When PK & I met – Part 2

Continued from here

Yes, he did called me and informed me that he has reached Sydney safely. He used to call me every day. Slowly slowly, as we talked, the time of our chat began to increase. It reached to FOUR hours a day!!

Here is how my day was in India after engagement. Wake up at 7.00 am. Go to school – for teaching at 8.00 am.  Receive a text from PK at about 12.30 pm. Return home at 2.00 pm. Reach home, take lunch in plate & PK’s call will ring. I literally use to talk with him while having my lunch. From about 2.30 to 5.30, sometimes till 6.30 in evening we use to talk non-stop. Then PK use to go to sleep about 1.00 pm Aussie time & I use to give tution classes to three kids, just because I liked to.

Till 8.00 pm I finish classes. Many times, when kids’ parents came to drop their kids at home, many times I was still on phone, with headsets acting as if I am listening to music. Tell PK to wait for 2 minutes, parents go back & I am again on phone. Then go to tailor for dress fittings, go for some shopping or if Mom wanted me to do anything. Believe me this was my 6 months routine. I had never seen evening or sun set in these six months. I was in my room only.

I use to get so tired, once I told PK that we are talking 3-4 hours every day, we should take some break. He did not call for one day & next day I cried so much on phone. Oh and this reminds me that PK underwent some surgery as well, he did not told me anything but when he did not called me & did not answer my call as well, I called MIL to ask. She told my Mom that it was necessary, it was a small surgery. I used to cry alone in bathrooms & while sleeping at nights because I did not want to show my family that I was already in so much love with PK and that I am worried for him.

So, yeah.. till March I was working & then I resigned from my job & full-time was invested in shopping, shopping & shopping. I found everything but my wedding Saari. Arey.. it was so much struggle to find my choice of Saari, don’t ask!!

In April-May, preparations for our wedding were going on full on. MIL called my Mom to ask about some custom during wedding. Now my Mom has already organized many weddings in our family, from my 3 Bhaiya(Uncles) to 3 Didis(bua) because my Grandma passed away before my Dad’s wedding. Mom advised MIL how to do that custom & MIL assumed something & told to my great MIL & great MIL told to his cousin brother which is my Grandpa & he in turn was upset with my Mom, who is his DIL!! It’s confusing, I know..

But I am telling all this because the way PK handled this situation before wedding made me fall in love with him again.. really.. My Mom & I knew that this guy will never ever leave me & my family in problem because of his own Mom..I will not go into very deep..

MIL & PIL were scared to organize big wedding in their city for my HUGE family as they have never done this, so they told my Dad to arrange everything in his city. My Dad has already arranged our first meeting, then our engagement function & now wedding too. My Dad did not feel anything wrong & not that he had any financial problems but my huge family started talking. You know.. people will talk if you are not arranging any function for your first son’s wedding, Not even a reception for friends after wedding!! In fact my visa fee was also paid by my Dad which is not a small amount..

Anyways.. so MIL & PIL called my Dad to say that they are coming to “check” the venue that my dad has booked for our wedding.. Everyone was not happy with their decision but said yes to them. They came & literally went to check the hotel. My grandpa was so so upset. Now, MIL saw me in my heavy & expensive dress, I don’t know if she was jealous or did not like it but she told my Mom not to give any heavy, colorful dresses to me in wedding as I will not wear them in their family!! Who is she to decide that??

So, PK arrived back in India just a week before wedding, he shopped for himself in one day.. Imagine wedding Shervani & reception suit bought in just one day!! He was running like crazy in this one week, arranging caterers for guest, buying gifts & stuff, buying shoes & dresses for his own family.. They all were waiting for him to come & do arrangements by his OWN money!!!

I know these all are sad parts but hey.. These were part of our wedding & these are unforgettable. In between we spoke on phone for whole nights, MIL was not allowing PK to talk with me but we did talk in middle of nights. It was so much fun to talk during same time not like he is talking at night & I in afternoon.

