When PK & I met – Part 3

I am still thinking why everyone is loving PK & my story ??? You can read First part here & second part here…

So, after that, there is another ritual of tying PK & my hand with some handkerchief or some cloth which priest gives till whole wedding ceremony is completed… First MIL has to help me in wearing all the jewellery which she has bought for her new going to be DIL. Ours is gold & diamond business (not trying to show off, just want you to understand situation) My Didis, Bhabhis, Aunts, Mom all were wearing their best of jewellery given by their respective in-laws & husbands.

MIL just took out a ring & 2 bangles from her bag & helped me in wearing those. Everyone was shocked, PK too.. no earrings, no necklace, no toe rings, no anklets,, nothing for a new bride!! PK’s Mom was waiting for PK to buy the jewellery for me 😦 Thank fully I had imitation jewellery from the salon which saved me. Till now MIL has never ever bought any gift for me, she buys for herself & not for me, Well, it does not bothers me too much because I have had too much jewellery before wedding, I use to go every weekend at my shop to get some earrings or bracelets or rings. But PK feels bad that from what I had before wedding, I don’t have anything in comparison to that. My Mom & Dad did gave me enough jewellery but when I go at their place everyone asks me “what” my in-laws have given me & I don’t have anything to say, I know if my in-laws will have to buy anything for me they will ask for money from PK!!

So coming back to point, our hands were tied with cloth so no one was able to see how PK was tickling my hand with his finger, I was so uncomfortable, I wanted to jump from that chair but I was just laughing & moving my hand here and there.. Later wedding rituals were done, FIL literally dozed off when priest was saying his mantras. We took everyone’s blessings, everyone returned home to get ready for reception. lol

Yes, reception was on same day in evening. PK & I were sent in separate room to relax for a while before dad comes to pick me up for getting ready in salon. It was for “first time”, I and PK were ALONE in the room, just married 15 minutes before. As soon as I sat on bed, unable to even see in PK’s eyes, suddenly a lawyer & some family members came for marriage certificate signatures. So, that was done and again we both were alone.

I sat on bed & PK sat little bit far from me on bed..Gosh!! I am feeling nervous even while writing this… he kept coming closer bit by bit and my heart was pumping like it is going to burst in a minute, literally. PK started teasing me, I had told him few days before about this nasty pimple which was not going away from my chin, so he was asking me to see up so that he can see if that pimple has gone or not.. it was still there & he held my hand and said that I still look beautiful even though there is this pimple,, I was all blushing & smiling. I was really not able to sit alone with him so I kept asking him to call Dad to pick me up for going to salon for getting ready for reception & he was teasing me that he will not let me go anywhere now & all that…

So I somehow managed to run away from him & get my heart to normal heart beats.. Went to salon, had some nice orange juice, she washed my hair & massaged my body for a while which helped a lot to relax. Got ready with little bit of issues of false eye-lashes not sticking properly & again I was back at hotel, where PK was already waiting for me. We had our grand entry & photo session with family & friends & relatives. At about 1.00 pm at night PK & I had dinner with family. Then it was sleeping time..Honeymoon suite was booked for our first night in some other hotel. “Ahem-ahem”.

So we reached our room, it was beautifully decorated. Again PK & I were alone & this time I did not have any excuse to run away from him. Some chocolates & cake & strawberries were there on center table. I was so shy, literally PK had to request me to look into his eyes so that he can share what he was feeling right at that moment..

More later??? Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

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20 Responses to When PK & I met – Part 3

  1. Congratulations… Waiting for part 4 🙂 How about early days in Oz ?

  2. chipmunk says:

    was wondering , whether you took a break, since I couldn’t find your story 🙂 🙂 gonna read:) will leave my finger prints once i am done 🙂

  3. chipmunk says:

    because every one likes the way you narrate and Pk love flatter not only you but the readers as well 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Jazz says:

    I can understand about the jewellery part, it happens. Our families had different customs and different expectations too. And we could not have a honeymoon planned too. We both had just 3 weeks leave sanctioned and most of the time was spent in travelling for marriage, reception and meeting relatives in 2 different states. 🙂

    I remember this of the wedding night. My SIL was pregnant during our wedding but still she decorated our room with flowers and all. She was seeing some arrangements in our bedroom and I was sitting there. She asked me if I’m fine and if I needed fan, you know what I said, I said its ok, decoration kharab hojayega (flowers might fly away na), and she started giggling and I realized my stupidity. I was so embarassed. 😛

    • 1 – Tired because of wedding preparations & 2 – Lot of traveling after wedding.. couples really need a break na after wedding??

      hahahaha.. did you actually said that??? At that time, in nervousness we don’t realize no what we are saying.. hehehe 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m visiting your site for the first time. That is such a straight from the dil story. loved it. Part 4 please?

  6. oh no how can you stop here, now I have to wait 2 days to read the first night, come on 🙂

  7. Aaanu :) says:

    The way you explain makes us love your stories.
    Keep going on.. waiting for part 4 🙂

  8. My Era says:

    I’ve been lucky to get to read all three parts together 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your wedding tales with intricate details, eagerly waiting for the next part 😀

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