pagla(walk with feet dipped in red water), some fun with cousins while looking for rings in the milk & rose petals, and all those rituals which I have seen in my family. Here it was nothing like that.

As soon as I entered, I just sat on sofa in living room looking at everyone running here & there, doing some or other stuff. FIL’s cunning sister, who has already made a scene telling that she fell from bus & her feet is sore, came to me & told me “You can remove all your bangles, if you don’t like to wear them” I was so shocked!! Who is she to tell me this, I was going to wear those bangles for whole 40 days. I just did not say anything to her. Also, I knew that she created the scene of falling so that she can say to everyone that “As soon as PK’s wife entered home, she fell down & hurt herself” I realized this when MIL indirectly told her not to say anything as her new DIL has just stepped in their house.

Our bedroom was not cleaned after all the guests were using it, so we had to sleep in the guest room near living room. It was so, so hot. Imagine June summer in India. Uff!! Next morning the knocking on our door started which has still not finished till now!!!. MIL had knocked our door to wake us up as FIL’s sister was leaving. It was so embarrassing to come out in your nightdress, I have always showered & dressed up at my Mom’s place & here I was standing in my night wear in front of FIL & his sister & her family, MIL & BIL. Still, I was not allowed to go to my room to get ready as the sister was leaving. Instead I went to the kitchen & made tea for everyone & served it in the cups which I had to wash first from the dirty sink. I had this memory how my Mom did not allow my new Bhabhis to go in kitchen to cook anything. Here I was washing dirty cups with Mehendi on my hands, praying to God to not to fade my Mehendi, I wanted it to be there when I go for honeymoon & then to my home to see my parents.

I got ready later, again in another cotton dress that MIL wanted me to wear. And she cooked capsicum sabji & I made rotis for lunch. Mom & Bhabhis called me to ask how my entry to my new home was, what their customs & celebrations were & all that. I was just mute!!! MIL was staring at me to listen what I talk with them. I told them we are having lunch now & will talk later. Before anyone says anything, FIL, himself told MIL that he is not happy that she has cooked chilli sabji for my first meal at their home, she should have made something sweet and nice at least. I was able to see that I was been taken for granted.

So, after 2 or 3 days, PK went downstairs & told MIL that we are going for our honeymoon for 4 days. MIL was upset (I could hear from my room) because she thought anyways PK & I will be living alone in Sydney so why to go for honeymoon. But PK did what he thought was right & he booked our tickets. He took me to book our tickets because MIL has not allowed us to go anywhere together, so he did NOT asked permission & off we went. He took me to his childhood places, his school, his old house & all those places with which he has memories.

At honeymoon, mostly all 4 days were spent in hotel only. We use to call breakfast in room, One Aloo paratha, one Gobi paratha, one tea & one bournvita… & then in evening we use to go out for a while, have dinner & come back. No whole day of sightseeing at all. Oh, I remember when we reached this hotel, our room was being cleaned and we had reached very early in morning. So, we were given some space to sit & keep our luggage. We were not even in mood to see the hotel!! As soon as we got our room, we just rushed in & closed the door. The boy kept knocking the door to deliver some water & stuff but who was going to open that door huh????? 😉 😉

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15 Responses to When PK & I met – Part 4

  1. Sujatha says:

    i just love this series… Kanku-pagla ritual is so interesting.. i haven’t heard about it at all…
    U r so so lucky to get such a caring hubby.. And Im really angry at ur MIL.. how can she be like this to the new bride.. ufff

  2. My Era says:

    Tight hugs dear!!
    I can read everything in between the lines for I have actually had very similar experiences in my married life. Eagerly waiting for the next part 🙂

  3. chipmunk says:

    he he 🙂 is that lady is some kind of atheist or what .who will miss the tradition of wearing those cute white and red bangle in hand for continues 40 days 🙂 I don’t know this tradition until i joined my work place 🙂 its through a marwadi girl where I learnt this, but she too was kind of fed up to wear them on hand for a straight forty days 🙂 🙂

    I don’t know why these people shows hatred against it 😦 I indeed love to wear them if i were a north Indian 🙂

  4. “one tea & one bournvita…” very sweet 🙂 MIL has all rights to love new bride 🙂 😦 Ways may differ. My parents almost cried when we left for work at Pune far away from Vadodara. Celebration over after months of preparation.

  5. Jazz says:

    I’m glad your Mom got you dressed well as a proper bride, MIL must have been really embarrassed, actions speak louder than words na. And how could she let you work on the first day itself, though my MIL is no saint, but she just laughed when I asked her if she needed help in the kitchen on the first day, she even used to get me and Imran food in our room for first few times. 🙂

    And PK did great that he took you out. Loved the last para, could imagine. Hehe. 😉

    • yeah MIL was embarrassed & said that because she does not have any daughter she does not have choice in finding dresses, so she bought dresses which SHE loves to wear!!

      I did not had problem in helping her in kitchen but you know how it feels 😦

      You are lucky girl.. my MIL cannot even stand PK & I eating in same plate.. here we eat in same plate & PK & I have decided we will not change this because of her.. 🙂

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  7. Oh dear, so sad that you had to go through all these, well I can never imagine someone asking you to go to Kitchen and cook soon after wedding, now I feel my MIL is too good. I have never cooked in her kitchen till now. Tight hugs if that makes you feel better.

    So what were you doing behind the doors 🙂 Where did you go for honeymoon?

    • You are lucky girl… even if I go for holidays my MIL wants me to cook, as I said to get benefits of having DIL!!

      ehh.. you know what we were doing, just relaxing after travel, were too tired 😉 lol
      We went to Mt. Abu..

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