When PK & I met – Part 5

Read from here..First part, Second part, Third part, Fourth part 🙂

Our honeymoon was the memorable vacation for us, we got to understand each other in these 4 days. When we returned it was totally sad atmosphere at home. PK & I realized that MIL is not talking with me & just answering in “YES” or “NO” to PK. We did not said anything till evening because we thought maybe she did not liked us going for honeymoon. PK was constantly trying to talk with MIL & get the idea of what has happened. PK opened his laptop & showed them our honeymoon pics but MIL rudely said what is the use of showing pics to her, they are all good. No lunch, no breakfast, no food till evening for anyone!!!

Later FIL told us that FIL’s Mom – my grand MIL was not happy with the way PK’s Mom’s brothers behaved with my family during wedding & it was just a small thing. MY family did not even had any idea about this but PK’s Mom assumed that my Mom has complained!! Unnecessarily my Mom was dragged in this situation. I won’t go in deep but PK again proved that my Mom was innocent & his Mom has created all the drama because of her “ASSUMPTIONS”

So then, PK only had 4 days in hand before he leaves for Oz. We both were waiting for my visa so that we can return together. I really did not want to stay their alone after wedding. We did postponed PK’s flights for couple of days to see if we are granted visa but it did not happened. The day came when PK had to leave me & return to Oz to join his work. He has already taken 6 weeks off during engagement, 3 weeks for wedding, his boss was threatening him.

By this time I have already known MILs nature & I did not want to stay with her & I knew that I will not be allowed to go to my Mom’s place after PK leaves. In all this tension, just a day before PK’s flight I felt sick, sick means really sick. Fever, shivering & mentally disturbed. Went to the doctor with PK, where MIL also joined us. Whole night we spent hugging each other & crying. That was the night when PK built trust in our relation ship, I promised him that whatever will happen with me from MIL’s side I will tell him without thinking that she is his Mom. Next day, we all went to Airport to drop PK. Believe me it was very difficult time for me. In-laws are so narrow-minded that we were not even able to hug each other last time before PK flies.

PK left & we all returned home. That night MIL slept with me. She kept looking at me while sleeping, I was so scared. Whenever I opened my eyes, I could see MIL staring at me & all things in my bedroom. Next morning when I woke up, MIL herself made Bournvita for me, I saw the sofa next to me was vacant, there wasn’t PK’s mug of tea next to my mug and tears started rolling out from my eyes. BIL went to the kitchen to call MIL to say that I was crying.

Second day I was bit OK since I could at least speak to PK. He was also feeling lonely there. PK called our visa officer daily & here I called visa officer daily. When she said it will take 4 weeks more, I cried on phone & told her lie that my family is now not happy with PK & they are thinking PK will never take me with him & all that.

Everyday there was some or other taunt from MIL, sometimes she said “You are lucky within 6 months of engagement you are going to Oz & here we are waiting since 7 years” Sometimes she said “Our relatives are saying that we should at least keep you here for a year, to get benefits of having a DIL, later you can live with PK for whole life” Once she heard me talking to my Dad, my Dad was asking to buy me something & I said NO to him which MIL heard. She did not liked why I said no, she wanted to rip off my dad.. really!! All three meals of day were cooked by me with doing all cleaning in morning – see, “benefits of having DIL!!” I have written more about these things here.

So, final part later friends???  🙂 🙂

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14 Responses to When PK & I met – Part 5

  1. While reading your posts, I thought I was watching a movie. I am sure you know how lucky you are to find a hubby who loves you and supports you but what is wrong with your in laws. I hope you will have a good time with them here.
    In every Bollywood movie, there is a happy ending, I really hope that is true for you as well and you will have awesome time with them.
    Take care gal 🙂

  2. Oh dear, the days after wedding was like a roller coaster ride rt, good that you had great bonding time during honeymoon, after all its meant for that only 🙂 Wish you got visa and you could have traveled with him together to Aus. Why is MIL behaving so rude, is she not the one who choose you?

    Oh dear I am so shocked to hear someone could be so rude, In India people take DIL for granted, but next time don’t let her dominate you. You have to start speaking for yourself. Tight hugs again. Can’t wait to read the last part where you and PK unites, why making it last part, let it go, first years on marriage and so on 🙂 its beautiful.

    • yeah I think she was happy when PK said YES.. but you know till then she was the only lady in their family, PK thinks that maybe she thought now I am her competitor??? Now with FIL retired already, mostly financial decisions are made by PK & he is the only source of finance for their family till now.. so she was scared now with me in their family PK will not fulfill their wishes or all the power will be in my hands.. we thinks this but God knows what insecurities MIL have…

      At my mom’s place they have 4 DILs & my 4 Buas are married too, I have never heard anyone’s MIL doing anything like this..
      In fact I & my Mom had this imagination taht since MIl does not have any daughter she will keep me as her own daughter..

      I was thinking you all will get bored if this lasts for 10 parts.. lol

  3. chipmunk says:

    its a lovely post 🙂 🙂 in terms of understanding 🙂 🙂 🙂 your Mil always does one thing or the other in a different way and end up with smokes. but don’t worry reh 🙂 once Pk’s brother get married you will be set free 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Kalyani says:

    🙂 with a partner who flew to pick u up, you can bear anything 🙂

  5. Jazz says:

    Phew the immediate days after marriage are really tough na, we need to study a new family and atmosphere etc. When Imran was leaving for US, I was more happy than sad 😛 but after coming home, missed him a lot. My parents were with me for a day and later PIL were with me at the place I worked, then even SIL and her hubby got transferred to the same place, and we all had to stay together. 😐

    I initially did not want to stay like that, but then there was no surety of how long my visa process would take, and things like that. My MIL used to sleep with me too, and unlike your MIL, mine used to talk a lot, really lot, she used to tell about her life experiences, childhood, marriage, working abroad etc etc. I think I sometimes slept too in between her talk. 😀

    Sorry to occupy your space dear, just rewinding those days reading your posts. 🙂

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