Finally the day came, I woke up early, my Didi helped me to take shower because I had Mehndi in my hands. I wore my housecoat & went to parlour, hiding from everyone. All society people were looking in the car to see if they can see me.. 🙂 🙂

I came to that hotel where our wedding was arranged, PK came in his decorated car & music band & his family dancing there.. So, the first ritual was to wash my & PK’s feet with milk in one big vessel. In this ritual, PK & I still cannot see each other because in between both of us there will be a curtain, only our feet can touch each other, PK’s feet on mine & Moms pour milk, water, rose petals etc on our feet.

PK was in so naughty mood that he was scratching, pressing my feet with his & no one was able to see that & in between the two people holding curtain fell down for a second & PK was able to catch a glimpse of mine.. 🙂

He started dancing and shouting “I saw her.. I saw her.. She looks beautiful” & everyone started laughing…

Tired??? More in next part 🙂 🙂

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25 Responses to When PK & I met – Part 2

  1. sjscribbles says:

    This a very cute series of hoe you and PK met ! Keep it going ! I’m enjoying reading it !

  2. Waw this is getting better and better 🙂

    Yeah there will be always confusion at the wedding arrangements, customs we follow. In your case you both were from same state and relatives too. Imagine R and I were from different states and our families were like north pole and south pole. Getting everyone in one roof for 3 days was like a mission. Your MIL commented on your dressing, she should be happy that her DIL is well dressed. And its so sad that in India girl’s family has to do so much for the wedding functions, these days its slowly changing or we should change. They asked your dad to pay for visa, I just can’t imagine, after all you would be PK’s wife in few days. Now see last month you went to do their visa, its a sweet pay back.

    We had a similar function where they hold curtain and in our case also they dropped where in we could see each other. Those are golden moments we will carry life long isn’t it?

    Waiting for Part3 🙂

    • I did not mentioned that even though we are from same state & same religion.. MIL is from different caste, I mean different sub-caste??? So, she always wants to follow here sub caste rituals whereas PK & his dad and my family too want to follow what our customs are..

      So, MIL is the one in whole family from different sub-caste, so she feels insecure of that too.. great MIL & me are from same caste so… mostly issues are because of this too..

      Actually you know.. PK feels bad even today.. he told me on phone that he will pay for my visa.. but later I don’t know he did not said anything about it & dad & me went to submit application where we have to pay for it..

      Do you remember I wrote I feel happiness post?? PK & his family were so happy coz I went to apply their visas..

      yep golden moments 🙂

  3. Visha says:

    Totally cherishing moments!!!

    In our case, the priest forgot some customs and we were telling him do this and do that 😆

  4. Make sure to mension copyright. Its an awesome love story. Just engaged. Just married.

  5. chipmunk says:

    we didn’t say tired 🙂 🙂 go beta drink boost and continue 🙂 🙂 your man is a grown up kid 🙂 definitely 🙂 and your MIL a gr8 lady 🙂 she burns most of the time, for small reason! I don’t know whether its really jealous for her, that she was not treated like you, or she wants some thing like yours , so if she says in negative manner, it will be given for her!!

    Thank god, you don’t have a SIL, else your materials may be shared by her 🙂 🙂

  6. chipmunk says:

    and i gotta read your comments too here after 🙂 🙂 you mention some stories there too 🙂 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy reading your story 🙂

  7. chipmunk says:

    and how come you gotta small smile at the bottom most part of your page 😦 😦 🙂 🙂 🙂 its so cute 🙂

  8. Aaanu :) says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog 🙂 Read all ur posts.
    Part 1 & 2 on how u guys met together was great
    Waiting for Part 3 . Pls post it soon.

  9. Jazz says:

    That sounds like a cool timetable. Hehehe.. And you are making me want to go for wedding shopping again 😛 Mine went soon, I selected my wedding lehenga in just 15 mins, because I just wanted to get it over with. But nowadays, I feel like modifying and wearing it again sometime. 🙂

    Loved the last part, hope this series is never ending. Lol

    • You were so lucky to find in just 15 minutes…

      My reception lehenga was decided in 2 or 3 visits to that same place to see that lehenga again and again & then confirmed it 🙂

      & wedding Saari, I converted it from lehenga to saari.. after a lot of thinking !!!

      hehehe thanks Jazz 🙂

  10. Pepper says:

    I am loving this. Keep going please..! I can’t wait 😀

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